Difference Between Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Blackout

The American audio production company Blue has been credited for its quality microphones, headphones, recording tools, signal processors, and other music accessories.


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In the technology and entertainment epoch, the uses of Blue Yeti as well as Blue Yeti Blackout were aggrandized. With good bass effect, they are widely used for podcasting purposes. 

Blue Yeti vs Blue Yeti Blackout

The difference between the Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Blackout is the color of the mic. Speaking in the abstract, Blue Yeti comes as a wired multi-USB microphone with different variants including silver, white, and blue. Besides, Blue Yeti Blackout is a stand or movable mic, and black in color. On top of it, Blue Yeti has noted four pattern modes as Cardioid, Stereo, Omnidirectional, bi-directional. 

Blue Yeti vs Blue Yeti Blackout

Blue Yeti is famous for getting into the good graces of its users. It garnered popularity among YouTubers especially for podcasting, recording, streaming, and other quality videos.

Coming to the pattern modes, Cardioid is best for recording during a stream, podcast, while Stereo is comparably great for ASMR videos, Omnidirectional is good for multi-person recording, and finally Bi-directional is apt for one or two-person podcasts. 

On the other hand, Blue Yeti Blackout is great for gamers, who are especially haters of static noises. It is recommendable for gamers as the microphone has a headphone jack.

Alongside, it has two buttons constituting for volumes and Gains, also one button at the back for adjusting the pattern modes. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlue YetiBlue Yeti Blackout
Meaning The Blue Yeti is a multi-design USB microphone. The microphone produces sound-quality records. Blue Yeti stands best-selling USB Microphone for podcast, youtube and Twitch etc. The Yeti comes up with Blackout Edition which is somehow similar to Blue Yeti- Multi-pattern USB microphone. Blue Yeti Blackout is Built for desktop stand mic. 
Invented Blue Yeti launched in November 2009, providing protean features, modes and uses for rudimentary records on their device. Blue Yeti Blackout recently tout in the market for plug-and-play features. 
FeaturesBlue Yeti are featured to control sound, mute and recording volume, gain knobs, select different modes or patterns and provide every level of recording on your computer.Blue Yeti Blackout controls volume and mute, adjusts different ilk of patterns, comfortability where you place the stand mic in a specific spot and also works on iPad.  
Used Blue Yeti is highly recommended for Podcasting, YouTube recording and Twitch – which engender best sound-quality. Different modes give you different features. Blue Yeti Blackout is mostly used for Gaming aka plug-and-plug and Broadcast which provides solid sound effects and is comfortable to place the mic when you are gaming.  
ColoursPlatinum, Sliver, Copper, Black, dark blue, Lunar Gray, Red and whiteBlue Yeti Blackout has the colours of Midnight Blue, Platinum, Gray, Whiteout and Silver. 
ModesBlue Yeti comes with four unique modes- Cardioid, Stereo, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional. Blue Yeti Blackout has four different patterns likewise Blue Yeti-  Cardioid, Stereo, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional. 

What is Blue Yeti?

Blue Yeti are USB microphones. These microphones use tri-capsule technology for greater audio quality recording.

Moreover, it has introduced four pattern modes at the back of the mic for different types of audio recording. Firstly, Cardioid is used to record streams, podcasts, voiceovers, webinars, in a way to directly deliver a rich euphonious sound.

Secondly, Stereo is used in the place of taping sounds composed by choir, instruments, or ASMR videos.

Thirdly, the Omnidirectional mode is best to record live, multi-person conversations, and conference calls. Moreover, it is best used in gaming platforms.

Lastly, the bidirectional mode itself defines that it is used to tape the chats between two people. It can be connected to MAC, Windows, and smartphones(ios and Androids).

It tends to have two buttons in front, for controlling the gains (sensitivity of the microphone) and volume. 

blue yeti

What is Blue Yeti Blackout?

Originally, Yeti made its comeback with silver and platinum, and lately, it had hit the markets with its brand new variant, Blackout edition. As earlier mentioned, the Blue Yeti Blackout is a multipattern microphone.

And differentiated based on its variant. It is black in color and widely used among gamers.

The microphone is capable of recording audio with frequency ranging from sixteen to forty-eight KiloHertz.

The microphone even has a headphone jack so you can throw away the futile one and use your amazing earbuds or whatever 3.5mm earphone to experience a wonderful game and zero-latency monitoring.

It is flexible to be a stand or boom mount for comfortable recording. Besides, it is proficient in holding up frequencies, from twenty to twenty thousand Hertz.

And audio sensibility is twenty decibels. Furthermore, it enables direct control over the headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and microphone gain. 

blue yeti blackout

Main Differences Between Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Blackout

  1. The Blue Yeti is launched for those who are basic in the field of recording, can use Blue Yeti for podcasting, Live recording, YouTube Live etc. Whereas, Blue Yeti Blackout is used for Plug-and -play, mainly installed for gaming purposes. 
  2. Both the products come up with similar modes or patterns- Cardioid, Stereo, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional. But Blue Yeti Blackout uses Bidirectional and Omnidirectional in case Gaming. Blue Yeti adjusts Stereo as it is highly upgraded for podcasting and depict recordings. 
  3. Blue Yeti comes up with eleven different shades, on the other hand, Blue Yeti Blackout launched five unique colors. 
  4. Blue Yeti weighs bulky, whereas Blue Yeti Blackout is normally built for desktop mic which will be placed on a specific spot. 
  5. Blue Yeti Blackout cost 180 dollars, whereas Blue Yeti price is estimated as 200-300 dollars. 


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