IndiGo vs Go Air: Difference and Comparison

Travelling to someplace, fast, without any trouble, and having a safe trip, brings to the importance the consideration of travelling by an airway.

Taking a plane to someplace is not a luxurious thing nowadays but a necessity. If it is domestic, then you don’t even need a passport or visa as a tag along. Book a plane ticket, pack the bags and let’s go.

Key Takeaways

  1. Indigo ranks as the largest airline in India by fleet size and passengers, while Go Air holds a smaller market share.
  2. Indigo offers more destinations domestically and internationally, whereas Go Air focuses on domestic and nearby international locations.
  3. Go Air positions itself as a low-cost carrier, while Indigo is known for its premium services and higher ticket prices.

IndiGo vs Go Air

The difference between IndiGo and Go Air is that IndiGo is India’s largest and low-cost airline. On the other hand, Go Air is the fifth largest and ultra-low-cost airline. IndiGo is headquartered in Gurgaon, while Go Air is headquartered in Mumbai.

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By its carried passengers and fleet size IndiGo is India’s largest airline, with almost 53.5% market share in domestic business.

Also, it is Asia’s largest low-cost carrier by jet size and the sixth-largest by passenger transport. Rahul Bhatia from InterGlobe founded IndiGo as a private venture, with the help of Rakesh Gangwal in 2006. 

Go Air, now known as Go First, was established as an ultra-low-cost airline by Jeh Wadia, a conglomerate of Wadia Group, in 2005. It is India’s fifth-largest airline by transported passengers.

The Go Air brand name was changed to Go First. It operates around 330 flights daily.

The primary hub includes Delhi, Mumbai, Kannur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIndiGoGo Air
FounderRahul Bhatia and Rakesh GangawalJeh Wadia of Wadia.
HeadquarterGurgaon, Haryana, India.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Fleet size28259
Destinations96 in total, 71 domestic and 25 international airports. 36 in total, 27 domestic and 9 international destinations.
Market share Around 53.5% of the domestic market in India.Have around 8.4 of the domestic market share in India.

What is IndiGo?

Indigo was founded by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangawal as a private venture in 2006. It is India’s largest airline by fleet size and carries passengers.

Also, it successfully acquired titles of being Asia’s largest airline in terms of fleet size and in terms of passengers transported it is sixth-largest around Asia.

The airline successfully operates around 1500 daily domestic flights connecting 71 domestic as well as 25 international, in total 96 airports. Indira Gandhi International airport is the primary hub for IndiGo.

Almost 64 million or 6.4 crore people travel annually through IndiGo airlines. 

It has many Airbus models under it, such as Airbus A320, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321LR, Airbus A321XLR, etc., and ATR 72-600. The main attraction of IndiGo Airlines is that it is a low-cost airline offering only economy class service.

It does not provide any complimentary onboard services such as complimentary meals and brunch but does provide buy-on-board flight meals.

Also, it does not provide any kind of entertainment services during the flight, but Hello 6E is the magazine that is available for reading. 

The premium members of IndiGo get additional facilities such as pre-assigned seats, multiple cancellations and priority check-in. Currently, 23,711 employees are working in Indigo.


What is Go Air?

Go Air, now known as Go First, was established as an ultra-low-cost airline by Jeh Wadia, a conglomerate of Wadia Group, in 2005. It has a domestic market share of 8.6% in India.

In terms of the number of passengers transported, it is India’s fifth-largest airline.

It successfully operates 330 flights per day, around 36 destinations in total, with 27 domestic and 9 international airports. It operates majorly on flight models such as Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A320neo. 

The primary hubs for Go First include airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Kannur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata. It operates international flights to Thailand, Singapore, Male and also in countries like Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

As being an ultra-low-cost airline or budget airline, it does not have the provision of complimentary onboard services such as complimentary meals and snacks or any onboard entertainment facilities.

Go-getter is the in-flight magazine published by Go First, and it is available for passengers to read during their flight.

The premium members of Go First can have access to Go Business, a premium service with a high cost and extra facilities.

These facilities include access to extra legroom seats, unpaid meals, add on baggage weight limit with priority boarding on the plane, etc.  

It was awarded the “Best Domestic Airline For Excellence In Quality and Efficient Service” by Pacific Area Travel Writers Association in 2008.

Also, in 2011, it was titled “ Best Performing Airline” for Airbus A320 operators by Airbus in Asia and Africa.

go air

Main Differences Between IndiGo and Go Air

  1. IndiGo was founded by Rahul Bhatia, with the help of Rakesh Ganagwal in 2006. Go Air is now Go First and is founded by Jeh Wadia of Wadia Group.
  2. The headquarters of IndiGo is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Go Air is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  3. The IndiGo has a fleet size of 282, while the fleet size of the Go Air is quite less, accounting for 59. 
  4. As being the largest airline, it connects 96 destinations in total, including 71 domestic and 25 international airports. Go Air has fewer destinations in comparison to IndiGo, 36 destinations in total, including 27 domestic and nine international destinations. 
  5. IndiGo captured around 53.5% of the whole domestic market share in India, while Go air has around 8.4% of the whole domestic market share. 

Last Updated : 22 July, 2023

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