Difference Between LED Light and Tube Light

The discovery of light has revolutionized the world in many ways. After Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, it helped in bringing the light even though after the sunset.

LED Light vs Tube Light 

The main difference between LED Light and Tube Light is that the average life span of a LED light bulb is considered to be approximately 60000 hours while the average life span of the tube light is considered to be approximately about 10000 hours which is 6 times less than that of a LED light.

LED Light vs Tube Light

LED light is a compressed form of Light Emitting Diodes. The efforts of Nick Holonyak Jr. in 1962 led to the invention of LED light which was firstly a visible red light.

Tube light is quite similar to a fluorescent lamp which was discovered by Thomas Edison in 1806. The tube light was though invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt in the year 1903.

Comparison Table Between LED Light and Tube Light

Parameters of ComparisonLED LightTube Light
Size Compact sizeQuite large in size
Life Span 60000 Hours10000 Hours
Power Consumption 5 times less compared to tube light5 times more compared to LED light
Efficiency Great efficiencyLess efficient
Uses Flashlight, vehicle headlight, desk lamps, and electronic devicesIn a large warehouse, in one big room  

What is LED Light?

LED light is the compressed form of light-emitting diodes. These were invented in the year 1962 by Nick Holonyak Jr., who is also known as the ‘Father of Light Emitting Diode.’

The LED light source, with time, does not burn out of fail compared to other light bulbs. Instead, the light source of the LED reduces with time, and visible light which emits out starts getting dim.

Nowadays, there are many options available in the market, but still, it is recommended to the customers to purchase light bulbs with energy star ratings.

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What is Tube Light?

Tube light is similar to that of fluorescent lamps, which were invented by Thomas Edison. The tube light was invented in the year 1903 by Peter Cooper Hewitt.

The components of the tube light which are used to manufacture it are – Glass stem, end cap, mercury drop, filament coils as an electrode, phosphor-coated glass bulb, inert gas (i.e., argon), electron shield.

Violet rays (or UV rays) into the visible light spectrum with the help of phosphor coating present inside the glass tube, which then emits the visible light and the tube is illuminated.

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Main Differences Between LED Light and Tube Light

  1. The efficiency of the LED Light is quite great, while the efficiency of the tube light is less compared to that of LED Light.
  2. LED Light can be used for various purposes such as in flashlights, vehicle headlights, desk lamps, and electronic devices, while on the other hand, tube lights are used in large rooms with less light requirements, also used in large warehouses. 
Difference Between LED Light and Tube Light


After the invention of fire, the invention of light was considered to be the most important invention for mankind. The story or facts behind the invention of light comprises many rivalries, failures, and achievements.

Around that time, the moonlight was strong enough to help in navigations and other works. Then came gaslighting lamps, artificial electric bulbs made by passing a current through a platinum strip that doesn’t last long.

Now, many technologies have improved the ancient method and made it easier and convenient for the pockets as well as for the environment.


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