Telegram vs Telegram X: Difference and Comparison

Telegram and Telegram X are both instant messaging platforms that are open source messaging applications, meaning that your data is not collected by corporate adults.

One can have a smooth conversation with their friends or family while using these instant messaging platforms. Let us discuss Telegram and Telegram X in detail.

Key Takeaways

  1. Telegram is a widely used messaging app focusing on security, privacy, and speed, supporting end-to-end encrypted messages and calls.
  2. Telegram X is an alternative version of Telegram, built using the TDLib library, offering a faster and smoother user experience along with some additional features.
  3. Telegram and Telegram X provide the same core functionality, but it can be more efficient on certain devices due to its optimized performance.

Telegram vs Telegram X

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app where users can send messages, photos, videos, and files. Telegram X is an alternative, experimental version of Telegram with a different interface and speed improvements but provides essentially the same features as the original Telegram app.

Telegram vs Telegram X

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Telegram was developed by Nikolai and Pavel Durov in the year 2013 which lets its users have end to end encrypted chats, video calling, file transfer etc.

One can also access their chats from different devices such as mobile, laptop, tablet etc. The main aim of Telegram is security and speed.

Telegram X on the other hand launched in the year 2016. It has more fluid performance, there are transitions and the animations are smoother and faster, clean design, everything is more optimized from a visual point of view.

Plus, more customization options are starting with Night Mode.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison  TelegramTelegram X
 Tabs It has a common tab for chat and call It has two separate tabs for chat and call
 Saved messages Located on left side menu. Easy access to all the mixed content It organizes it by type so that it is even more quickly accessible
Blocking methods Pin and password are two available options for blocking chatsFive different methods of blocking are present –
pin, password, fingerprint, keyboard pattern and gestures
 Settings Separate setting option is available Other additional settings options, such as the autoplay of GIFs, the configuration preview of conversations etc.
 Stickers useWhen you open the chat to write a message, you will see a sticker section on the keyboard  In settings you will see a specific section for stickers of all kinds, including animated stickers

What is Telegram ?

In Telegram, it is only possible to block a chat using a PIN or password, as is the practice in practice.

An interesting fact regarding Telegram is the saved messages section, which is basically like a conversation with it, where we can store everything we want to keep. Here, there are also important differences between the two versions.

The option is in the menu on the left, but once inside, you will see that Telegram allows you to access all the mixed content by clicking on the telegram, you can see a preview of the conversation for a long time- additional options like tapping archive, delete, pin and more Get on the profile picture of any chat and in the chat itself.

To take advantage of Night Mode in Telegram, you need to go to Chat Settings and enable Automatic.

Night mode to get into night mode automatically after sunset or at any break depending on your needs. However, in the default Telegram app, you can find the call history in the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Telegram app.

telegram 1

What is Telegram X ?

In version X, you can find dedicated night mode and bubble mode in the side menu bar, so it helps you to easily switch your day mood version to dark mode.

You can view certain tabs in Media, Docs, Links, Messages, GIFS, Voice and Videos, you can store your data as you know it is saved messages and in X version your backup or all of your store data will automatically classify your media and docs as audio etc. .

This will help you to easily and quickly find your media or documents within different tabs.

To block chat, in Telegram X, you have five different methods, such as PIN and password, and if your device has a reader, you can have a keyboard layout, some gestures, or a fingerprint.

You can see a preview of the message by tapping on the chat longer.

Additionally, while previewing the chat, you may also discover additional options such as pinning, deleting, muted chatting or making the chat unreadable, and you may move your fingers to the corresponding icon to perform the task.

You can go and use any action. Whatever you want to do with the chat.

Main Differences Between Telegram and Telegram X

  1. A telegram user can upload videos at normal speed whereas on Telegram X one can upload videos at 3x faster speed.
  2. For enabling dark mode, Telegram users can go to settings and change the theme on the other hand, a Telegram X user can get dark mode and bubble mode on the side of the menu bar.
  3. Telegram has a common tab for both chats and calls section whereas Telegram X has separate tabs for calls and chats.
  4. While using Telegram you can not directly switch between calls and messages but on Telegram X one can simply switch between calls and messages by swiping right or left.
  5. To access conversation previews, you can view any chat profile picture in Telegram by tapping on it, while in Telegram X you can preview messages by tapping on the chat itself.
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Last Updated : 21 July, 2023

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