Difference Between PDAX and Crypto.com (With Table)

There are several possibilities available nowadays for investing and growing one’s money. Depending on one’s intentions, there are numerous options for investing money. Equity mutual funds, public provident funds (PPF), bank fixed deposit, direct equities, debt mutual funds, gold, cryptocurrency, real estate and other investment choices are among them.

The technology is called a blockchain. Bitcoin is only the first public expression of its potential. This is a comment by Marc Kenigsberg, who is known for his podcast The Conversation, which helps people understand the market. Cryptocurrency may have begun with Bitcoin, but it has since taken on a variety of forms.

PDAX and Crypto.com are both companies that are frequently contrasted because they are both bitcoin exchange platforms with cheap transaction fees. They offer good security for the cash of users and can be used as substitutes for one another.

PDAX vs Crypto.com

The difference between PDAX and crypto.com is that both are digital currency trading platforms, but one is fully operational exceptionally in the Philippines and another in Hong Kong, Switzerland. Crypto.com has more variety of options available to trade with, as it offers and deals with more digital currencies in comparison to PDAX.

The Philippines is home to PDAX. PDAX is a company that has been around since 2017. Nichel Gaba and Krystian Kucharzyk are the brains behind PDAX’s creation. PDAX is made up of seven different cryptocurrencies. To access the PDAX website, go to “pdax. ph” and log in. They are a bitcoin exchange company. It also allows their investors to trade digital assets directly on the open market in Philippine Pesos.

Crypto.com is based in Hong Kong and is fully operational. Since 2016, Crypto.com has been a part of this massive cryptocurrency marketplace. Crypto.com is said to have been founded by Kris Marszalek. Crypto.com has a total of 36 coins listed. To get started trading with Crypto.com, go to “https://crypto.com” and search for everything you need to know.

Comparison Table Between PDAX and Crypto.com

Parameters of Comparison PDAXCrypto.com
HeadquarterPhilippines Hong Kong
Founded year2017 2016
FoundersNichel Gaba, Krystian KucharzykKris Marszalek
No. of currencies736

What is PDAX?

PDAX was founded in 2017 to make financial services simple, accessible, and inclusive to all Filipinos. They want to give people from all walks of life the ability to invest safely in digital assets, allowing them to build their hard-earned capital. All of this is feasible because of blockchain technology and the digital transformation of financial services.

It’s only a matter of coming up with the correct investment options, which is exactly what PDAX aims to do. They are a firm where cryptocurrency is exchanged. It also allows their investors to trade digital assets in an open market directly using Philippine Pesos (PHP) at the best possible rates.

They are entirely compliant with the country’s laws and regulations, as well as maintaining the best industry standards in terms of security, as they are licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, their platform allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies like XRP, Bitcoin and other digital assets securely and safely, at any time and from any location.

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is a website that assists investors in making cryptocurrency investments. Crypto.com is a digital asset exchange that offers a variety of cryptocurrency products and services, allowing investors to buy, sell, trade, spend, save, earn, loan money, and even pay bills with cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto.com app and website is a global digital asset service company established in Switzerland that allows consumers to invest in cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. The user-friendly programme provides a large selection of goods for buying, trading, selling, storing, earning, loaning, and paying bills with cryptocurrency.

Because the VISA card is not linked to the user’s bank account, it is not considered a debit card. From a single account, a person can only issue one card. They provide a function called Crypto Earn, which allows users to earn money while holding their bitcoin. It also provides additional benefits and perks, such as discounts on popular websites.

On the Play Store, the Crypto.com app has roughly 10 million installs and a 3.3-star rating. According to user reviews in the app store, the software is wonderful, but many users have complained about how difficult it is to acquire or sell digital assets during periods of volatility.

Main Differences Between PDAX and Crypto.com

  1. PDAX is based in the Philippines. On the other hand, Crypto.com is fully settled and operated from Hong kong.
  2. PDAX has been in existence since 2017. On the other hand, Crypto.com has been a part of this huge cryptocurrency platform since 2016.
  3. The people behind the establishment of PDAX are Nichel Gaba and Krystian Kucharzyk. On the other hand, Kris Marszalek is the man credited as the founder of Crypto.com.
  4. PDAX comprises a total of seven cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Crypto.com comprises a total of thirty-six cryptocurrencies.
  5. To reach the PDAX website, one must log in to “pdax. ph”. On the other hand, to start trading with Crypto.com, all information can be searched from “https://crypto.com”.


People are growing more intelligent as the world evolves, and they are developing intellectuality. As a result, humans continue to make changes in order to keep their economic lives safe and secure. As a result of this pursuit, many types of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies have emerged. Various types of digital coins are available in today’s market.

PDAX and Crypto.com, for example, assist everyone from a novice to a seasoned trader or investor in exchanging their cryptocurrency on the platform. To understand the benefits and drawbacks of not only this but other cryptocurrency exchanges, one must have sufficient knowledge.

Cryptocurrency trading has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it continues to do so. People can begin learning about this issue by using one of these venues. There are some distinctions between the organisations in terms of transaction costs, security protocols, and proprietary tokens.


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