Difference Between Fiat and Ferrari

Fiat is comparatively less costly than Ferrari. The number of Fiat models is 4 but there are 8 Ferrari models Ferrari is currently known.


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In the case of price, Fiat is cheaper in comparison to Ferrari. Fiat’s starting price is around 10 Lakh and that of Ferrari is almost 3 Crores.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fiat is an Italian automaker producing mass-market vehicles focusing on affordability and fuel efficiency, while Ferrari is a luxury sports car manufacturer renowned for high performance and exclusivity.
  2. Ferraris offer superior speed, performance, and design than Fiat cars.
  3. Both companies belong to the same parent company but cater to different market segments and consumer needs.

Fiat vs Ferrari

Fiat is the largest manufacturer of automobiles in Italy that generally manufactures Hatchbacks. Fiat cars have a mileage of 15.80 Km/L. Ferrari is a luxury sports car manufacturer based in Italy that generally manufactures Coupes. It is more costly than Fiat. Ferrari cars have a mileage of 8.80 Km/L.

Fiat vs Ferrari

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Fiat Automobiles is the most important car producer in Italy. Fiat triggered a stir in 1899 when it launched its first manufacturing vehicle.

Just 8 models had been produced offering a two-cylinder engine hooked up on the rear. Fiat has gained more European Car of the Year awards than any other producer.

The first Ferrari race automobile was created in 1947. it’s far the most well-known automobile brand. Ferrari is aerodynamic because the tiny holes withinside the automobile are what make the automobile so fast.

Today’s Ferraris are available in colors from vibrant yellow to gentle metal grey, however, initially, it changed into red.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFiat Ferrari
Body TypeFiat generally manufactures Hatchback    Ferrari generally manufactures Coupe 
Engine    The engine of a fiat car is generally 1172 Cubic Centi-metre.The engine of a Ferrari car is generally 3902 Cubic Centi-metre.
Price    Fiat cars are cheaper Ferrari is costlier
Mileage    The mileage of a fiat car is 15.80 Km/LThe mileage of the Ferrari car is 8.80 Km/L
PowerFiat cars produce 67 bhpFerrari cars produce 660 bhp

What is Fiat?

Fiat Automobiles is an Italian car producer, previously a portion of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Stellantis has been a subsidiary via Italian manufacturing since 2021. Fiat Automobiles is Italy’s largest automobile manufacturer.

Throughout its more than a century-long existence, For nearly 20 years, it was the most significant automobile manufacturer in Europe and the world’s third-largest behind General Motors and Ford, until the late 1980s auto industry collapsed. Fiat Automobiles employed over 100,000 people in Italy in 1970 when the country’s vehicle production hit an all-time high of 1.4 million units.

Fiat Aviazione produced aircraft, helicopters, and engines.

The Fiat Linea is available with one diesel engine and one gasoline engine. The Diesel engine has a displacement of 1248 cc, while the Petrol engine has a displacement of 1368 cc.

It comes with a manual gearbox option. The Linea has a mileage range of 14.2 to 20.4 kmpl, depending on the variant and gas type.

The Linea is a five-seater four-cylinder vehicle with dimensions of 1730mm in width, 4596mm in length, and 2603mm in wheelbase. The Fiat Linea Active 1. four is the top model in the Linea series.

What is Ferrari?

Ferrari is an Italian luxurious sports activities automobile producer based in Maranello, Italy. Enzo Ferrari founded Auto Avio Costruzioni out of the Alfa Romeo racing department in 1939. In 1940, the agency built its first car, and in 1947, it manufactured its first Ferrari-badged vehicle.

Ferrari is the only car producer to have their devoted race track for testing. Ferrari is well-known for terrific speeds, state-of-the-art luxurious.

The company began out from very humble beginnings and went directly to be one of the most identified manufacturers withinside the world. Ferrari originated as a company that developed a limited number of high-performance racing vehicles, and it has kept to that legacy throughout its existence.

Over the decades, Ferrari has won over 5,000 trophies since its first expert race victory in 1947. The Ferrari FF Petrol Engine.

The Petrol engine is 6262 cc. It comes with Automatic transmission.

Depending upon the model and the type of fuel used, the Ferrari FF has a mileage of 4.0 kilometers per liter & the Ground clearance of Ferrari FF is 145mm. The Ferrari FF is a four-seater 12 cylinder automobile and has a length of 4907mm, a width of 1953mm, and a wheelbase of 2990mm.

Main Differences Between Fiat and Ferrari

  1. Fiat is a brand of Stellantis whereas Ferrari belongs to the group of luxury sports cars.
  2. Giovanni Agnelli, founder of the Fiat car enterprise and the main Italian industrialist. On the other hand, Enzo Ferrari, Italian car manufacturer, designer, and racing-car motive force whose Ferrari motors frequently ruled global racing competition.
  3. Fiat Net Worth is much more than Ferrari while Ferrari is one of the biggest automobile producers through marketplace capitalization.
  4. Different models of Fiat include Fiat Abarth 595, Fiat Punto Evo, Fiat Linea, Fiat Avventura while Ferrari includes Ferrari Roma, Ferrari 812, Ferrari Portofino, Ferrari SF90 Stradale and many more.
  5. Fiat is more used as a family car and used for general road trips and highway driving but Ferrari is a sports car brand generally used for races and extreme adrenaline sports which has a more powerful engine. 
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