Difference Between Food Processor and Blender

Over time new technologies have captured every possible market worldwide. The innovations and technologies are made to lessen the hard work performed by the person.

One such is the new modern kitchen appliances that are manufactured and sold in the market. Some of them are – microwave, mixer grinder, blender, food processors, non-stick kitchenware, refrigerator, and many more.

The above appliances have been very useful for individuals, and two of them are – Food processors and Blenders.   

Food Processor vs Blender

The main difference between Food Processor and Blender is that a Food processor is meant for grinding, chopping, and shredding vegetables and fruits. Additionally, they have many other functions to perform, such as – mixing dough, emulsifying the spices, etc. Whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the Blender is meant for crushing, making purees, etc. They also have large bowls with different sizes of blades. 

Food Processor and Blender

A food processor is an innovative high-end product that has been made to reduce labor-intensive work such as making dough.

The product has four main parts, and they are – the base, lid, detachable blades, and body. It also comes with a bowl that has a wide space ideal for mixing ingredients properly.

Blender is one of the basic products that can be found in most kitchens. It is meant for mixing ingredients that are in liquid form and ideally for making – smoothies, coffees, crushing ice, soups. Etc.

It consists of four different parts that constitute it as a whole, and they are – lid, base, blades, and pitcher. Unlike, food processor, it doesn’t have wide bowls for mixing ingredients.  

Comparison Table Between Food Processor and Blender

Parameters of ComparisonFood ProcessorBlender
Different PartsLid, base, detachable blades, and bodyLid, base (with motor), blades, and pitcher
Energy Consumption0.36 kWh to 2.88 kWh0.4 kWh
Bowls LargeSmall
BladesDetachable, and are sharpDetachable and blunt
UsesChopping, shredding, mixing, grindingCrushing, making puree, blending, grinding

What is Food Processor?   

Food Processor is one of the kitchen appliances that run on electricity and lies in the countertop appliance series.

The appliance is considered to be multipurpose as it performs many tasks and focuses on the work that includes some labor work. The appliance is best for making recipes that include ingredients with some thickness.

These are – mixing dough, chopping vegetables, shredding cheese, etc.

It is constituted with four different parts that make it up as a whole, and they are – lid, base, the body, and the detachable blades.

It also comprises different bowls that come up with it, which is very spacious and is ideal for mixing the raw ingredients and blending them. The lid of the processor has space over the top that helps the person to add ingredients while blending.

Over the base is present the control options for speed and pulse. As it constitutes different blades, unlike blenders, they perform different tasks like – shredding, chopping, slicing, mixing, grating, etc.

They are best suited for making a large proportion of recipes.  

What is Blender?

Blender is also one of the members of basic kitchen products that can be found in many houses. The appliance runs on electricity and is among the countertop appliance lists.

Unlike, Food processor blender is not a multi-functional appliance, although, is meant for mixing the ingredients that are liquid in the state.

It is considered best for making recipes with liquid ingredients for – smoothies, cocktails, coffees, soups, and many others.

The appliance constitutes four different parts of it that make it up as a whole one, and that is – lid, blades, pitcher, and base (along with motor).

The blades blend all the liquid and solid ingredients eventually with perfection without leaving any lumps behind.

Over the base, it contains the power controls of the blender. The power consumption used by a blender is about 0.4 kWh. The blades often constituted with a blender are blunt, unlike in a food processor. The price range of the appliance is low. 

Main Differences Between Food Processor and Blender

  1. The kitchen appliance food processor consists of four different parts that make it up as one complete unit, and that is the lid, the base of the food processor, the different detachable blades for different purposes, and the body made up of plastic, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the blender is also made up of four different parts that are assembled to make it one unit and they are – lid, the base of the appliance, different blades, and the pitcher.
  2. The energy consumption for using a food processor may lie between the range of 0.36 kWh to 2.88 kWh, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the energy consumption for using a blender is about 0.4 kWh.
  3. The food processor has a large spacious bowl included with it, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the blender has a small bowl accompanied with it.
  4. The different blades present in the food processor are detachable and sharp, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the different blades present in the blender are detachable and blunt (not as sharp as in the food processor).
  5. The price for any food processor in the market is quite high, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the price for any blender in the market is low.
  6. The uses of a food processor are that they are used for shredding, grinding, chopping, mixing, etc., whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the use of a blender is that they are used for crushing, grinding, and making puree.  
Difference Between Food Processor and Blender


To summarize the above discussion about the food processor and blender, both the appliances might look similar but still have much differentiation from each other in various respect, from the different parts of the appliance body, their mode of work, their specialization in different kitchen work, etc.

The food processor is more functional in making recipes with thick ingredients while the blender is more often a plus choice for ingredients including liquid like – they are best for making smoothies, cocktails, soups, etc.

The individual choosing between the two may get confused as they have a different function, but sometimes they do overlap.

The one must have a clear mind for what purpose they want to buy it if it is for recipes including thick ingredients they must choose – Food Processor while is they need it for recipes including more liquid ingredients then a – Blender is the best choice for it.


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