Difference Between Cheddar Up and PayPal

The entire world has digitalized and so has the payment space. Most of the transactions and payments are done online and through different platforms.

Each platform has its unique features and characteristics. The two most popular and common platforms used widely are Cheddar Up and PayPal.

Cheddar Up vs PayPal

The main difference between Cheddar Up and PayPal is that Cheddar Up is ideal for group payments while PayPal is ideal for individuals or merchants to give or receive money. Cheddar Up collects payments and information from payers while PayPal does not collect any information and only focuses on the payment or transaction.

Cheddar Up Vs PayPal

Cheddar Up functions through the creation of collection pages and sending the link across a community or group. The user interface is similar to click and pay on the web and hence no payer needs to download or create an account on the platform.

It provides friction-free payments. The information collected through Cheddar Up is very useful in the analysis and tracking section of any business.

On the other hand, PayPal Is a global payment method. It concentrates on huge B2B transaction volume. It has two-factor authentication and allows manual payment entry.

It even helps in splitting the payment and in determining the payout time. PayPal provides excellent customer service and can resolve most of the issues.

Comparison Table Between Cheddar Up and PayPal

Parameters of Comparison Cheddar UpPayPal
Year of foundationFounded in the year 2012Founded in the year 1998
Headquarters Denver, United StatesSan Jose, CA
Modes Basic, Pro and Team Individual and Business
Objective To make payments and collect information To make payments
CEO Nichole Montoya Dan Schulman

What is Cheddar Up?

Cheddar Up is a renowned platform to collect money and information online. It follows an easy process and does the transaction in minutes. Cheddar Up works best within groups.

In Cheddar Up, a collection page has to be created and the link can be shared among the group members where the transaction needs to be done.

The platform accepts credit cards, e-cheque, or cash. There is no other associated account or application required for Cheddar Up to work.

The collection page which is created can have an unlimited number of items and fields for which the money has to be collected. The link to the collection page can be shared across a community through email, social media, website, or other social platforms.

The money collected can be instantly tracked. Any fund can be directly transferred to the bank account through Cheddar Up.

Cheddar Up is not only ideal for collecting money, it is also used to collect information that is associated with any payment. The collection page can have different forms of the field to collect information from the transaction.

There are three main plans available in Cheddar Up – Basic (which is free), pro (which is ideal for sellers), and team (which is best for managers). Each plan provides a different kind of access and features.

Cheddar Up even has automatic reminders and follow-up for personages who are busy and might forget the transaction date. It also has features like one-click spreadsheet export or customization of URLs.

The payers do not even need an account in Cheddar Up.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online platform to send and receive money. It is a renowned platform that is known for its speed and reliability. PayPal is an American multinational financial technology company that was found in the year 1998.

The current CEO of the company is Dan Schulman. the headquarters of the company is in California, San Jose, and the United States.

PayPal is used by a large number of audiences, starting right from little boutiques to big brands. The checkout process is fast and the purchase is protected.

The company also provides various facilities for earning rewards on transactions from favorite cards. Not only the transaction processes are simpler but even the refund process is easy in case of any return of purchase.

The platform accepts all kinds of cards whether credit or debit cards at checkout. It has made shopping online easier than ever before. Every transaction is secure as the platform provides 24/7 fraud monitoring and buyer protection.

The transaction does not display any financial information or details of the card to the receiver. PayPal is an accepted payment method in over 200 countries.

Sellers find PayPal convenient as the transaction fees are comparatively low. It provides instant notification about the transaction.

There are two main types of PayPal accounts available the individual account and the business account. The former is recommended for individuals while the latter is recommended for merchants or businesses that are under operation.

Main Differences Between Cheddar Up and PayPal

  1. Cheddar Up is used for transactions and for collecting information while PayPal is used only for transactions.
  2. Cheddar Up has a custom payment page is whereas PayPal does not offer any custom payment pages.
  3. Cheddar Up is made specifically for groups while PayPal is not made for groups but merchants or individuals.
  4. Cheddar Up is available in three modes – Basic, Pro, and Team whereas PayPal is available in two modes – Individual and Business.
  5. The payers do not need a Cheddar Up account whereas the payer, as well as the receiver, essentially needs a PayPal account.


Both the platforms do not require any other app. Both the platforms provide an integrated point of sale. Both the platforms have a similar rating by the customers.

Both the platforms offer customer support in form of call live chat or email. Any assistance in installation troubleshooting training upgrading or cancellation is provided by the customer service of both platforms.

PayPal has been in the industry of online payment since 1988 while Cheddar Up is new in the game and has been launched in the year 2012. Both platforms offer different features and procedures.

They are built for a different kind of audience. It is essential to evaluate all the parameters of the platforms before deciding on a choice so that the platform can cater to all the needs of the customers.


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