Sunflame vs Faber: Difference and Comparison

Every Indian household requires a chimney and a gas burner in the kitchen to prevent fumes from spreading throughout the house and to keep meals at the proper temperature.

To prepare a meal, we use a variety of masalas, oils, and ghee. The basic cooking technique makes our food appetising and enticing. Sunflame and Faber are two well-known manufacturers that manufacture both chimney and gas stoves.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sunflame and Faber are two popular kitchen appliance brands offering gas stoves, chimneys, and other kitchen appliances.
  2. Sunflame products are more affordable than Faber products.
  3. Faber products are known for their high-quality and innovative features, while Sunflame products are known for their durability and reliability.

Sunflame vs Faber

The difference between Sunflame and Faber is that Sunflame is an India-based company that offers decent quality at a competitive price as its main focus is on the middle and lower-income consumers, whereas Faber is a premium Italian brand that focuses on the high-end market, and hence the prices they charge are also at a premium level.

Sunflame vs Faber

Sunflame is a brand that has been present in most Indian kitchens for over three decades, with its innovative technology and unwavering commitment to providing a great customer experience.

Sunflame always comes up with new technologies, designs, and ideas to help it generate better goods for its customers. Their goods offer a more convenient lifestyle and more efficient cooking.

Faber’s approach to product design and development is consumer-driven, with a proven reliability from their ongoing research and development.

Faber delivers an accurate blend of appearance and performance like any other top brand. Because of the ongoing development in design and functioning, it is a household delight that gives long and trouble-free usage.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonSunflameFaber
Founded byK.L. VermaAbramo Glassi
Founded in1982Italy in 1955
Parent company        Sunflame Enterprises Private LimitedFranke Holding AG
QualitySunflame offers products of lower quality when compared to Faber.Faber offers premium products, which are known to have better quality.
PriceSunflame offers products for everyday consumers; hence, it specialises in mid-to-lower price levels.Faber offers premium products, and hence, its price is higher.
VisionTo become India’s most prestigious and well-known home appliance company.Offer solutions in which aesthetics and practicality are always combined.
After Sales ServiceSunflame offers decent after-sales service.Faber’s after-sales support is great and easy.

What is Sunflame?              

KL Verma, the Managing Director of Sunflame, a home appliance brand known for its cost-effective and trend-consistent appliances, founded the company in 1982.

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Today, Sunflame has a market worth of over 300 crore rupees, with a rapidly expanding client base whose brand loyalty is based on Mr Verma’s foresight into consumer satisfaction dynamics.

From a corporate social responsibility perspective, the company has identified the causes as assisting with rural children’s education, including education promotion, health-care promotion, and ensuring the environment’s long-term sustainability and ecological balance.

Sunflame has developed its leadership in generating better goods for its consumers by always investigating the possibilities of new designs, technologies, features, and innovations with a strong emphasis on R&D.

All products by Sunflame can be returned if they are in the original condition and undamaged, as when they were at the time of purchase. This includes the product’s original box and price tags.

The items’ packaging material should be in the same condition as when they were acquired. The product, as well as any attachments, must be returned. A product without a serial number or an invoice number will not be accepted.

The product should be claimed within 48 hours if it has to be returned. After 48 hours, products will only be exchanged, not returned.

What is Faber?

The Faber Group has always been defined by commitment, stability, dedication, and dynamism, transforming it into an industrial reality that plays a significant role in production and technology across the world.

Faber, the world leader in kitchen products, was established in 1955.  It has headquarters in Fabriano, Italy.

Since then, they’ve been dreaming about creating and manufacturing goods that transform your kitchen from a functional environment to a pleasurable one.

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Franke Faber India Private Limited is a famous Italian-based kitchen accessories company. It has been a household brand in India for the past 20 years. Faber’s India’s objective and goal is to provide solutions that are both stylish and efficient

Faber also deals with E-waste, which is described as “electrical and electronic equipment discarded by customers as well as rejected from manufacturing, refurbishment, and repair activities.”

Many valuable recoverable elements are found in e-waste, including aluminium, copper, gold, silver, polymers, and ferrous metals.

Electronic equipment may be reconditioned, reused, and recycled instead of being landfilled to preserve natural resources and the energy required to generate new electronic equipment from virgin materials.

Most importantly, their goal is to be the best companion for their clients while also paying special attention to quality, safety, and environmental considerations.

The Main Differences Between Sunflame and Faber

  • Sunflame is an Indian corporation, whereas Faber is a foreign company based in Italy.
  • Sunflame warranties the goods for two years from the date of purchase, and they last for three to four years. Faber has the same warranty as Sunflame, but their products have a higher quality and last for 6-7 years.
  • Sunflame products are manufactured in India using a variety of Indian components, whereas Faber products are manufactured in India using Chinese, Italian, and Indian components.
  • Sunflame provides a wide choice of models that operate quietly. Faber has a few silent operations that are not as excellent as Sunflame.
  • Sunflame products are less expensive than other brands. Because of their superior quality, Faber products are more expensive.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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