A Counselor vs Social Worker: Difference and Comparison

Counsellors and social workers play an important role in the positive transformation of society. They assist those who are in vulnerable positions and help them create a better situation for themselves.


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Although both titles have extensive differences between them when closely examined, on the surface, they may seem to be the same thing. However, a major factor that distinguishes them is the aim with which they perform their duties.

Key Takeaways

  1. A counselor provides therapy and guidance to help individuals cope with personal or emotional problems, while a social worker focuses on improving the overall well-being of individuals and communities.
  2. Counselors have a degree in psychology or counseling, while social workers have a degree in social work.
  3. Counselors may work in private practice, schools, or mental health clinics, while social workers may work in hospitals, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.

Counselor vs Social Worker

A counsellor is a person trained to provide therapeutic support and counselling to individuals or groups to address mental health issues. A social worker is trained to address social and environmental factors that can impact individuals and communities, such as poverty, discrimination, etc.

Counselor vs Social Worker

A counsellor is the first responder to a vulnerable person who requires emotional or psychological support before, during, or after a serious situation occurs.

At times, counsellors may even be referred to as therapists. They work on a small scale by being in direct contact with the client in order to provide assistance individually.

A social worker encourages clients to cultivate a better social understanding so that they can function justly in social situations.

They also help in fighting systematic problems and aid communities that are affected by them. Social workers work on a broad scale most of the time however, they may also pursue direct contact with individual clients.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCounselorSocial Worker
MeaningA counselor is often the first responder to a client who requires emotional and psychological support.A social worker is a professional who helps communities and clients solve social problems and vulnerabilities.
AimCounselors aim at providing support and guidance to people who need it.Social workers aim at improving social situations on an individualistic or societal level.
ScaleCounselors work individually with clients.Social workers work on a large scale by providing services to a broad section of society.
EducationA counselor must attain a master’s degree in the respective field.A social worker must attain a bachelor’s degree for entry-level work and a master’s degree for further work.
Practice SettingsA counselor generally works in a personalized office.A social worker predominantly works outdoors but may also have a personal office.

What is a Counselor?

A counsellor is a trained professional who acts as the first responder to a vulnerable person who is in need of emotional or psychological support.

Counsellors provide their services to a large number of people who come from different backgrounds and require different kinds of proceedings. They work on a small scale by handling each client individually.

Counsellors are sometimes even referred to as therapists. They provide solutions and support to people involved in various situations, including addiction, disabilities, employment needs, trauma, family problems, mental health issues, and much more. They even dispense academic, career, and marriage counselling.

A counsellor may practice in various areas depending on what type of counselling is provided.

For example, a career counsellor works in a school, a drug and alcohol abuse counsellor works in a rehabilitation centre, and a mental health counsellor works in a hospital. 

In order to practice legally, a counsellor must acquire an educational degree, certifications, and a license to work.

Counsellors are first supposed to achieve a master’s degree in their respective fields so that they can further get a certification and license.

During the period of studies, the counsellor is even allowed to practice in a clinic to gain real-world experience.


What is a Social Worker?

A social worker is a trained professional who helps clients and communities solve social problems and promote positive change.

Social workers advocate social change, cohesion, development, and empowerment of people as well as various sections of society. Their aim is to improve the overall well-being of a patient.

Depending on their speciality, social workers may work outdoors and sometimes even indoors.

In some cases, many legislative procedures require their involvement, because of which new and improved social policies are formulated.

Their training teaches them certain values and principles, which are combined with thorough academic research. Based on this, they carry out their work, which involves addressing social problems and barriers.

Some of these problems may be poverty, discrimination, unemployment, crime, and much more.

Most of the time, social workers adapt to a new way of practice depending on the social background of the community that they are dealing with.  

Social workers practice their work in almost every field of community life that one can imagine. Some of these include hospitals, schools, mental health clinics, elected offices, prisons, the military, and even senior centres.

They may even join private or public agencies that provide social services to various people and communities.


Main Differences Between a Counselor and Social Worker

  1. A counsellor provides emotional and psychological support to a client, whereas a social worker provides solutions and aid to socially affected people.
  2. A counsellor provides individual services, while a social worker provides services to people as well as communities.
  3. Counsellors aim to help their clients emotionally, while social workers aim to improve the overall well-being of a client as well as bring social development to society.
  4. Counsellors work indoors in personalized offices, while most of a social worker’s practice is carried out outdoors.
  5. Counsellors can only practice with a master’s degree, while social workers can practice with a bachelor’s degree as well.
Difference Between a Counselor and Social Worker
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