Difference Between Hotel and Hostel

Accommodations are required whenever we travel away from our own house for a long duration of time. Many places for stay are available around the world, which is unique in its way to meet the requirements of people.


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Some of these are hotels, Hostel, Restaurants, lodges, rest houses, and many more.

Hotel vs Hostel

The difference between hotels and Hostel is that a hotel is paid accommodation mainly for a private stay while hostels are especially friendly accommodation. Since hotels can be customized according to oneself and are for personal use, they tend to be pricier than most hostels.

Hotel vs Hostel

Hotels serve as paid accommodation for people. These are very useful when we go out on vacations or any other work for a few days or even longer. Hotels are fully equipped with basic amenities and can even be customized according to one’s needs.

According to the facilities they provide and location, their prices may vary.

Hostels can be seen as more of friendly accommodation. When out for some professional or academic trip in groups, people often lean towards choosing a hostel to provide the needed environment.

They have all the facilities required for a comfortable stay as well as work. On top of it, hostels are also a more affordable option to stay in. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHotelHostel
PrivacyHotels provide more private accommodation.Hostels have a sociable environment with less privacy.
FacilitiesThe facilities of a hotel can range from basic to luxurious.Hostels have basic amenities required for a convenient stay as well as work.
PriceAccording to the facilities provided, the prices of hotels vary, but they are always on the costlier side.Hostels are very affordable in comparison to hotels.
PersonalizationThe visitor can customize the facilities and other things.Facilities at a hostel have minimal to no customization.
MealsIn most cases, meals are included in the room facilities.Meals are not included in a hostel facility.

What is Hotel?

While travelling for a vacation or any other purpose, we always require a place to stay and keep things for a while. If on holiday, we need a place to stay at night and do minimal daily tasks. And for these purposes, hotels are constructed.

Hotels are the best accommodation services for when we are travelling or are far from my home for a long duration of time.

Hotels provide private rooms which have all the facilities and basic amenities required for a convenient stay. Hotels offer a facility for successful customization according to the requirements of the person who is staying.

These customizations can vary from a slight change to even the addition of luxurious facilities like sauna, gourmet meals, special room services, etc. And as the customizations are added, they also add to the cost of the stay.

And that is the reason that hotels are mostly costly.

Hotels are primarily situated in a place close to the market, sightseeing, and other conveniences that are most popular in that city or location.

People staying in a hotel do not have to bother about them because they are included in the room prices and are provided by the hotel itself. All and all hotels are the most convenient accommodations for a vacation or trip.

What is Hostel? 

People have to travel in groups for working purposes or even on a school or college trip on many occasions. In these instances, hostels provide excellent accommodation which meets the requirements of such trips.

Hostels give a unique environment that is equally good first day and working since it allows for a friendly atmosphere among the people staying there.

Generally, hostels provide a room in which more than one person can stay. They might even have bunk beds and more than one washroom to make it suitable for more people to stay in one room.

They provide all the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay but do not give any luxurious facilities. The people staying in the hostel can enjoy a friendly environment with the room service and other people.

However, they do not provide customization flexibility in the services the people staying in hostel are given in the same facilities.

Since hostels are more work-friendly, they are often built by official organizations. However, there are other hostels too that are not governed by a single authority.

Hostels are usually situated near an office, an institution, or somewhere far from social extractions like a market area to give a work-friendly environment. Hostels are not very costly to be the best option for people out on business or academic trips.

Main Differences Between Hotel and Hostel

  1. Hotels are private accommodation places, while hostels serve as a work-friendly environment to stay.
  2. Hotels are generally costlier than hostels, and the price range varies according to the facilities they provide.
  3. Hotels have all the facilities for a comfortable stay along with some luxury amenities, too, while hostels give more of a workable environment.
  4. Meals are most of the included with room service in a hotel, whereas hostels do not provide meals.
  5. Visitors can customise some of the facilities according to their needs while staying in a hotel. Hostels do not provide customisation.
Difference Between Hotel and Hostel


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