Difference Between Lessonly and Bridge

Lessonly is an LMS, a learning management system. People use it build the training course and distribute it to the employees of the company.

A bridge is a performance and learning software. It is easy to navigate and claims to grow both the company and its employees, both the managers and the other employees.

Comparison Table Between Lessonly and Bridge

Parameters of ComparisonLessonlyBridge
FoundersEric Tobias, Kristian Andersen, Max Yoder, and Mike Fitzgerald.Brian Whitmer and Devlin Daley.
Year of discovery20122011
FeaturesIf to be compared with Bridge LMS, Lessonly has the fewer amount of features.The bridge is more featureful than Lessonly
SubscriptionsIt currently offers 4 subscription plans: Basic, Plus, Growth, and Enterprise.There are 3 plans offered by the company: Learning, Learning+performance, and Learning+Performance+Engagment.
Personalized featuresLessonly has less amount customizable forms of fonts, templates, etc.Bridge provides a variety of customization like customizable templates, questions, reports, etc.

What is Lessonly?

Lessonly is a training network designed to make the training part easier for businesses.

There are four types of subscriptions until now, with the higher ones being added with extra features like providing certificates to the users, etc., depending on the type of plan.

The software has four plans the subscription until now: Basic, Plus, Growth, and Enterprise. Like other LMS, they bill per learner as well.

There are some features that make it worthwhile, like the option to record in-person training, providing a manager that will help new users on the platform, and many more.

What is Bridge?

The bridge is a learning and employment management system. The learning platform is by the company Instructure but now is operated by Learning Technologies Group after its purchase by the latter in the year 2021.

The software has a mobile application as well is compatible with popular browsers of the internet to the used on desktops.

The information and the documents of the company can be easily regulated between the managers and trainees that results in a faster end result and fewer chances of delaying.

Main Differences Between Lessonly and Bridge

  1. Both the companies provide SCORM files, but learners and managers have encountered problems on the Bridge software in comparison to the SCORM files on Lessonly.
  2. Until now, Lessonly has less option to customize in its tailored programs. Bridge, on the other hand, has more diversity in customizing templates, reports, branding, questions, etc., on its lessons.


These types of management software are now in great use, and their interest is only on the rise. People have noticed that by using these softwares', not only they save time but money as well on various business activities.

It is seen that managers see better performance and overall increased morale in the other employees of the company with the help of these platforms.


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