Difference Between Caviar Blue and Black

Caviar Blue and Black are types of hardware drivers available in the market. They both possess high performance. The performance of Black is way higher than blue.


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Caviar Blue vs Caviar Black

The difference between Caviar Blue and Caviar Black is a perfect combination of the required benefits. The benefits are low noise, performance, and consumption of power. Caviar Black has SATA, whereas Caviar Blue contains SATA and PATA. Caviar Blue makes more noise during the high-speed operation, but Caviar Blue makes medium noiseless noise than Caviar Black. The prices of Caviar Black are higher than Caviar Blue due to its storage capability.

Caviar Blue vs Caviar Black

Caviar Blue has all the benefits altogether. It has a capacity of 80GB/1 TB. It does not have any noise, which makes it ultracool and easier to use. It needs a 1TB platter.

Caviar Black has a motor shaft which makes it noisy and finally consumes more power. It has a 6GB/s and 3GB/s interface. It has a 500GB/2TB capacity. It does all its operations at 7200RPM.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCaviar BlueCaviar Black
Speed of OperationFastestFast
Quantity of cacheFrom 8GB to 64GB64GB
NoiseLow to MediumHigh
CapacityAvailable from 500GB to 6TBAvailable from 80GB to 1TB
InterfaceIt has PATA 100MB/s and SATA III.It has only SATA III.
Warrantyalmost 2 yearsalmost 5 year

What is Caviar Blue?

Caviar Blue is a hardware driver with good performance and low power consumption. It is the perfect combination. It consists of SATA 6GB/s, 3GB/s, and PATA 100MB/s. It has an 80GB/1TB capacity.

It has a cache memory of 64GB. It can smoothly work for up to 2 years. It has high performance. It works with an average noise which is not considered noisy. It has a high density as compared to Caviar Black.

As higher data can easily pass through the blue, it is cheap. It needs a 1TB platter. The maximum capacity of the Caviar Blue is up to 1TB in older models and 7200RPM in all models to date.

The cache memory is very suitable for operations that take place at high speed. 64GB memory is a great space for users because they don’t use that much space.

caviar blue

What is Caviar Black?

It is a hardware driver that is very noisy. It is very expensive. It is slow as compared to Blue when tested in 1TB platters. It has high endurance.

It has a real performance operation. It has up to 800GB platters now. It uses a beefier chassis which is an advantage to control the high noise made by the drive.

It can be more useful depending on the computation environment. It is more expensive. Caviar Black has SATA III. The beefier chassis is useful to control the fan vibration and reduces the errors which can occur during computation. Caviar Black has high endurance quality.

Caviar Black has a motor shaft which makes it noisy and finally consumes more power. It has a 6GB/s and 3GB/s interface. It has a 500GB/2TB capacity.

caviar black

Main Differences Between Caviar Blue and Black

  1. Caviar Blue has a high density as compared to Caviar Black.
  2. Caviar Black is more expensive than Caviar Blue.


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