Difference Between American and Cheddar Cheese

Cheese is indeed a vital source of nutrients such as calcium and minerals, which are great for bones. Cheese is known for its part in junk food, mainly pizza. There are many varieties of cheese on the market. These cheese are popular all over the world for their use in many recipes.

Such two kinds of cheese are American cheese and Cheddar cheese that are very famous and widely used. They both are very different from each other, whether its texture, taste, production.

American Cheese vs Cheddar Cheese

The main difference between American cheese and Cheddar cheese is that American cheese is made from milk, whey proteins, and emulsifiers, whereas cheddar cheese is made from cow’s milk. American cheese is bland in taste, whereas Cheddar cheese has a mild and strong taste. American cheese has a smooth and creamy texture, whereas Cheddar cheese has a crumbly and hard texture.

American and Cheddar Cheese

American cheese is very popular in America and is widely used in Hamburgers, cheese dips, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. They are processed artificially and made from whey proteins and milk. They are smooth and creamy in texture. They come in various colors like orange, white and yellow. They have a shell life of 12-15 years.

Cheddar cheese originated from England and was produced in the 12th century. They are mostly yellow and off-white, having crumbly and hard in texture. They are made naturally by aging and have more flavors in them. They have mild and strong cheesy flavors. They are very popular in England and America. They generally come in block shape.

Comparison Table Between American and Cheddar Cheese

Parameters of ComparisonAmerican CheeseCheddar Cheese
HistoryAmerican cheese is was initially made in America by British colonists and in the 1970s  exported to England.Cheddar cheese is originated from Cheddar, an English village in Somerset village England and is produced in the 12th century.
TextureIt is creamy and smooth in texture and is artificially processed.It is sharp-tasting, hard, and crumbly in texture and has more flavors.
ColorIt comes in various colors, such as orange, yellow, and white.It is available in colors such as pale yellow, bright yellow, or off-white.
TasteIt is usually bland in taste and melts very easily.It has both mild and strong taste.
Production and aging.It is made from whey proteins, milk, emulsifiers, food coloring, etc. It has an aging time of 60-90 days.It is made from cow’s milk. It has an aging time from 3- 8 months.

What is American Cheese?

American Cheese, which is soft, smooth, and creamy in texture has been originated in America by British colonists in the 1970s. It is artificially processed and the ingredients used are milk, whey proteins, food coloring, emulsifiers, etc. They are not made by naturally aging and thus have fewer flavors compared to Cheddar cheese.

Popularly used in America and Canada, American cheese is perfect for cheese topics, hamburgers, and cheese dips. They are light in flavor and widely used around the globe. They have a shell life of 12-15 years and an aging time of 80-90 days. Since food coloring is used, it comes in different colors such as orange, white and yellow.

They are also known as Candian or American singles or Pasteurized Processed cheese. They are usually bland in taste, and other cheese can be added to give it more flavors. It doesn’t even consider a real cheese because of its artificially processing and addition of other cheese. It can be substituted with swiss or cheddar cheese. They are less expensive than cheddar cheese.

What is Cheddar Cheese?

Cheddar cheese are naturally processed cheese which was originated in the 12th century in an English village in Somerset, England. They have a hard texture and comes in block shapes. They are sharp-tasting and crumbles very easily. They are generally white, but if food coloring is used, they can be off-white or yellow.

The aging of cheddar cheese is 3-18 months which mostly it a particular flavor and strong cheesy taste. They are very popular in the UK and somewhat expensive than American cheese because of their processing style. They are also in burgers and sandwiches, just like American cheese.

Their taste is much sharper, and it can add zing to the salads. It is generally made from Cow’s milk which is then processed by heating the curd, cutting out the cubes, draining the whey, stacking and turning the cheese, and then storing it in the caves for at least 3-18 months for giving it a distinct flavor.

Main Differences Between American and Cheddar Cheese

  1. American cheese is mostly creamy and smooth in texture, whereas Cheddar cheese is hard and crumbly in texture.
  2. American cheese is processed artificially and has fewer flavors, whereas Cheddar cheese is made by aging it naturally and thus has more flavors.
  3. American cheese comes in many colors, such as orange, yellow, and white, whereas Cheddar comes in colors such as bright or pale yellow and off-white color.
  4. American cheese has been originated in America in the 1970s, whereas Cheddar cheese has been originated in Somerset, England, in the 12th century.
  5. American cheese is bland in taste and melts very easily, whereas Cheddar cheese has more flavors and is a sharp-tasting cheese.


These both cheese are different in texture and taste as they are produced differently. They both can be substituted for each other, mostly cheddar if one wants more flavor. Either of them has very good national values, and they both have calcium and iron in them.

There are various recipes and eatables in which they are used, such as hamburgers, cheese dips, pizzas, etc. Before using these cheeses, one must know the right flavors as cheddar cheese has more flavors than American cheese. Either American cheese or cheddar cheese, they both are very delicious!


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