Difference Between Webinar and Workshop

In this evolving world, it is very important to keep learning and updating ourselves to the technology that is introduced.

Especially when we learn together with so many people, we can learn more effectively and efficiently. Both webinars and workshops help us with learning new things. Both look similar but they vary in many parameters.

Webinar vs Workshop

The main difference between webinars and workshops is the mode of conducting learning. The webinar is conducted only online via online platforms while workshops can be conducted both online and offline. As the name suggests, a webinar is conducted on the web but the workshops can be virtual or live. Workshops are more effective than webinars as they are conducted in live mode.

Webinar vs Workshop

A webinar is an online event that will be conducted by any organization, individuals, or company. Usually, this event will be of learning new things or they exchange information they know to a group of people.

It will be conducted only via computers using sites like google meet, zoom, etc. A group of people will be participating in this event.

A workshop is an event that can be conducted either on a computer or face-to-face. It is a long session of teaching and many interactive sections.

The person who is conducting this workshop will be professionally qualified with certain skills and conduct the workshop to spread this skill to the people who are interested in learning the respective skills.

Comparison Table Between Webinar and Workshop

Parameters of ComparisonWebinarWorkshop
Mode of conductThe webinar will only be conducted in the mode of online or through the web.The workshop can be conducted both online through the web or live.
CostGenerally, webinars will be free of cost.The workshop is a paid event.
AudiencesThe audiences covered in a webinar will be large.The audiences covered in a workshop will be less in comparison to the webinar.
Learning efficiencyLearning efficiency will be quite less as it is online and there is a large audience.Learning efficiency will be more in comparison to a webinar.
ContentGenerally, webinars are conducted to promote themselves and teach.The workshops are specifically designed to teach students.

What is Webinar?

Webinars are the events conducted by a company, organization, or individuals to teach a skill they know to the other students who are interested in learning it.

The main focus of the event is to promote their brand name and earn a reputation from the students and make them repeatedly learn from such organizations.

They teach the basics of skills and advertise their teaching methods.

Since it is for promotional activities, they are free of cost and invite large audiences to attend the event. The learning efficiency will be less as it is mainly for promotional purposes.

There won’t be much interaction between the learner and teacher as there are large audiences. However, they conduct a doubt session at the end of the webinar to clear the doubts of the students.

The webinar is meant to be conducted online which adds to the advantage of attracting audiences all over the world and reduces the burden of traveling places for the learners.

They usually conduct these events via online websites like google meets, skype, zoom, etc. Hence, it is named after the word “web”.

To conclude, a webinar is helpful for learning new skills and clearing our doubts without traveling far places or making any investment.

What is Workshop?

A workshop is a learning event conducted by professionally qualified individuals or organizations.

These individuals or organizations that are conducting will be usually dealing in that skills for years, have depth knowledge about it, and have years of experience in this field.

Through this event, they teach the skills to the students who are interested.

Since it is professionally qualified, they will charge fees for teaching these skills.

These workshops will be conducted for a certain number of days and they will assign the students many assignments to test their learning about the skills.

Hence, the learning efficiency in the workshop will be quite high in comparison to the other events.

Commonly, they separate the large audience into groups and schedule classes separately to increase learning efficiency.

Since the students in each group will be relatively fewer, the session will be more interactive and the doubts of the students will be cleared more efficiently.

These workshops can be conducted in any mode like online or live classes.

Hence, workshops are more efficient in learning new skills and increasing our knowledge. They also provide a certificate at the end of the workshop that will be used for future job references and career growth.

Main Differences Between Webinar and Workshop

  1. The objective of the webinar is to promote themselves and teach skills while the workshop is only focused on teaching the skills in depth.
  2. The webinar is free of cost while the workshop will charge an expensive amount as a fee to the professionally qualified teacher.
  3. The webinar is a one-day session whereas the workshop will be conducted for a specified time period and hence, the learning efficiency will be more in the workshop in comparison to the webinar.
  4. The webinar is conducted in online mode whereas workshop can be conducted in both online and offline mode and thus, webinar saves time and traveling cost.
  5. Webinar concentrates larger audiences whereas workshop concentrates on a small number of students for maximum learning efficiency.
Difference Between Webinar and Workshop


Both webinars and workshops provide us an opportunity to learn new skills and develop our knowledge.

Both of them help us to get a competitive advantage in our career prospects and earn us more opportunities in the field of skills we acquired.

The workshops provide us with more depth knowledge of the skills in comparison to the webinars.

However, the cost of webinars is usually free whereas workshop charges fees for teaching skills.

It is essential to learn new skills and keep ourselves updated on the new technologies that are introduced and hence, webinars and workshops provide a path for us to learn without much difficulty.


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