Air Asia vs Indigo: Difference and Comparison

Air Asia and Indigo are two very popular airlines. Over the years they have been serving constantly.

Along with it, they are focusing on their growth such as fleet size and destinations. Air Asia is an international airline and Indigo is domestic in India.

They provide us with different offers and they themselves have different features.

Hence, before choosing an airline, it is important to go through its features. This shall help us to have an average idea regarding the inflight experience, along with other basic knowledge.

In this article, we shall focus on these two airlines individually and find out the main differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Air Asia is a Malaysian low-cost airline, while Indigo is an Indian low-cost carrier.
  2. Air Asia operates mainly within Asia and Oceania, whereas Indigo focuses primarily on domestic Indian routes and nearby international destinations.
  3. Indigo has a reputation for punctuality and reliability, while Air Asia is known for its competitive pricing and extensive route network.

Air Asia vs Indigo

The difference between Air Asia and Indigo is that Air Asia is well-known for its professional manner. Whereas, Indigo is well-known for its punctuality. Also, it mainly depends on the destination we are going for. People have their personal choices. Moreover, these two flights have different arrangements of seats and formalities.

Air Asia vs Indigo

Air Asia does not have very good customer service. They have a friendly and very accessible cabin crew.

In addition to that, they have a better safety record as compared to Indigo. They maintain professional behavior.

All these add up to the good customer review.

On the other hand, Indigo does not have a very good reputation in the case of customer service. Due to this reason, the rating is going down for the past few years.

Other than that, it serves as an ideal flight. Starting from punctuality and reliability, Indigo is indeed worth it. However, there might be scheduling issues in certain cases as per the reports.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAir AsiaIndigo
Introduction. Air Asia was introduced in the year 1993.Indigo was introduced in the year 2005.
PunctualityIt is not as punctual as Indigo.Indigo airlines are very much punctual.
PositionIt is the largest airline in the world.It is the largest airline in India.
Seating ArrangementIt has different classes and provides classy and comfortable sitting arrangements.The sitting arrangement is not as comfortable as Air Asia.
Customer ReviewIt has a great customer review with safety norms and professional crew members.The crew members are not very helpful which hampers the customer rating of Indigo.

What is Air Asia?

Air Asia is an international airline. Its capital is in Malaysia, near Kuala Lumpur. The headquarters of Air Asia is present there.

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Based on the destination as well as size, Air Asia is the largest airline in the world. It has several affiliate airlines linked to it.

It includes 165 destinations and the fleet size of the airline is 255. Both of them include the subsidiaries.

It was established in the year 1993 and was inaugurated in 1996. Over the years, it broadened its destination and route options.

Due to certain emergencies, there was some change in rules in the past years. However, in late October of 2021, Air Asia got permission to restart their international flights.

The owner of Air Asia is a Malaysian entrepreneur named Antony Francis Fernandes. He is the founder of the Tune group as well.

The Tata group has a share of stake in Air Asia.

Air Asia is known to have better terminals than most of the airlines in the world. Moreover, it provides a classy as well as comfortable sitting arrangement for the passengers.

Safety comes first hence it has a lot of security services which might be a bit time-consuming as well. It is very professional on the basis of kinds of stuff.

airasia 1 scaled

What is Indigo?

On the other hand, Indigo is an Indian airline. It is the largest airline in India, which was announced in the year 2012.

It comprises the maximum fleet size. Also, the maximum number of passengers as compared to other Indian Airlines.

It also ranked the sixth-largest in Asia. The Indigo was established in the year 2005.

The name of the founder is Rahul Bhatia. The primary hub of Indigo airlines is situated in Delhi at the IGI Airport.

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According to the latest report, it has a domestic share of about 53%. The headquarter of Indigo airlines is located in Haryana.

Based on its growth, Indigo is considered the second-fastest-growing airline since the year 2013. In addition to that, it became the largest airline in India, based on market share records.

An order was passed where Indigo can deliver up to five airlines in that particular year. It also included setting up a subsidiary.

Later on, it got permission to acquire five more aircraft.

With the gradual progression and success, Indigo renovated its arrangements of seats. It is made to fit a flight size of more than 250.

It is the first-ever Indian Airline to achieve it. It is a domestic airline and is very comfortable.


Main Differences Between Air Asia and Indigo

  1. The main difference between Air Asia and Indigo is that Air Asia is an international airline. Whereas, Indigo is a domestic airline in India.
  2. Air Asia is the largest airline in the world. Whereas, Indigo airlines is the largest airline in India.
  3. Air Asia is a better option while traveling to international countries. However, when we travel within India, Indigo is considered a comfortable choice.
  4. Next, coming to seating arrangements. Air Asia provides classy and comfortable sitting arrangements, along with a great in-flight experience. In this case, Indigo ranks just average.
  5. The customer review of Air Asia is great and it has high ratings. Indigo Airlines, on the other hand, has a poor rating due to unsatisfactory customer service.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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