Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite

Facebook is a worldwide social media network site founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues at Harvard University.


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Its membership was initially restricted to Harvard University students and later on, was available for everyone around the world. It was launched on February 4, 2004.

Nowadays so many lite apps are developed mainly to conserve data and Facebook lite is also a trimmed version of Facebook with more or less similar features.

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

The difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite is that Facebook Lite is a miniature version of Facebook and is quite smaller in size compared to the Facebook app.

It doesn’t take much storage space, doesn’t consume much battery, and has a built-in messenger.

Though the image and video qualities may be affected and it may lag a bit but it works well even with a slow Internet connection and can even work on 2G data.

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

On the other hand, Facebook works only on a 4G network and you need sufficient space in your phone and a good internet connection. You’ll also have to install Messenger to chat and share pictures and videos on chat.

The picture and video quality are good enough and there are certain features that you couldn’t find on the Facebook lite app.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Facebook Facebook Lite
SizeFacebook is around 60 to 65 MB in androids while it may take up much more space in iPhones.Facebook lite only takes around 2 to 3 MB space in androids while may take around 20 MB in iPhones. It’s much more compressed than the Facebook app.
Features You can connect to anyone around the globe, make friends, chat, make video calls, play games, share your pictures and posts, react to others’ posts, comment, and much more.Facebook lite has almost all the main features of Facebook, uses less RAM and less power, and works well on cheaper phones and even when there’s a bad internet connection. A special feature that it has is the dark theme which the Facebook app doesn’t have.
Battery consumption The Facebook app consumes a heavy battery compared to the lite app.Facebook lite consumes very little battery power as compared to the Facebook app.
Loading speedIf you have a good internet connection, it works nicely, and the loading speed is quite good but it’s not the case with a poor internet connection.Its loading speed is good even with a poor Internet connection 
Picture quality The picture and video quality on the Facebook app are quite high.Since this app is developed to save data this the picture quality is quite low.
Messenger You will have to install Facebook messenger along with the Facebook app to avail yourself of additional features like chatting, video calling, sending, etc.You will get a messaging section along with the Facebook Lite app. 

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media site founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It has over 2.7 billion users through which you can connect to anyone around the world, share posts, like, comment, share and react to the posts of others.

You can even advertise, raise funds, play games, get jobs, see the weather, and a lot more. 

It’s undoubtedly an excellent social media app but there are some disadvantages also. It consumes a lot of data, occupies a lot of phone space, and runs smoothly only on a 4G network with a good Internet connection.

You would have to install Facebook messenger to chat or call your friends on Facebook.


What is Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite is a compressed version of the Facebook app with almost all the main features that are in the Facebook app. Though it lacks certain features that Facebook has, it has certain special features too.

It has a dark theme feature and an inbuilt chat section that are absent on Facebook.

Facebook lite occupies very little space on your device and works well enough even on any network even 2G. It works well even on cheaper phones and doesn’t need a good connection.

The loading speed is just fine and it also doesn’t consume much battery.

facebook lite

Main Differences Between Facebook and Facebook Lite

  1. Facebook is around 60 to 65 MB in size and consumes a heavy battery whereas Facebook lite is just 2 to 3 MB in size and consumes a very low battery.
  2. You need good RAM in your phone and a good Internet connection to use Facebook while Facebook Lite works well on cheaper phones and poor Internet connection.
  3. You need to have a 4G network to use Facebook smoothly while Facebook lite works smoothly on any network even on 2G. 
  4. On the Facebook app, your feed gets automatically refreshed within no time and it consumes more data while on the Facebook lite app, it takes a bit longer as it consumes fewer data.
  5. The dark theme is absent on the Facebook app while it’s present on the lite app.
  6. You’ll have to install a messenger app to use the chat facilities on Facebook while Facebook has an inbuilt message section in it.
  7. The picture quality on Facebook is high and much better than that on Facebook lite.
Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite


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