Difference Between Doomer and Incel

Doomer and Incel are two different kinds of philosophy and mindset. The way to lead life is different for the two types of person. Doomer believes only in global problems which they think that these problems are unfixable. Incel is a kind of a person who cannot find a partner but a desire for a partner.


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Key Takeaways

  1. A Doomer is a person who feels hopeless about the future, while an Incel is someone who is involuntarily celibate.
  2. Doomers often have a negative outlook on life, while Incels blame their lack of romantic relationships on external factors.
  3. While Doomers may experience a sense of despair, Incels may harbor resentment towards the opposite sex.

Doomer vs Incel

The difference between Doomer and Incel is Doomer is a person who only believes in global problems, and these problems can never be fixed or solved. Doomer has no revenge values attached to their alone life, but Incel always shows hatred and anger because they cannot find a suitable partner.

Doomer vs Incel

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Doomer’s word came to light in 2008. They believe in doomers. They believe that global problems are the biggest reason for the collapse of civilization. It was an internet meme. It may lead to human extinction.

This was used in internet forums. The usage of the term was in early internet peaknik communities. Incel is also known as involuntary celibates. This is an online subculture. The males hate women as they desire to get a partner but cannot find one.

They show this hatred by doing some serious jobs which can lead to the deaths of people. Incels are especially males. They always encourage violence.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDoomerIncel
DefinitionA person who believes in global problems.A person who desires a partner but cannot get one
Hatred towards womenNoYes
Physical DisabilitiesNoYes
IdeologyDoomerismInvoluntary celibate
GendersMales, femalesMales, females, heterosexual

What is Doomer?

This was an internet meme used to point out to the person who believed in doomers. The problems around the world such as overpopulation, pollution, ecological problems can lead to the collapse of the human population, or it may lead to human extinction.

This started in 2008 in the early internet. Doomers glorified the ways how to face ecological problems. It also shows how to defeat sorrowful feelings.

There was a Canadian self-identified doomer Paul Chefurka who started a website showing how people can switch to eat less and few children on earth can protect mankind. People should only eat a plant-based diet which is very effective. It also minimizes the levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Low eating habits can increase the sustainability of Earth, and energy loss can be decreased. Doomers can adopt a positive attitude and can think of it as a problem that finds a solution as problems do not stay forever, but hard people can.

Doomer is always thinking about the collapse of human civilization because they believe that human life can collapse anytime. They focus on the ways which can protect the humans on earth and humans can live in a good way. The causes of problems are highlighted by them.

What is Incel?

Incels are a group of men who cannot find a partner. The problem is they show hatred towards women through some evil tasks. They desire to get a partner but cannot get one.

They keep on showing hatred through their violent medium. They use everything to showcase that they hate women. Many researchers highlighted that Incels are misogynistic.

They show extreme hatred towards the community of women. They spread hatred views which are written very extremely. They always radicalizing their members. They use violence very much due to which is considered a terrorism threat.

They not only show hatred towards women but also sexually active men. They have no hope from society as they only get to hear harsh comments and go through the harsh behaviors of others.

They choose the path of violence as they strongly believe that society will never change and the problems will exist forever. Nowadays, some women are incels which are referred to as Femcels. They believe that physical appearance matters more for men.

Like the male incels, the women incels do not take part in any violent protests or activities due to which the society does not know the female group of incels.

Main Differences Between Doomer and Incel

  1. A doomer is a person who only believes in global problems, but Incel is a person who desires a partner but cannot get one.
  2. Doomer accepts its solitude without any feeling of revenge, but Incel is chronically alone.
  3. Doomer does not show hatred towards women, but Incel shows hatred towards women.
  4. Doomer does not have any physical disabilities, but Incels can also have some physical disabilities.
  5. Doomer believes in Doomerism, while Incel believes in involuntary celibate.
  6. Doomers are mainly males, but Incels are male and heterosexual.
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