Difference Between Ubuntu and Kubuntu

There are many operating systems growing in the world. Based on the user requirements, they are installing them and replacing them with their current operating system. The two Linux operating systems which provide some amazing features for programmers and business people are Ubuntu, and the other one is Kubuntu. Their installation process is also simple. 

Ubuntu vs Kubuntu

The main difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu is that Ubuntu is a Linux operating system that uses GNOME desktop. But Kubuntu is a Linux operating system that uses KDE desktop. Ubuntu was developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson along with their team. Kubuntu is not developed by any people or team. It is sponsored by blue systems.

Ubuntu and Kubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux operating system. There is some software available in ubuntu. This software will help in many games and some other applications in the system. Most programs come with ubuntu for free. You can use them the moment you install them. Ubuntu also helps in unemployment issues. They provide skills and development for youth. You can completely remove windows and install ubuntu by following some basic steps.

Kubuntu is an operating system that is preferred by many people because of its GNOME and graphic technologies. Kubuntu is also supported by canonical, and it also provides security updates and provides the best support. Kubuntu comes with a plasma version of KDE Plasma 5.1. This version is the default which will automatically come the moment you install Kubuntu. 

Comparison Table Between Ubuntu and Kubuntu

Parameters of ComparisonUbuntuKubuntu
Developed byDennis Ritchie and Ken ThompsonSponsored by blue systems
CustomizationsUbuntu provides very few customizationsKubuntu provides more customizations
Primary tool kitIt is provided by GTK+It is provided by QT.
DesktopIt is provided by the GNOME desktopIt is provided by KDE desktop
ThroughputIt has decent throughputIt has good throughput

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an open-source Linux distribution. It is mainly designed for personal computers. It can also be used on servers. Many developers and testers use ubuntu because it has a good robust, fast and secure that can be used for programming. Normal users who want to play games and also want to work with MS office and do designs using photoshop will not prefer ubuntu as it will not support the features that are in windows. 

This Linux operating system is freely available for both professional support and the community. It is committed to open-source development principles. It encourages people who are interested in open source to improve it and pass it on to other people. Ubuntu also helps the government in gaining support during emergencies. Many people will switch to ubuntu over their windows 10 because of security concerns and issues.

People who use windows 10 have been complaining about the security and hacking issues. They feel many threats and viruses like ransomware and malware. Even though ubuntu is not completely malware proof but it will protect your system from viruses and try to prevent your system from malware. The moment you install ubuntu, it is very safe to use and will not arise any issues. But ubuntu is not preferred by people in the corporate banking sector. 

What is Kubuntu?

Kubuntu is a free operating system that can be used instead of windows and mac os. Many people started to use Kubuntu because it is set up and administrated. Business reviewers also prefer using Kubuntu because it helps them in running business easily. They feel that their business requirements are dealt well with Kubuntu than in windows 10. Many people confuse Kubuntu with ubuntu, but they are completely different.

For using Kubuntu, we need many requirements. The system should have at least 1GB of RAM. Kubuntu is used for various works, and it is best for startups. Some of the works that are done with the help of Kubuntu are productivity, email, photography, office, graphics, and music applications. Kubuntu is better than ubuntu. This is the review posted by people who tried both of them as Kubuntu is very better for graphics which is not much supported by ubuntu. 

Kubuntu has a best future ability called card swapping. People who use the NVIDIA server are the most benefit by them. The GNOME facilities of Kubuntu are very best. Kubuntu is the best choice for someone who wants everything to get installed so that they can start working. You cannot find these features in some other operating system. There are many tutorials available for installing Kubuntu over windows 10. Following them will help you in installing Kubuntu. 

Main Differences Between Ubuntu and Kubuntu

  1. Ubuntu is a Linux operating system that was developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. On the other hand, Kubuntu is a Linux operating system that is sponsored by blue systems.
  2. Ubuntu has very few customizations. On the other hand, Kubuntu has good and many customizations for use.
  3. The primary tool kit used by Ubuntu is GTK+. On the other hand, the primary tool kit used by Kubuntu is QT.
  4. The desktop that is used by Ubuntu is the GNOME desktop. On the other hand, the desktop that is used by Kubuntu is the KDE desktop.
  5. Ubuntu provides some decent throughput. On the other hand, Kubuntu provides good throughput.


Both these are used by many people because of their GNOME and graphic facilities, which you cannot find in other operating systems. It is also open source which means you don’t have to pay much for installing and using then. But based on the requirements, you can install either of them. Without knowing your prior requirements, installing them will be a waste.

There are many installation tutorials available for installing them. You can see them and install them. But before that, you have to completely get rid of your previous operating system. Or else it will cause some problems during installation. Once you have installed them, you can start using them without any delay, and some free applications will also come with your installation. 


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