Difference Between Doomer and Coomer

The internet generation of the 21st century is filled with memes. Some get popular, while others are considered one-hit wonders. One popular series of memes is “Wojak”. The first one was launched in the year 2010, and since then, a number of characters have been added to it.


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Doomer and Coomer are a part of a series of oomer Wojaks memes. The series has a number of contributors. But both of these characters were first posted anonymously on the same site, “4chan”, which is popular for hosting boards of that range of various topics.

Doomer vs Coomer

The difference between Doomer and Coomer is that they both have different descriptions as to what the characters like and what are their personalities. Doomer is a guy in his 20’s who suffers from depression. Coomer, on the other hand, he has an addiction to masturbation.

Doomer vs Coomer

Doomer is a wojak character who is described as a 23 old male who has a negative outlook on things. He is totally opposite to the popular character of Boomer. He is said to be very depressed and totally hopeless. The illustration is a variation of Wojak that holds a cigarette in his mouth while wearing a black attire of a beanie and hoodie. His face has a little stubble on his jaw.

Coomer is a Wojak style cartoon that depicts a male person in their 20’s who expresses ironic emotions but mainly is used as a meme that describes a man who is obsessed with masturbation. The illustration has a yellow beard and the smile used is real rather than illustrated.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDoomerCoomer
DescriptionDoomer is a wojak character that goes through depression and with that, has a very dark outlook for the world.Coomer is a meme that is a variation of Wojak, which depicts a 20s male who represents ironic emotions.
Origin dateSeptember 16th, 2018December 23rd, 2018
Meme-related challengesThere has not been any challenge that involved Doomer in it.Coomer pledge
Character TraitsDepressed, alcoholic, negative attitude towards things.Express ironic emotions, excessive masturbator
Female versionThe female version of Doomer is called girl or Doomerette.There is not female Coomer version.

What is Doomer? 

Doomer is a wojak character that is a quite popular meme. It is a 23-year-old male that is said to have “no hope of career advancement”. People use it in various ways in various situations to express themselves. Doomer is also said to be going through insomnia.

In November 2019, the same user on 4chan posted another character that was “24 Year Old Go-Getter” who is said to be the one who has moved on from his previous year and life. The traits are similar to Doomer but still are quite significant.

“Doomer girl” or “Doomerette” is another character that was launched in January 2020. It is the female version of Doomer is depicted as a girl who wears a black sweatshirt and chokers on her neck. People use various threads to talk about depression and mental health.

What is Coomer? 

Coomer is a wojak character that was posted by an anonymous person on the website 4chan. It was published on December 23rd, 2018. Back then, it was only a picture of the character’s face, the significant detail being the yellow beard.

The Wojak received recognition during 2019 in the month of May when the same character was again posted on the website by the same previous user but now with a piece of extensive information about the wojak and what he does and details about his personality.

The character has a yellowish beard and is said to have an addition to masturbation to a grotesque degree, which means to an inappropriate or to a shocking degree. After the Wojak started to get noticed, it went into popularity. There was a challenge of the “Coomer pledge” that was started by Twitter user @TeapotLad on October 29th, 2019.

Main Differences Between Doomer and Coomer

  1. Doomer is a male in his 20’s who is going through depression, leading a life of alcoholism, and a person who is at “high risk” for opioid addiction. Coomer is a man in his 20’s who is addicted to masturbation in an inappropriate amount.
  2. The character of Coomer has a background description that has multiple parody elements that are an exaggeration of what really could be done. The things could not be done by a regular human being. The description of Doomer is quite short in comparison to Coomer, who is mainly a depressed man.
  3. The character of Doomer is discussed on various platforms to talk about mental health, depression, drug addiction, etc. On the other hand, Coomer is not a topic that is used in these sensitive topics since this Wojak’s personality is totally different from what Doomer’s is.
  4. Doomer has a girl version of the character known as “Doomeretter” or the “Doomer girl” that was released in January 2020. Coomer, in comparison, has no other female version of its character.
  5. The Wojak or the ‘feels guy’ of Doomer is more popular than the character of Coomer if they were to be compared.


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