Webinar vs Webcast: Difference and Comparison

A webinar is a net-based seminar or an assembly that takes over the Internet without geographical barriers or time zones. A webcast, on the alternative hand, is a shape of net broadcasting, much like webinars, however with the motive of entertaining or teaching its individuals through streaming media technologies

Key Takeaways

  1. A webinar is a live online event that involves audience participation, while a webcast is a one-way broadcast.
  2. Webinars are shorter than webcasts.
  3. Webinars require a stable internet connection for audience participation, while webcasts can be accessed with lower internet speeds.

Webinar vs Webcast

A webinar is an interactive online seminar or workshop that allows participants to watch, comment, and ask questions in real time. A webcast, however, is a media presentation distributed over the internet, for a large, global audience, and is a one-way transmission without direct interaction from the viewers.

Webinar vs Webcast

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A webinar is an event held virtually that’s attended completely via way of means of an online audience. It is a form of one-to-many communication: a presenter can acquire a huge and particular organization of online site visitors from a fixed location.

Providing it’s far used effectively, interaction in the course of a webinar may be very powerful.

A webcast is a (live) online broadcast of the audio or video feed from your assembly or event. A webcast means that nobody ever has to overlook your assembly or event again.

Participants can attend a live webcast through their PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. The webcast may be watched after the stay broadcast.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWebinarWebcast
PurposeIts main focus is to explain a subject this is engaging, applicable, and informative to others.Its purpose is to choose a  topic that needs to reach a huge amount of audience.
CollaborationThese are more collaborative but smaller than a typical webcast.It is solely a one-way collaboration from a presenter to its attendees.
Best used forMedium size meeting with two-way interaction.Large communications with high-quality video and engagement options.
Nature of AudienceAudiences are comparatively more active as it offers surveys, polls, and other activities.Audiences are less interactive here.
Common NamesOnline or live seminarsLive streams

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an interactive, visually stimulating, attractive, and rich information experience. It may be seen as a web presentation or seminar that offers each host and webinar attendees, additionally known as webinar participants, with records in a manner that is exciting, attractive, and convenient.

The word ‘webinar’ itself is a substitute free term and additionally may be understood as an internet seminar, a virtual event, video conferences, multimedia online content material material, and more. Many groups use webinars as a way to connect with new customers, display understanding and assemble brand authority, or promote a launch.

They also can be aimed closer to present customers, for education or onboarding, as an additional charge add, or to upsell. Webinars are normally free, however can be paid for as well.

The price in free webinars tends to be lead generation, though they’ll additionally be used for onboarding or schooling purposes. A webinar permits a speaker from the web website hosting organization/employer to proportion PowerPoint presentations, videos, internet pages, or different multimedia content material with audiences that may be placed anywhere.

Webinars may be pre-recorded and performed at any time for participants. A lot of webinar equipment includes interactive whiteboards, surveys, polls, live-chat capabilities which cause them to some distance greater personalized, attractive, and interactive to your audience.


What is a Webcast?

The webcast is nothing greater than a conference or presentation that is carried out online. Participants can watch the presentation and send inquiries to the speaker or have interaction with different delegates.

Webcasts are accessed via any tool and provide gated entry, post-event registration in addition to post-occasion records to look at performance.

Because engagement is pinnacle precedence for internet conferences, webcasting generation helps the functionalities for managed target market engagement. Webcasting is not restrained to businesses.

Streaming stay activities which include e-mastering training, company displays, and investor displays, for instance, are a number of the not unusual place use instances these days. Webcasts permit your target market to stay engaged as though they’re in a face-to-face meeting.

The server that hosts webcasts may be designed so that individuals from different cities, states, or international locations can submit questions and get solutions in real-time.

Webcasts additionally permit customers to song participation and performance, as a result enhancing accountability. Webcasts are powerful virtual advertising tools — in particular, withinside the age of social distancing — due to the fact they permit content material creators to attain huge audiences across the world.

Examples of webcasts consist of tv programming streamed online, radio content material streamed online.

Main Differences Between Webinar and Webcast

  1. Webinars are live shows carried out over the internet. Being a live stream, the presentation is interactive whereas Webcasts entail broadcasting presentations over the internet. The presentation may be live or maybe pre-recorded for webcasting.
  2. Webinars are designed to be interactive and offer a greater collaborative digital assembly room and environment. On the opposite hand, webcasts are designed to gain more attention at the presentation.
  3. Webinars almost always have an online audience only while Webcasts can have a live, in-studio audience in addition to the online audience.
  4.  A webinar frequently has one host or some co-hosts and is most addressed to a maximum of 1,000 participants; however, a Webcast is likewise devoted to many attendees, however, the wide variety of viewers can exceed 1,000.
  5. Webinars are feature-filled, and webcasts have bare-minimal attributes. 
Difference Between Webinar and Webcast
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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