Difference Between Alcoholic and Drunk

Alcoholic and Drunk are the terms that are usually used interchangeably. Although the terms have different meanings and must be used in different contexts based on the given situation. But in the broader sense, the terms are associated with the excessive or overconsumption of alcoholic content. Usually, the term is being used in a negative way to describe any person or individual.

Alcoholic vs Drunk

The main difference between an Alcoholic and a Drunk is that an Alcoholic individual is directly related to a person who has a constant urge of drinking. The person is also said to be suffering from the disease called ‘alcoholism’. While comparatively, on the other hand, the term Drunk is used for the person who is been drinking more than usual but is not a habitual one.

Alcoholic vs Drunk

An alcoholic is a person who is unable to control his regular urge for drinking alcohol or in another case, the person is willingly consuming the alcohol regularly. Because of this over-consuming of alcohol, the individual’s internal organs get damaged and the person starts suffering from ‘alcoholism’. Some of the traits shown by an alcoholic person are – short-temper, isolation, dizziness, sensitivity, and many more.

The term Drunk is used for a person who consumes alcohol or some alcohol-related content in more than safety proportion or says more than usual. After this, the individual loses the sense of their well-being. The overconsumption of alcohol is not stated as an addiction for the person and is the psychological state of mind. Some of the similar traits expressed by a drunk individual are – slurred speech, lost control of motor skills, unbalanced, dizziness, temper issues, and many others.   

Comparison Table Between Alcoholic and Drunk          

Parameters of ComparisonAlcoholicDrunk
DefinitionIndividual who cannot skip the consumption of alcohol or is suffering from alcoholismIndividual who has lost their control over the senses mentally or physically
StateIllnessPsychological state 
ConsumptionConstant urge for drinkingConsumption more than usual
CharacteristicsLow tolerance, frustration, isolation, and many otherDizziness, low tolerance, unbalanced, slurred speech

What is Alcoholic?

The alcoholic term is often referred to a person who is extensive suffering from a disease called ‘alcoholism’. In short, they are said to be hard, serious, or obstructive drinkers of any alcoholic substance. Dipsomaniac, alcohol addict, or alcohol abuser are some of the synonyms that are commonly used in the place of an alcoholic person. 

Below are some of the characteristics that are listed for an alcoholic person –

  • Low tolerance
  • Excessive frustration
  • Extensively sensitive
  • Low sense 
  • Dizziness

Due to extensive drinking and constant urge for it the person is not able to control the burning sensation and consumes the alcohol despite controlling it. The body of the individual gets used to it and requires it daily for even performing the daily activities. In other words, the person is completely controlled by the alcohol desire and not by the brain. 

What is Drunk?

The term drunk is referred to a person who is consuming alcohol-related stuff in a huge overdose. After, the overconsumption of alcohol the individual losses control over their senses, speech, behavior, etc. Some of the synonym words that are used interchangeably for the term are – intoxicated, tipsy, worse of drink, stoned, boozed up, etc. 

Below are the characteristics that are listed for a drunk person which are often observed in them – 

  • Temper issues
  • Low tolerance
  • Low sense of well-being
  • Slurred speech
  • Belligerent
  • Impaired judgment
  • Dizziness
  • Unbalanced 
  • Slow motor skills 

The drunk individual is not referred to as the alcoholic as they do not have a constant feeling of drinking alcohol. Also, they are not suffering from the illness called ‘alcoholism’. The state of being drunk is termed as a psychological state as they just over-consume it and are non-addicted.

Main Differences Between Alcoholic and Drunk

  1. The term alcoholic is defined as the person who is unable to skip the consumption of the alcohol while comparatively, on the other hand, the term drunk is stated for the person who has over-consumed the alcohol. 
  2. An alcoholic person is said to be suffering from an illness that is known as in the scientific term ‘alcoholism’ whereas comparatively, on the other hand, a drunk person is said to be in a psychological state of mind.
  3. An alcoholic person is often said as highly addicted to alcohol while comparatively, on the other hand, a person in the drunk state is said to be non-addicted as it happens sometimes.
  4. The consumption level of an alcoholic person is very high as their body gets used to the alcohol level and gives a constant signal of its consumption whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the consumption level of a drunk individual is the one-time overdose of alcohol.
  5. The different characteristics of an alcoholic person are – low tolerance, frustration, isolation, and many others while comparatively, on the other hand, the different characteristics of a drunk person are – Dizziness, low tolerance, unbalanced, slurred speech, and many others.


To summarize the given topic this can be concluded that both the terms are associated with each other and are used interchangeably. Many synonyms are used in the place of the terms like – intoxicated, boozed up, high, tipsy, stoned, inebriant, brewed, and many more. The consumption of alcohol has major effects on the body of the individual. The overdosage of the alcohol makes the body used to a certain amount of it in the body which also results in damage to some internal organs mainly the liver. This condition in scientific terms is said to be ‘alcoholism’.

Despite drinking more than usual a drunk person is not considered an addicted person because such sort of events is assumed to happen sometimes. But on the other hand, an alcoholic person can be termed as an addicted person because of the regular urge of drinking. Some of the common character traits that can be observed in the person are – dizziness, slurred speech, unbalanced, loss of motor skills, short-temper issues, and many others.


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