Difference Between Faber and Elica

The kitchen is bound to have smoke and gases released while cooking food. Frying pan, gas stove, pressure cooker everything comes together and causes these difficulties.

The oil smoke can stick to the ceiling and walls of the kitchen and make it dirty. So for ventilation purposes, chimneys were produced.

Faber and Elica are two companies that produce chimneys. 

Faber vs Elica 

The main difference between Faber and Elica is that Faber offers better quality chimneys than Elica, and due to this, the price of Faber chimneys are higher than Elica. In being noiseless, Elica is better as well. However, when it comes to after-sales services by the companies, Faber has a better record than Elica.

Faber vs Elica

Faber is a chimney brand, and it is considered to offer premium quality chimneys. The warranty period of these chimneys is longer than other chimney brands.

Some of the designs even come with a 10 to 12 years warranty period.

Elica is also a chimney brand that is popular for its lower price. People also prefer these chimneys due to their noiseless features.

It offers many designs of chimneys to choose from, and all the designs come at an affordable price. The warranty period of it is impressive as well.

Comparison Table Between Faber and Elica 

Parameters of ComparisonFaberElica 
QualityFaber is known to have better quality.Comparatively, Elica is poorer in quality. 
Suction PowerThe suction power of it is 800 to 1500 cubic meters/hour.The suction power of it is 880 to 1425 cubic meters/hour.
Noise Levels Its noise level is higher, it varies 60 to 70 decibels.Its noise level is comparatively lower, it is 55 to 65 decibels.
PriceThis is higher in quality and thus its price is higher.These chimneys have comparatively lower prices.
After Sales ServiceThe after-sales service of Faber is exceptionally good and hassle-free.Elica does not offer good after-sales services.

What is Faber?

Today’s modular kitchen is incomplete without a competent chimney. And Faber chimneys have collected the regards to be the best available models.

The designs are compatible with the kitchen, and the chimney models have a stylish design as well as premium quality. For a completely clean and smoke-free kitchen, Faber adds a filter that contains three baffle filters.

The suction power motor is impressive, too and does it work without any complications.

However, the chimney noise can be irritating and give headaches. And when it comes to being noiseless, Faber does not win the race.

It is noiseless, but there are other brands available in the market that work with less noise. 

After you purchase a chimney from Faber, their representatives will come for the purpose of installation.

The warranty period of these chimneys is impressively long, and their after-sales service is very trustworthy, and over time it got highly praised. Faber is a reliable brand, and if you have an extensive budget, then Faber is ideal.

What is Elica?

Elica is a well-known chimney brand that has obtained praise over time. The best feature that these chimneys possess is that they are noiseless.

This feature makes them the best in this aspect. The design range of these chimneys are wide, and one can choose from the best fit for their kitchen.

The prices of these chimneys are very affordable and less than their competitors. So if you have a strict budget, then Elica will fulfil all your requirements.

All its models come at an affordable price and include several top-class features.

One of the toughest things about chimneys is to clean their filters. So to give you freedom from this challenge, many models of Elica come with auto cleaning features.

All you need to do is press a button. The rest will be done automatically.

It uses heating elements that effectively wipes out the oil particles and move those to a different box. 

The brand also offers a long period of warranty, but they do not have a great impression when it comes to offering after-sales service. Several reviews complain about the post-sale services but not much about the quality of the chimneys.

Main Differences Between Faber and Elica

  1. Faber is known to have a better quality of chimneys, and when compared to this, the quality of Elica chimneys are poorer. 
  2. The suction power of Faber is 800 to 1500 cubic meters/hour, whereas Elica has a suction power of 880 to 1425 cubic meters/hour.
  3. Chimneys of Faber have higher noise levels. It varies from 60 to 70 decibels, but Elica chimneys make less noise. The noise level of it is 55 to 65 decibels.
  4. Due to the higher quality, Faber chimneys cost more than Elica chimneys.  
  5. The after-sales service of Faber is exceptionally good, but Elica got negative reviews in this aspect for its lack of good service.


Kitchens produce several gases and hurl smoke while cooking food, and this smoke can be very harmful too. It is necessary to make a path for the smoke and gases to get out of the kitchen.

If they do not find a way to get out, then they will stick to the walls and ceiling of the kitchen and make it look very dirty and gruesome. Therefore a kitchen must have a ventilation path. 

Earlier, windows and exhaust fans used to be the means of ventilation in kitchens, but in the present time, chimneys are the most common way of ventilation.

So if you are thinking about getting a chimney torn between the best two companies, Faber and Elica, then you might sort out your needs and then choose accordingly.

If your budget is low, then Elica will get the job done, but if you want to opt for the best quality, then look no more and get a Faber chimney. The after-sales service of Faber is remarkable too.


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