Difference Between Webinar and Seminar

With the never-stopping development of technology, there has been a paradigm shift in a few aspects of life. Social media, commercials, and even education have changed leaving the essence of one-to-one teaching to virtual classes.


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One significant shift that affected these aspects with great impact is the shift from seminars to webinars.

These two terms represent the collective learning or understanding about a topic but the difference arises in the way these events are held.

Webinar v/s Seminar

The difference between a webinar and a seminar is that a webinar is a kind of seminar where a huge mass of people interact for the exchange of knowledge via the internet or the World Wide Web. On the other hand, a seminar is a type of meeting held by the members of a common community for exchanging and sharing information.

Webinar vs Seminar

A webinar Is an interactive event held online hosted by a company or organization for broadcasting to a selective group of people through their system via the internet.

Sometimes, a webinar is also referred to as an online event, webcast, or web seminar. The main objective of organizing a webinar is to instruct, demonstrate or educate the masses.

A seminar is a kind of social gathering held by an academic institution or business organization for educating the masses about certain things.

The sole purpose of such gatherings is to come together and discuss the stated topic and share information with others. Seminars are usually held with small groups of people mainly students.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWebinarSeminar
LocationA webinar can be organized anywhere, anytime.
A seminar is organized at the stated location.
EquipmentMinimal equipment is required by the host to conduct a webinar i.e. a computer and internet connection.For organizing a seminar, more equipment is needed i.e. computer, presentation software, projector, large display screen, speakers and microphone.
CostThe expense is less.Expense is more.
Presenter The presenter can be present anywhere.The presenter should be present at the location.
ReachThe topic discussed in the webinar can reach anywhere in the world.Reach is limited only to the mass attending the seminar

What is a Webinar?

A webinar Is an event held virtually using telecommunication services and technologies.

Webinars are instructive and are often academically based or a general meeting involving audio-video interactions between the host and the participants.

The aim of organizing a webinar is always to communicate with the audience, be it for educating them about the product or service of the company, the status of the company or to teach students about certain necessary information or data as a part of their organized curriculum, webinars have always proven to be a helpful tool to everyone.

The term webinar is a combination of two words i.e. web and seminar. A webinar offers an opportunity for people to learn and educated themselves as they would do in a live session.

For attending a webinar, all you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Traditionally, many companies for their marketing purposes organize a location and invite people over to come and attend but this can cost them more as live sessions require numerous equipment.

Webinars are different from these traditional methods and people from all around the world can attend a webinar at the same time.

Mainly, webinars are used by B2B i.e. business to business companies for their marketing but they can also be used by B2C i.e. business to consumers directly.

What is a Seminar?

A seminar can be defined as a group of individuals coming together to learn and discuss the stated topic. Seminars usually have one or two presenters who take the discussion to the desired path.

A seminar can have many purposes or just one.

For instance, a seminar can be organized for educational purposes like a lecture, where people are involved in a discussion of a particular subject or topic to obtain a better vision about the subject or topic.

Other types of educational seminars can be organized for conveying some knowledge and expertise to the participants. Such seminars include a seminar on personal finance, web marketing, real estate, etc.

A seminar can also have a motivational nature in which the host usually motivates, encourages, or inspires the attendees to improve themselves and be a better version of themselves or to implement the skills that they might have learned in the seminar in their lives.

For example, a seminar with a business theme can be helpful for small business owners to understand and know how to pitch their investors or to construct a solid plan for their business, and to encourage them to get started right after they leave the seminar.

For planning a seminar, the first step is to plan the topic you want to discuss with others and set a budget accordingly. Find some speakers who have expertise in the field you want to cover with your audience.

And after the seminar, you can send feedback forms to your attendees to know whether the seminar met your vision.

Main Differences Between Webinar and Seminar

  1. For organizing a webinar, the cost consumption is quite less whereas, for organizing a seminar, the expense is high.
  2. The participants can attend a webinar anywhere and at any time while attending a seminar, the participants are required to travel and reach the location where the seminar is being held. 
  3. Conducting a webinar is quite simple and all it needs is a working computer with good internet connectivity whereas, conducting a seminar needs a lot of equipment which includes a large screen, projector, computer, speaker, mic, etc. 
  4. The topic discussed in a webinar can reach many people across the globe whereas, the topic discussed in a seminar can reach only those people who attended the seminar at its location.
  5. Webinars are virtual forms of a seminar where people attend the discussion or lecture via the internet whereas, seminars are gathering of people to discuss and learn while being present at that particular location.
Difference Between Webinar and Seminar


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