Difference Between Doomer and Chad (With Table)

Internet memes are small posts that are popularly posted on social media for different purposes like entertainment, describing societal and political issues, and inspiring content. The Internet meme has deep meanings in terms of characters, colors, and structure of the meme. It shows the mental condition of a person who creates the meme. Doomer and Chad are the popular memes shared on the internet. 

Doomer vs Chad

The difference between Doomer and Chad is that Doomer is a wojak mostly used to refer to the depressed, pessimistic young adults in the internet meme, whereas Chad is the slang used to refer to the attractive, tall, and bold white men who are rich, and successful with women. 

Doomer is a popular internet meme used to express the mental health of young people around the world that is affected by the advancement in technology, societal issues, environmental and political issues. Doomer wojak is dressed in black with a knitted cap and a cigarette. The Doomer meme communicates the issue the person has in his life.

Chad is an internet slang popularly used by bad boys on the internet who hates feminine and attractive men in the world. The bad boys think that there are no loyal women on the earth, and all are attracted to white and rich men instead of them. They are represented by bold men with bread and blue eyes in the memes.

Comparison Table Between Doomer and Chad

Parameters of ComparisonDoomerChad
DefinitionA Doomer is a person who is not satisfied with themselves and the world around them. They always complain and suffer from depression.Chad is an internet slang used to refer to persons who are attractive, smart, and successful with women.
MemeDoomer is a wojakChad is a character from the real world.
Meme characteristicsblack dress, knitted cap, sad expression with  a cigaretteBold man with blue eyes and beard.
Meme expressesIt expresses the dissatisfaction of a person with the world, people, and society.It expresses the attractiveness of a person, the strength.
Opposite30 years old boomersBeta or omega males

What is Doomer?

Doomer is an internet meme with an appearance of a black dress, knitted cap, and a cigarette. The meme refers to a disheartened young adult who is banished from society. It represents young male persons who suffered or suffering from depression. The Doomer character is used in the 4Chan boards to discuss the mental health, societal issues, economic variance, drug addiction, and other problems faced by young adults.

It was first posted on 16th September 2018 by one of the 4chan users describing the 23-year-old men who are depressed and lost hope in a career. Since then, it has become a popular meme on the internet to describe societal conditions or create awareness about social issues like pollution, poverty, and mental health. 

The Doomer girl is a female version of Doomer with black hair, a black shirt, a choker, and black eyes. The Doomer girl will interact with the Doomer on social media platforms. The Doomer describes the condition of males and females they face in this world. It tells the social condition of the creator and the poster. It expresses his social experiences, mental and physical condition.

In short, Doomers are those persons who are unsatisfied with what they have, the world’s condition and complains about everything they see, they do and they have. They do not try to overcome this doomerism and be like they are their whole life.  

What is Chad?

Chad is an informal slang used to denote those men who are attractive, tall, and successful with women at a young age. Chad’s term is used by the incel committee on the incel group or 4chan’s site or Reddit site to express hatred against feminism and attractive men. The slang was used in the 1990s to refer to the white men who were successful in their 20s and early 30s with women.

Chad Thundercock Tumblr bog was launched on 10th august 2013. Later in 2015, a bodybuilding form user used Chad Thundercock to express depression using fake chat screenshots. Later Chad has become a default word on Reddit, 4chan to refer to attractive men.

Memes were created on the sites describing the difference between virgins and Chad. Virgin vs. Chad is the popular meme on the internet that describes the virgin walks who are low in confidence and less attractive than chads. They refer to the 20 years white men or alpha men in the world. The internet meme is created on chads with a drawing of bold men with beards and blue eyes. Chad is slang used among men. Chad is attracted to females more than beta or omega men. 

Main Differences Between Doomer and Chad

  1. Doomer is a Wojak character in the internet meme, whereas Chad is a real-world man character in the meme.
  2. A Doomer is a person who is depressed about his unwillingness to change society, the environment around him. Chad is an attractive, good-looking person in the world.
  3. Doomer is opposite to 30-year-old Boomers, and Chad is opposite to omega or beta men.
  4. Doomer meme is dressed in black, witted cap, sad expression, and a cigarette, while the Chad meme is a bold man with a beard and blue eyes.
  5. Doomers cannot communicate or attract women, but Chad is successful with women. 


Internet memes are used by the creators to create awareness about social, environmental, and psychological issues in the world. The memes are shared by social media users to convey their mental health and unwillingness. Doomers are pessimistic persons who think a lot about the surrounding issues but cannot do anything to solve them. Chad is slang used by bad boys to express hatred of feminine and attractive men. 


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