Difference Between Priceline and Booking.com

Traveling amounts to a major proportion of the world’s economy. With the rise in technology, we can now book all the aspects of our travel plan online, leading to a boost to the travel industry.


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Whether it is the airline’s tickets or hotel booking or merely deciding which travel destination to go for, several travel sites will do it for you, opening your options to a whole new world.

Priceline vs Booking.com

The difference between Priceline and Booking.com is that Priceline’s ideology is to secure the best prices for customers by finding the cheapest travel options for them. On the other hand, Booking.com aims at making traveling convenient by providing all the travel-related options at one place offering a plethora of options to the consumers.

Priceline vs Booking.com

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Founded in 1997, Priceline is an online travel company whose main focus is to be the best travel dealmakers in the world while giving the best customer experience. Listings on its site include hotels, airlines, and similar travel-related options.

It is fully owned by Booking Holdings Ltd., which also owns Booking.com and several other locales. The company’s spokespeople include renowned actors like William Shatner.

Booking.com is another online travel agency owned by Booking Holdings Ltd and established in 1996. It is a well-established company with more than 5.8 million travel options ranging from hotels to treehouses and igloos in 200 countries.

Its site is available in 43 dialects. Among the various travel sites owned by Booking Holdings, Booking.com is the most profitable one.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPricelineBooking.com
WorkingIn this, the buyers make an offer for the particular listing and Priceline finds sellers willing to offer services at that priceIt is a traditional online travel agency having a global presence
Founded in19971996
HeadquartersNorwalk, Connecticut, United StatesAmsterdam, Netherlands
WebsiteLess easy to browseEasier to browse with the variety of filters
Flight bookingLess convenientMore convenient compared to Priceline
VisionTo allow travelers to book a trip at the cheapest price possibleTo make the nitty-gritty of travel easier for people

What is Priceline?

Priceline is an online travel shopping site that was established with a unique idea. At the time it was found that aircraft flew at 66% capacity and many lodgings went unused day after day.

Priceline’s founders thought that they could harness the power of the internet to fill all those unused planes and lodgings.

It became known with its ‘Name Your Own Price’ strategy using which buyers could state the price they would be willing to pay for a particular price while Priceline found the exact seller willing to offer its services at that price.

Using this strategy, sellers could fill in their opaque inventory while simultaneously satisfying the need of the buyers without burning a hole in their pocket.

At present, Priceline has more than 2 million alternative accommodations on its site including yurts and boats.

The site offers new ways for travelers to make their stay budget-friendly and hassle-free by bundling all payments in one transaction letting go of the hidden fees. This helps the buyers in knowing exactly what they are paying for.

Priceline knows how to leverage technology in its favor to attract the maximum number of consumers.

This has been evident in the attractive travel options available on its site customized to the customers’ preferences acting as a major contributor to its success.

What is Booking.com?

From being a small dutch startup in 1996, Booking.com has successfully grown to one of the leaders in digital travel companies. It aims at making travel seamless.

By using technology, Booking.com effectively connects travelers with the travel options of their choice. On Booking.com, accommodation owners list information about their property, that gets to the site’s catalog of rooms available.

The company makes a commission on all bookings made through the website. A plethora of travel reservations can be booked through the site comprising:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Business apartments
  • Trains, buses, rental cars, airport taxis, and even flights

When it comes to booking flights, Booking.com does a splendid task by allowing us to compare various airline tickets based on time, price, and carrier. The best part about booking flights through it is its trend window.

This window forecasts when fare prices are expected to go down or increase using their algorithm. In addition to this, Booking.com can be used to find accommodations for business travel which helps it to stand out from other online travel agencies.

Recently, the company has been shifting its focus to the short-term rental market increasing filters and improving property management to make the process of finding short-term rentals even easier.

Main Differences Between Priceline and Booking.com

  1. Priceline is an online travel shopping site in which the buyers can make an offer for a listing they are interested in and the site can find the seller willing to offer the price. On the other hand, Booking.com is a traditional online travel agency having a global presence.
  2. Priceline’s headquarter is in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States while Booking.com’s headquarter is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  3. In terms of flight booking, Priceline is less convenient than Booking.com. While using Booking.com, one can make use of their trend window to save money on flight tickets.
  4. While using Priceline, users are not guided to the airline website to complete the process whereas, in Booking.com, users are directed to the concerned website.
  5. Priceline is based on the vision to make travel cheaper while Booking.com focuses on making it easier.
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