Difference Between Jalapeno and Chipotle

Jalapeno and Chipotle are the most common chilies, but they do have a difference between them, and flavors are different for both the ingredient. It is very important to understand the difference between the flavors to differentiate the desired pepper flavors.


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Jalapeno and Chipotle are both Mexican dishes and are very commonly found.

Jalapeno vs Chipotle

The difference between Jalapeno and Chipotle is Jalapeno is naturally found, but Chipotle is prepared by smoking the Jalapenos. Jalapeno is not spicy like Chipotle. Jalapeno has a fresh green look, but Chipotle has a dark red-hued look. The heat is high in Chipotle as compared to Jalapeno. Jalapeno has a mild flavor, but Chipotle has a bold flavor.

Jalapeno vs Chipotle

Jalapeno is a natural product. It is not so spicy. It has less amount of capsaicin, due to which it has a low amount of heat it. The flavor is very mild. It is used in salsas and sandwiches due to its mild flavor. Jalapeno has a crisp flavor.

Chipotle is smoke up Jalapeno. It has a red dark-hued appearance. It is spicy. The amount of capsaicin is so high that it has a lot of heat in it. It has a bold smoky flavor. The spicy level is so high that it is widely used in savory sauces and hearty.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJalapenoChipotle
ProcessNaturalSmoked under smoke chambers
Spicy levelMildHigh
AppearanceFresh GreenRed dark-hued
UsageSalsas, sandwichesSavory sauces, Barbeque

What is Jalapeno?

It is naturally grown. It looks fresh green in color. It consists very low amount of capsaicin which makes it less spicy to eat. It does not contain heat. It is very commonly found in Mexican dishes. It is small in size. It takes red color when it starts ripening.

They have moderate spice levels in them. They contain heat in them like soil PH and sunlight under which they start growing. They contain a high amount of nutrients. They contain high levels of fiber, vitamins, and low calories. They contain high amounts of antioxidants.

It is also consumed as raw as it has mild flavors and not so spicy. It is added to several dishes to increase the taste in it and make the food more delicious. It is added to raw salads, salsa, and even chutneys.

It is added to guacamoles. It is a blend in smoothies as it brings a mild spicy flavor and makes the smoothies delicious. It is used in baking in many dishes, and also it is used in chili oils to increase the spicy flavor.

It is stuffed with cheese as it makes cheese tastier and brings a better flavor. The combination of cheese and jalapeno is very much loved by people as it turns the food mouth-watering.

jalapeno 1

What is Chipotle?

Chipotle is very commonly used in Mexican dishes. This is smoke-dried Jalapeno. This is prepared by smoking the red Jalapeno using smoking machines like smoking chambers. Metal grills can also be used for this process. It ends up taking the smoky test, which finally becomes Chipotle as the end product.

It is very commonly add in Mexican quinines. It is added in Tex-Mex dishes and even southwestern dishes. The process of smoking takes a long time, like it days to take the smoky taste in it and to form Chipotle. It is available in the form of powder, marinades, and pods.

The smokiness in them raises the spicy level in them, which becomes so high that it is added in low amount in the foods. It is specially used barbeque and hot sauces. It is also added to stews, salsas, and soups. It is added in homemade food and even commercial packet foods.

Chipotle is very spicy, due to which it is ideal for adding in barbeque and savory sauces. It defines the spice level in it and brings out heat in the food. It takes a long time to make Chipotle because the moisture has to be pulled out fully.

Jalapeno has a lot of moisture in it, and to decrease the moisture content, the Jalapeno is kept under smoke chambers for many days.


Main Differences Between Jalapeno and Chipotle

  1. Jalapeno is naturally grown, and Chipotle is smoke-dried up Jalapeno.
  2. Jalapeno is less spicy than Chipotle.
  3. Jalapeno has a low amount of capsaicin, but Chipotle has more amount of capsaicin.
  4. Jalapeno looks fresh green, but Chipotle looks red dark-hued appearance.
  5. Jalapeno has a mild flavor, but Chipotle has a bold smoky flavor.
  6. Jalapeno is used in salsas and sandwiches, but Chipotle is used in savory sauces and hearty meals.
Difference Between Jalapeno and Chipotle


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