Difference Between White and Yellow Cake Mixes

Baking has become an important part of the food. And baking a cake is easy yet difficult. It is easy if you are familiar with the technique and ingredients, and it is difficult if you are not familiar. Techniques are still easy as it is probably the same for every type of cake (exceptions are there), but the difficulty arises with the ingredients as most of them look similar. 

The most common example would be the mixes. There are two types of mixes used mostly while baking a cake, i.e., white and yellow mixes both and similar yet different from each other.

White vs Yellow Cake Mixes

The main difference between White and Yellowcake mixes is their colors, obviously as the name suggests, the white mix is white in color, and the yellow mix is yellow. Apart from this difference, both of them are different in terms of moisture. Yellowcake mix is considered to be more moisture than white cake mix. They are also different in terms of the flour used and their binding ingredients.

White vs Yellow Cake

White Cake Mix is a white-colored mix mostly used for the base of the cupcake with icing and toppings. It is baked at 370-375 degrees for a maximum of 35 minutes. It is very spongy and cloudy and preferred mostly for the wedding caked. It has a flavor of vanilla in it.

Yellow Cake Mix is a yellow-colored mix used; this type of mix is also preferred with any icing or fillings. And like white cake mix, it also has the flavor of vanilla. It is rich in moisture and is also enjoyed without any fillings or icing.

Comparison Table Between White and Yellow Cake Mixes

Parameters of ComparisonWhite Cake MixesYellow Cake Mixes
BarerIt is barerComparatively less bare
Binding IngredientEggs whitesButter and egg yolks.
Type of FlourAll types of floursWhole-wheat pastry flour
MoistureComparatively lessMore in moisture

What are White Cake Mixes?

It is the type of cake mix that contains egg white. It is a plain cake type. To make the base of the cake, it is baked at about 370 to 375 degrees for a minimum of 35 minutes or 25 minutes. It is best considered for multilayered cakes and cupcakes. It is used with several flours and has a thin consistency. Its batter is more liquidy. They are delicate and spongy in texture. For 500 gm, it mostly costs around 500 to 600 Indian rupees. The following are the few best white cake mixes available:

  1. Miss Jones Baking Co.’s Ultimate Vanilla Cake Mix
  2. Pillsbury’s Moist Supreme White Premium Cake Mix
  3. Duncan Hines’ Classic White Cake Mix
  4. Betty Crocker Super Moist White Cake Mix

Although white cake mix has no taste and is considered plain, it still compliments all the deserts. Most bakes prefer white cake mix for the base of anything with cream and fillings.

100 grams of white cake mix packet contains 372 calories, 3.7g total fat, 20% sodium, 1% potassium, 27% carbohydrates, and 8% protein. The white color comes, of course, due to the absence of egg yolk, and sometimes butter is added to fine the color. And due to its plain white color, it is considered best for the Christian wedding.

What are Yellow Cake Mixes?

It is a cake mix containing more egg yolk and less or no egg white. This is also the reason for the yellow color of the cake. It has a vanilla flavor, like white cake mix, and only uses whole–wheat pastry flour. It is a type of mix that can be enjoyed with and without any additional flavor or toppings. It has a certain advantage over any other cake mix. They are:

  1. It has a richer taste.
  2. Its texture is very moist.
  3. It has an exquisite flavor.
  4. It is easy to cook.
  5. It has high nutritional value.

100 grams of yellow cake mix packet contains 432 calories, 18% of total fat, 27% sodium, 2 % potassium, 26% total carbohydrates, and 8% proteins.  

If compared to any other mix, especially the white cake mix, it tastes better, and the reason behind this could be the presence of butter along with the egg yolk. It is said that the cake made from yellow cake mix should be covered properly with the cloth of something to protect.

White cake mix can also be used in place of yellow cake mix to make a yellow cake by adding egg yolks and vegetable oil. The cake baked from this will be yellow.

Some of the best yellow cake mixes in the market are:

  1. Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix.
  2. Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake Mix.
  3. Jiffy Golden Yellow Cake Mix.

Main Differences Between White and Yellow Cake Mixes

  1. The easiest difference between the two mixes is their respective color, which is clear from their name itself.
  2. Binding ingredients in yellow cake mixes is the butter and egg yolks (sometimes in fewer quantity eggs white are also added), and it is also the reason for its yellow color, but in white cake mix, the binding ingredient is the egg white, there is no or less egg yolk present which makes it white.
  3. They both use different types of flour. Yellow mix only uses whole-wheat pastry flour, whereas white mix uses all types of flour, therefore giving it an advantage.
  4. When it comes to baking, it is said that baking a yellow cake mix is comparatively easy than a white cake mix.
  5. Yellowcake mix has an advantage or upper hand in moisture, taste, nutritious value and also enjoyed with any fillings and icings whereas White cake mix is best known for its barer property and it is used for all type of complex dishes and cupcakes with icing and toppings with fillings.
Difference Between White and Yellow Cake


Therefore it is clear how both have differences except the color. There are many more mixes available in the market for cakes; they have their flavors and advantages. But still, white and yellow cake mixes are preferred over any other cake. The reason could be the taste or the moisture. Both of them have some parts of eggs in them. 

Therefore, people who are pure vegetarian avoid these mixes. Sometimes extra ingredients are added to these mixes to enhance their properties, such as adding extra eggs in the mixes can lead to the better holding of liquid and sugar.


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