Difference Between WhatsApp and Facebook

Social media tools are becoming more and more popular these days as they are getting more user-friendly features.


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Online networking services like WhatsApp and Facebook enable people from all around the planet to communicate with one another.

Distance is no longer an impediment to strengthening our bonds with loved ones or reconnecting with old friends.

WhatsApp vs Facebook

The difference between WhatsApp and Facebook is that WhatsApp enables individuals to send and receive messages instantly. However, Facebook is distinct because, apart from messaging, it also enables users to upload and broadcast personalised experiences, sentiments, and thoughts among their peers at the same time while chatting.

WhatsApp vs Facebook

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Downloading WhatsApp is free of cost, and there is no in-app purchase. It sends messages, photos, music, and videos via the internet, which is cheaper than the texting service on smartphones.

You may use WhatsApp on a computer by visiting the WhatsApp website and installing the software. It is very popular because of features like group chatting, audio messaging, and location sharing.

Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to invite friends, share images, post comments on those images, upload other content, chat live, and watch short-form videos.

Shared material can be made public, or it might be kept private for a small group of friends, family, or a single individual.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonsWhatsAppFacebook
DefinitionWhatsApp is a quick messaging service.It is a social media site where anyone may expand their social circle.
Created by                Brian ActonMark Zuckerberg
Released in                20092004
ConnectivityOnly with contactsAnyone all over the globe
SupportTexting serviceSocial media
Featured appsNoYes
IDID: Phone Number Password: OTPId: Set by the user Password: Set by the user

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, a popular messaging application, which is part of Facebook, is enjoyed by users all over the world. It has so many interesting features for conversation apart from texting.

These include audio voice notes, short video clips, and photos, as well as one-time view photos. The GPS location sharing feature is a boon for every user.

We can share documents, contact details, videos, photos, and locations without closing the chat window. It can all be shared in just a few seconds.

Now the WhatsApp payment option is also available along with these options.

Nowadays, WhatsApp messaging groups are very much in use because of the pandemic. Broadcasting messages are also available to send messages to multiple people personally by adding their contact details.

Privacy is not a major concern on WhatsApp unless you click on any anonymous site link.

For profile photo and status privacy, all options are given in the WhatsApp settings, whether you want to share it with your contacts only or with everyone.

If you are receiving messages from an unknown number, you have the option to block it.

It is your choice to set up the backup time of WhatsApp chats by connecting it with your Google account. So, if you reinstall WhatsApp or use WhatsApp Web, all of your previous chats with the media will be available.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the world’s most significant companies. It allows you to share your emotions, moments, and feelings with your friends all over the globe via a single post.

You can share your experiences from all over the world, and it will also help your friends learn about different cultures, regions, and languages.

Facebook has many features like chatting, audio and video calling, online gaming, posting multiple stories, adding relationship status (single, engaged, or open to a relationship),

events to notify birthdays or other important events in a friend’s life, the timeline for sharing photos or other activities, and social plugins for commenting on famous topics and trends.

The Newsfeed is an important feature available on Facebook. Every news channel is on Facebook, updating it every minute with news from India and all over the world.

As a result, users have many options for following any channel.

Another useful Facebook feature is the ability to like, comment, and share. Even the “like” button has seven different emojis according to the user’s emotional choice.

There is a button to turn off notifications in the settings if the notification tab on your mobile is overflowing with Facebook’s notifications.

Facebook privacy is very important if your account is public, meaning that everyone, whether they are your friends, can see all your activities on Facebook.

In a private account, only friends or a selected group of people can see it. It is also connected with Instagram, so you can upload posts or stories, or both simultaneously.

Main Differences Between WhatsApp and Facebook

  • WhatsApp is a quick messaging service. Facebook is a social media site where anyone can expand their social circle.
  • Only your cellular contacts can join you on WhatsApp, but anybody can join you on Facebook, even if they are thousands of miles away.
  • WhatsApp allows you to delete a sent message for everyone, however, Facebook does not.
  • For creating an ID, WhatsApp uses a phone number. On Facebook, either an email address or a phone number can create an ID.
  • WhatsApp does not have a login or log-out option, but Facebook does.
  • People can only chat on WhatsApp, but on Facebook, they may scroll more often, discovering new brands, special deals, upcoming events in their neighbourhood, promoting businesses, searching for specific groups, and many other things.
Difference Between WhatsApp and Facebook
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