Fiat vs Ambassador: Difference and Comparison

In this life of travelling every day to earn a livelihood, the most common form of transport we use is a car.

Since buying a car is quite a significant investment, we need to know and analyze the features of the vehicle before deciding to buy it.

Fiat and Ambassador, the competing two cars, have comment features but vary in many parameters.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fiat is an Italian automotive brand, while Ambassador is an Indian automotive brand.
  2. Fiat vehicles offer more modern designs and features than Ambassador vehicles, which have a more classic look.
  3. Ambassador vehicles have a strong presence in the Indian market, while Fiat vehicles are available in various markets worldwide.

Fiat vs Ambassador

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer that was founded in 1899. Fiat produces many cars, from small city cars to large family and luxury vehicles. Ambassador is an Indian automobile brand built by Hindustan Motors from 1958 to 2014. The Ambassador was initially based on the Morris Oxford, a British car, and it was popular in India.

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Fiat is an Italian automobile car manufacturer company and one of Europe’s largest automobile manufacturers.

They started their production worldwide and acquired both National and International markets. They sold and produced millions of units by 2000 and remained the top car manufacturer in Europe.

Ambassador was an Indian automobile manufactured by Hindustan Motors of India. It was an old model introduced by Hindustan Motors and started production in 1956, and had a market till 2014.

Their production was stopped as many advanced cars entered the market. But in the 1960s, it was known as the “King of Indian Roads.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFiatAmbassador
EngineAn Ambassador is quite cheaper in comparison to a Fiat.The engine of an Ambassador is less efficient in comparison to Fiat.
FuelThe fuel type used in the Fiat is petrol.The fuel type used in the Ambassador is CNG.
PriceFiat is more expensive in comparison to an Ambassador.The engine power is relatively high in Fiat.
PowerThe engine power in comparison to Fiat is relatively less.An Ambassador’s interior space is more suitable for big families.
Interior spaceThe interior space in Fiat is small and suitable for small families. An Ambassador’s interior space is more suitable for prominent families.

What is Fiat?

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturing company founded on July 11th, 1899, by Giovanni Agnelli. Fiat instantly occupied the top position in the market and was known as the best small compact car.

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It was more suitable for small families and comfortable driving in the city traffic. It provides the required interior space and a small luggage trunk.

The production of Fiat was large since the 1970s, and became one of the largest automobile producers in Europe. Fiat produced and sold a million units all over the world by 2000.

Fiat production was high in Brazil as it had a massive market for small compact cars. Fiat largely dominated the demand for cars in Brazil, which became the leader in cars in Brazil.

Fiat has won many awards for its efficiency and style. It won the “European Car of the Year” for almost nine years.

Fiat was also an environmentally friendly car as the carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicle in the form of smoke was less than the other vehicles in the market.

In addition to this, Fiat received many international awards.

Hence, Fiat is one of the best cars for small families and is also fuel-efficient. The maintenance cost of Fiat is quite affordable.


What is Ambassador?

Hindustan Ambassador was an automobile manufacturer company introduced by Hindustan Motors of India in 1956 by B.M. Birla.

Ambassador had colossal popularity all over the world in the early times,. Still, the production of Ambassador had stopped now as there were many new updated and advanced cars launched in the market.

The engine capacity of the Ambassador is efficient, and the fuel used in Ambassador was CNG, which is cheaper than other fuel types like petrol, diesel, etc.

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Since the fuel type is CNG, it is an environmentally friendly car. It is also a compact car but provides more interior space than Fiat. Ambassador was popularly called as “King of Indian Roads”.

Ambassador was widely used as a taxi car in Mumbai, and instantly it became popular in Mumbai. However, the quality of the Ambassador was lacking because of less productivity.

As the demand increased, supply couldn’t be matched with order. Slowly, the production came down, and the market also fell. By 2014, the production of Ambassador completely stopped.

Hence, Ambassador had the broad world market earlier, but as the technology grew, the model failed to keep up with the advanced technology and efficiency.


Main Differences Between Fiat and Ambassador

  1. Fiat was more advanced and had many outstanding features like airbags,, while Ambassador was a little outdated and did not have many features.
  2. Both are environmentally friendly cars. Fiat releases less carbon dioxide emission while Ambassador uses CNG instead of petrol.
  3. Fiat is more expensive in comparison to Ambassador.
  4. Fiat’s running or maintenance cost is quite high compared to Ambassador.
  5. Fiat is more fuel-efficient and has a better acceleration and braking system than Ambassador.
  6. Ambassador has more interior space and trunk space than Fiat, and hence, Fiat is more suitable for small families, while Ambassador can accommodate more members.
Difference Between Fiat and Ambassador

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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6 thoughts on “Fiat vs Ambassador: Difference and Comparison”

  1. Well, it seems in comparison, Fiat is far superior to Ambassador. Ambassador looks like a better choice if you need more interior space, though.

  2. It seems to me that Ambassador should have tried to adapt to the changes in the car industry to keep up with the competition. Technology grows fast, after all.

  3. It seems Ambassador failed to meet the demand as technology advanced and newer models become available. It’s a shame because it was such a popular car.

  4. Fiat’s models seem to be more comfortable, and they are known to have better safety features. I believe that’s an advantage over Ambassador.

  5. Fiat won many awards. This is a clear indicator that they have a high-quality product, and I believe that is worth the investment.

  6. Fiat seems like a good choice for a small family that is looking for a practical car. It’s great that they developed such an environmentally friendly vehicle.


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