Difference Between Telegram and Whatsapp

With about 500 million active subscribers, Telegram, controlled by Pavel Durov hailed from Russia, would be just as ubiquitous and quite well used as WhatsApp.


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WhatsApp, on the contrary side, provides end-to-end security for two-person chats, group conversations, and, more recently, chat archives. However, cryptography isn’t the only aspect to note.

Key Takeaways

  1. Telegram allows users to create large groups of up to 200,000 members, while WhatsApp limits groups to 256.
  2. WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption for all messages, while Telegram only provides this level of security for its Secret Chats feature.
  3. Telegram supports more file formats and larger file sizes than WhatsApp, allowing for easier multimedia content sharing.

Telegram vs Whatsapp

The difference between Telegram and Whatsapp is that while WhatsApp employs end-to-end encrypted communications for all of its operations, Telegram only utilizes it when Secret Chats or Telegram’s end-to-end encryption option is active. WhatsApp would be a safer alternative for transmitting messages, photographs, and clips than Telegram, mainly if you frequently talk in groupings.

Telegram vs Whatsapp

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Telegram is a famous internet chat program that operates similarly to Facebook and Twitter. This allows the user to text their pals when linked to Wi-Fi or cellular internet.

Telegram is a messenger service that focuses on reliability and safety; it’s quick, easy, and accessible. Telegram allows you to transmit any form of messages, images, videos, and documents.

WhatsApp is a freemium program that can be downloaded on iPhones, Android handsets, Macs, or Windows PCs.

It enables you to exchange messages, photographs, video files, and voice messages, as well as to conduct voice and video conversations via the web for free, instead of spending to do so through your phone service.

According to researchers, one of the chief factors consumers waste hours on WhatsApp is that it gives them a variety of possibilities.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTelegramWhatsapp
Number of Users500 million people1.6 billion people
Usage of BotsHas bots inside the system.Does not have any usage for bots.
File SizeUp to 1.5 GB of data can be transmitted.Sets various restrictions.
SavingEvery type of document can be saved directly into the cloud.Every document is saved on the phone.
PrivacyHas the option of destructing texts.Has no such option.

What is Telegram?

Telegram seems to be a cross-platform chat app with increased encryption and privacy features.

Most communications are encrypted from client to server, while Secret Chat communications are encrypted from end to end. Telegram also offers group conversations and texts that self-destruct.

Telegram is a famous cross-platform communication program that is extensively used due to its increased security and encrypted capabilities and compatibility with extensive group chat capabilities.

Since it has no links to other online media networks, which makes it more attractive to specific users, the app is cross-platform, featuring versions for Apple, android, Pc, Mac, and Ubuntu.

You may also use a web browser to view Telegram. 

Telegram’s defining feature is end-to-end cryptography. However, it’s crucial to note that not every conversation within Telegram is private.

Client-to-server security is used for most communications. It is less private than end-to-end privacy but enables users to view their Telegram conversations from other devices, such as the web. 

It would help if you utilized Telegram’s Secret Chat function for absolute end-to-end security. These secret conversations provide far more protection but are only available from the phone from where the message was sent.

Telegram’s confidentiality and safety are regarded as reliable since the company’s APIs are expansive and accessible to any programmer for review and implementation.

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a free multimedia messaging program that allows you to conduct video and phone conversations, send textual messages, and do various other things with only a Wi-Fi connection.

WhatsApp, which has over 2 billion daily members, is particularly appealing among colleagues and friends who reside in other nations and want to keep in contact.

The program, which Facebook controls, is arguably one of the most prominent messaging facilities in the globe.

WhatsApp’s global appeal may be partly attributed to its ease of use, cross-platform capabilities, and essential, plain features.

WhatsApp may be a little-known communication software in the United States, but it’s a vital component of daily life in many world areas. 

WhatsApp’s key selling point is that it enables you to initiate and get a phone calls and messages with just a connection to the internet, making it essentially free to operate and great for international roaming.

There are no login costs, and there are no data usage limitations to think about. 

WhatsApp allows you to transmit PDFs, worksheets, and presentations without the fuss of email or additional document-sharing tools.

Even if you utilize WhatsApp sans Wi-Fi access, you will just use data rather than accruing SMS or mobile charges.

And, with so many cell plans now giving unlimited internet, you may not even bother to bother locating Wi-Fi.

Main Differences Between Telegram and Whatsapp

  1. Telegram has over 500 million people using their application,, whereas WhatsApp has a higher number of people, with several 1.6 billion using their application.
  2. Telegram has usage for bots inside the system but WhatsApp does not enable any bots to have many uses within their system.
  3. WhatsApp has various restrictions when it comes to sharing videos but Telegram allows users to transfer up to 1.5 GB of data.
  4. While using Telegram all the documents shared via it are saved directly into the cloud, whereas WhatsApp does not have any such special feature.
  5. Telegram has an option of self-destructing text, meaning messages disappear after a certain period, whereas WhatsApp has no such option.
Difference Between Telegram and Whatsapp
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