Difference Between Fast Food and Traditional Food

As rightly said by someone “A healthy body possesses a healthy mind” and a balanced diet yields a healthy body in long run. To differentiate between Fast Food and Traditional Food is simply to draw out the features of healthy and unhealthy food items.

The growing trend of cafes and restaurants turning out to be the era of junk food only world. 

Fast Food vs Traditional Food

The main difference between Fast Food and Traditional Food is that Fast Food is an unhealthy type of food On the other hand, Traditional Food is a healthy type of food for the human body. Fast Food has many adverse effects on the body and Traditional Food has enormous benefits on the human body. 

Fast Food vs Traditional Food

The term Fast Food is used for a ready-to-eat or preprocessed meal served at cafes and restaurants. It is also called Junk Food or a quick meal that can be eaten outside or taken away.

Fast Food is produced in huge quantities over the globe since the taste of Fast Food is loved by all. 

The term Traditional Food is referred to the food or cuisine that passes from one generation to another. It is the type of food that is consumed by multiple generations.

These food are normally homemade and highly nutritional. These food items are geneally good for a balanced diet. People leading healthy lifestyles usually prefer Traditional Food only. 

Comparison Table Between Fast Food and Traditional Food

Parameters of ComparisonFast FoodTraditional Food
Preferred ChoiceFast Food is the first choice of meal for kids and youngsters. Traditional Food is not the first choice of meal for kids and youngsters. 
NourishmentFast Food does not nourish the mind and body.On contrary,  Traditional Food nourishes the human mind and body. 
Weight Management.Fast Food causes bloating stomachs and weight gain.Traditional Food helps in weight loss and toned body. 
Cooking TimeFast Food takes more time to prepare. Traditional Food is more simple and less time-consuming to cook in comparison to Fast Food.
AffordabilityFast Food cannot be affordable for everyone.Traditional Food can be easily afforded by the people.

What is Fast Food?

People these days are forgetting their root flavors and curving more towards Fast Food Items. It is easily available and cooked in really no time but the preparation of fast food items takes long hours, therefore, it is said that Fast Food is made up of preprocessed ingredients.

Fast Food is a replacement for health and home food items. It causes severe diseases that damage body parts. 

People who are health conscious and do workouts usually avoid eating Fast Food items. The core ingredient used in almost every Fast Food is refined wheat flour that yields weight gains.

Fast Food is not easily digestible and also causes constipation on regular consumption. This food is an easily accessible meal option for teenagers but old-aged people mostly avoid it. 

Stressful life and work pressure mostly result in poor eating habits that increase the intake of Fast food items in the human body. Since Fast Food is high in sugar, saturated fat, and calorie count.

In the current scenario, Fast food restaurants chains are considered to be the most profitable business among all. Following are some specific food items that fall under the category of Fast Food: burgers, Donuts, Pizza, Instant Noodles, hotdogs, puffs, and Pasta.

What is Traditional Food?

Dishes that are in their original as they were procured are called Traditional Food. It is high in nutritional value and supplies minerals to several body parts.

Traditional Food items are easy to digest and do not amount to constipation or indigestion problems. It fulfills the demand for calcium, iron, minerals to the body and brain. Every region across the globe has its variety of Traditional Foods. 

The processing time is very short in comparison to Fast Food items but cooking time is long in comparison to Fast Food items. Staple, grains, wheat, fruits, and vegetables are some main ingredients of Traditional Food items.

Regular intake of Traditional Food items reflects on the human body as a healthy sign. It helps to manage body weight.

Major fresh items and a few chemical ingredients are used in the processing of Traditional Food Items that helps to manage a healthy eating regime. Traditional Food items do not yield disease in return like Junk Food. 

Locally sourced, freshly procured, and seasonal food items are part of the Traditional Food menu. Unlike Fast Food, Traditional Food is free from any kind of preservatives also contains enormous benefits to the human body.

Traditional Food is part of the culture and customs of a particular religion. The traditional food of every religion is distinguished from one to another in many ways.

Main Differences Between Fast Food and Traditional Food

  1. Consequences: Eating Fast Food regularly leads to health issues on the other hand Regular intake of Traditional Food leads to a healthy lifestyle. 
  2. Availability: Fast Food is usually prepared outside not available at home normally whereas Traditional Food is usually prepared at home therefore easily available. 
  3. Alternative: Fast Food is the alternative meal option when Traditional Food is not available but Traditional Food cannot be substituted by Fast Food. 
  4. Ingredients: The standard ingredients of Fast Food are usually preprocessed whereas Ingredients of Traditional Food are fresh and hygienic. 
  5. Calorie Count: Fast Food is high in calorie count on the flip side Traditional Food is low in Calorie Count. 


Today, eating outside food becomes so simple and quick that you just click on your phone and the food is waiting outside within an hour.

This scenario leads to unhealthy eating habits that spoil our bodies and mind. Fast Food and Traditional Food stand out apart in terms of nutritional value. 

Fast Food is the term that leads to a heating debate when discussed in a group. 6 out of 10 people in the world are suffering from diabetes and Fast Food is one of the reasons that grows this disease in the human body.

Our eating habits play a major role in our lifestyle.


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