Difference Between Thermaltake Tough Power and Corsair Rmx

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a good operating system, PSU, a monitor, it is also equally important to get these from a reliable manufacturer. 

Thermaltake Tough Power vs Corsair Rmx

The difference between Thermaltake tough power and corsair Rmx is that the Thermaltake tough power has four Molex connectors to attach DC power to the drives. On the other hand, Corsair Rmx is used to have only two Molex connectors. However, an extra EPS connector, comparably with that of one EPS connector in Thermaltake tough power. 

Thermaltake Tough Power vs Corsair

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The Taiwanese-based Thermaltake is one of the leading manufacturers of PC design cases, power supplies, cooling appliances, and peripherals.

Having said that, Thermaltake tough power is a digitally controlled power supply that is powered with smart voltage regulation and improved light load efficiency, as it provides stable and economical energy to the system. 

On the other hand, Corsair Rmx is a classic American computer peripheral and hardware manufacturer.

Starting from designing high-speed DRAM modules to ATX power supplies, USB Flash Drives, cooling cases, gaming-related devices, and many more. Corsair is top-notch.

Speaking of which, the Corsair Rmx series is a modular power supply that is fully powered with high-quality components.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Thermaltake Tough PowerCorsair Rmx
MeaningThermaltake tough power is a premium digital series power supply of computer-related component manufacturers, which is installed for better performance. Corsair Rmx is a fully modular power supply in order to perform efficient power to your computer or PC. As well as gaming-related component devices to your PC.
LaunchedThermaltake Tough power was launched in 2017 by Thermaltake technology Taiwanese company.Corsair Rmx was introduced in 2018 by Corsair gaming company.
Types Thermaltake Tough power has three different types of power supply- fully modular, semi-modular, and non-modular. Corsair Rmx series has two other types, Corsair HX and Corsair AX, as fully modular supply and gaming components.
SpecificationsThermaltake Tough power has smart voltage, light-load efficiency, light-weight device, EPS, four Molex connectors to connect third-party devices, and economic power.Corsair Rmx featured high-efficiency operations with lower power consumption, less noise, and cooler temperatures. Apart from power supply components, Corsair Rmx also has USB Flash Drives, cooling cases, high-speed DRAM modules, two Molex connectors, ATX power supplies, and other gaming-related devices. 
Voltage Thermaltake Tough power capable of 700 to 800 watts. Corsair Rmx power supply around 750 to 800 Watts. 

What is Thermaltake Tough Power?

The 1991 established manufacturer, Thermaltake, is very well known for running very quietly, even at higher speeds.

Undoubtedly, Thermaltake is an emerging computer-related component manufacturer with multiple producing facilities in and out of China.

Thermaltake invested in the product named Thermaltake tough power, a series of efficient power supply demands. 

As a matter of fact, Thermaltake Tough power was invented in 2017 to meet people’s concerns regarding grabbing the best power supply at an affordable rate.

The products under the series Tough power are mostly powered with around 700 to 800 watts.

Meanwhile, Thermaltake Tough power is a digital power supply with access to software for control.

It is designed with smart voltage regulation along with improved light-load efficiency in a way to provide the system with clean, stable, economic power.

Over and above, Thermaltake Tough power is certified with eighty-plus gold for their efficiency, as well as great build for a pleasing power supply.

On the whole, Thermaltake Tough power is easily installed and also has one EPS and four Molex connectors for connecting various hardware devices. 

What is Corsair Rmx?

On the contrary, Corsair has been a recognizable gaming components manufacturer in the US since 1994.

Not only power supply like Corsair Rmx series, but they also manufacture high-speed DRAM modules, to ATX power supplies, USB Flash Drives, cooling cases, gaming-related devices, and many more. 

Corsair has introduced a special series for power supply, namely Corsair Rmx, which is fully built as a modular power supply, with the highest quality components for an efficient run.

Similarly, Corsair Rmx was invented in 2018 besides certified with an eighty-plus gold efficiency for PC power supply.

Moreover, Corsair Rmx is rated often for producing high-efficiency operations with lower power consumption, less noise, and cooler temperatures. 

Corsair Rmx series is of type ATX and powered with 750 to 800 Watts for running your PC or computer in a well-planned way.

Nevertheless, it consists of two EPS connectors and two Molex connectors for cable connection. On the whole, the Corsair Rmx series is said to be available at a cheaper rate, with the quietest function and solid reliability name. 

Main Differences Between Thermaltake Tough Power and Corsair Rmx 

  1. Thermaltake Tough power is a power supply computer-related component manufacturer that comes with one EPS, four Molex connectors to connect with other devices. On the other hand, Corsair Rmx is also a power supply component as well as gaming-related devices which comes with two EPS and two Molex connectors.
  2. Thermaltake Tough power was invented by a Taiwanese company in 2017. Meanwhile, Corsair Rmx is launched in 2018 by gaming incorporation, Corsair.
  3. Thermaltake Tough power has three types such as- fully modular, semi-modular and non-modular, whereas Corsair Rmx comes along with two types- Corsair HX and Corsair AX.
  4. Thermaltake Tough power featured with smart voltage, device, EPS, four Molex connectors to connect third-party devices, light-load efficiency, light-weight and economic power. Notwithstanding, Corsair Rmx comes with extra specification, less noise, and cooler temperatures, USB Flash Drives, ATX power supplies, cooling cases, high-speed DRAM modules, two Molex connectors and other gaming-related devices. 
  5. Speaking of Voltage range, Thermaltake Tough power carries 700-800 watts, but when it comes to Corsair, Rmx allows 750-800 watts. 
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