Difference Between Microsoft Knowledge Worker and Light User

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A knowledge worker has knowledge about everything and uses it to make contexts. A lightworker is less likely to use the system. 

Microsoft Knowledge Worker vs Light User 

The main difference between Microsoft Knowledge Worker and Light User is that Microsoft Knowledge Worker uses the computer very frequently or researches frequently whereas a Light User is someone who does the research rarely and is less likely. Both of them work under the Microsoft corporation as employees of the company. 

Microsoft Knowledge Worker vs Light User

Microsoft Knowledge Worker is someone who is hired by the company to manage and fix the contexts and business aspects of the company regularly and works as a full-time employee in the Microsoft Corporation. They use research to investigate and further carry out things as projects. 

A Light User uses less information and makes it less likely to work upon the system and research the business aspects of the company. A light user is also used as a term for those mobile or computer users who are quite inactive on the website or their device.

Comparison Table Between Microsoft Knowledge Worker and Light User 

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft Knowledge Worker Light User
DefinitionMicrosoft Knowledge Worker uses research and knowledge on every topic to benefit the company. A Light User is someone who is not educated enough to handle the company’s business aspects. 
WorkThey do heavy tasks like using the website’s backend to enhance user experience and doing complex jobs. They can manage to do work like checking emails, forwarding the company’s stats to partners, etc. 
AimA knowledge worker at Microsoft aims at maintaining the productivity of their work.A Light User does not aim at maintaining the productivity of their work and is less likely.
ActivitiesA Microsoft Knowledge Worker uses a wide range of activities to enhance productivity and workflow.A Light User has very little to do with activities because they are less likely to interact with the system.
PerksThey are in a full-time or part-time genre of the job and get all the perks from the company. Microsoft Light users get only access to Microsoft 365 office and their tools. 

What is a Microsoft Knowledge Worker?

A Microsoft Knowledge Worker is an employee at Microsoft company and does heavy tasks as assigned to him or her in accordance with his/her qualification. They are most likely to crack Microsoft’s entrance examination to get into the category of Microsoft’s knowledge worker position.

They use productivity as their main tool. The job has listed a range of services that the employee serves to the company.

These services include designing the website and fixing the websites of Microsoft corporation, making things usable for other employees of the company, fixing and distributing short-term services to other employees hired recently by the company, getting strong at coding to become more productive for the company’s business. They can either be full-time or part-time but they need not be students because Microsoft counts students serving as interns to the company who are learning work.

The knowledge workers at the company get all the perks that the company has to offer to the employees. Moreover, their job is tedious and tough as compared to light users or beginners in every sector of the company.

The education and skills of the employees play the most important role in their career. 

What is a Light User?

A Light User is an employee or a worker at the company or outside the company that has less knowledge and whose educational qualifications do not meet the requirements to serve as a heavy developer in the company.

Light users mostly move into simple things like replying to business and collaboration emails of the company, the customer care executives at the company, promoting the company’s staff, listening to problems, and streamlining the projects for a better outlook and view. However, a light user can look into the system problems according to their skills and educational problems but this is a very rare case and has limitations.

They get a license for A1 Microsoft Office 365 by Microsoft that includes tools like Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, and other applications to work accordingly.

They are classified and counted in the category of light users of the company’s resources only and hence are called light users. The perks and salary they get for their job are also limited and are dependent on several factors.

They are called low in productivity as they have fewer working hours and system maintenance knowledge. They do not get involved in deep research and projects of the company. 

Main Differences Between Microsoft Knowledge Worker and Light User

  1. Knowledge Worker uses the skills they learned in their educational qualification whereas Light User has no big achievement in education. 
  2. Microsoft Knowledge Workers are less in number whereas Light Users can be found and hired frequently by the company. 
  3. A Microsoft Knowledge Worker can do the work of a light user whereas a Light User cannot be replaced by a knowledge worker. 
  4. Microsoft Knowledge Workers get involved in complex work to support the company whereas Light Users do the general activities that make the task of knowledge workers easy. 
  5. Microsoft Knowledge Worker is paid more whereas Light User has variable salaries less than the former. 


There are certain positions where both the Light Users and the Knowledge Workers at Microsoft get placed. For instance, the Microsoft Teams application uses Knowledge Workers at the frontend whereas Light Users at the backend. Both the professions and jobs are important for the company.

However, it completely depends on one if he or she wants to be a Knowledge Worker or a Light User. Both of them have their limitations and perks and depend from person to person.

They mark a very important role to lead the company to more heights of success and define the future of the company.


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