Difference Between Evga Supernova and Corsair SF

When it comes to computer components, the power supply unit should never be ignored. The computer will not work without it. What’s more, the additional components you select for your computer are influenced by the quality of your power supply.


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Choosing a high-end graphics card is similar to choosing a low-end power supply. Evga Supernova and Corsair SF are two of the numerous PSUs available on the market.

They both have advantages and disadvantages. It will be easier to learn more about them by going through their characteristics and distinctions.

Evga Supernova vs Corsair SF

The difference between the Evga Supernova and the Corsair SF is that Evga is more efficient than Corsair SF. Customers can obtain more than 80 gold efficiency PSUs from Corsair and Evga. These two firms’ 80+ gold units are so capable that they don’t need a fan for regular online surfing.

Evga Supernova vs Corsair SF

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Evga Supernova is a power supply unit with an 80+ Gold rating and is designed for long-term use. It contains Japanese capacitors, making it dependable and long-lasting.

It features a 130mm fan and is equipped with an Eco mode. In the case of high loading, they are somewhat noisier than Corsair.

The SF Series power supply offers Corsair’s renowned dependability and performance to the SFX small form factor standard.

They include the same characteristics as full-size high-performance power supplies, such as 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, improved voltage control, Zero RPM mode for practically quiet operation, and 105°C All Japanese capacitors for maximized durability.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEvga SupernovaCorsair SF
Brand Name EvgaCorsair
Wattage650 watts600 watts
Modular Fully modulatedFull modulated
ValueIt has a higher price value since it features Eco mode and superior wiring. Because there is no eco mode or improved cabling, they are less expensive.
Fan SizeThe fan size is 130mm.The fan size is 92 mm.

What is Evga Supernova?

Evga Supernova is a power supply from the company Evga. It’s a fully modular, long-lasting power supply that has received over 80 gold certifications. It comes with a durable double-ball fan and is built for long-term use.

You may use only the wires you need, thanks to the fully modular design. The case ventilation has been enhanced, and there are no more cable tangles.

Japanese capacitors have the best performance and are very reliable. It has an Eco mode built-in, which means that under low to medium loads, the power supply is quiet.

It comes with a ten-year warranty and can run at 90% efficiency or higher under typical loads. Over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, under-voltage, short-circuit, and other heavy-duty protection are all included.

Japanese capacitors have the best performance and are very reliable.

It weighs 7 kg and dimensions 86mm (H)* 150mm (W)* 150mm (L) (L). You’ll have full control over your power supply, thanks to EVGA’s proprietary SuperNova software.

Voltage, current, and power on each rail should all be checked, as well as overall power consumption and efficiency.

You may also change the +12V voltage or fan speed profile to suit your needs, as well as enable or deactivate OC Mode or Single/Multiple Rail mode.

evga supernova

What is Corsair SF?

When it comes to reliability and performance, the SF Series power supply from Corsair is unrivaled. It meets the SFX compact form factor specification.

All Japanese capacitors with a maximum operating temperature of 105°C provide the same long-term durability as full-size high-performance power supplies, including 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, enhanced voltage regulation, Zero RPM mode for virtually silent operation, and 80 plus Gold efficiency.

There must be a lot of use, not much heat production, and good efficiency. On 115V circuits, the SF Series power supplies run at more than 90% efficiency at 50% load.

For high-performance small form factor devices, the SF Series is built to the SFX power supply standard. Builds and updates are a breeze because of the removable DC connections, which result in clean, professional-looking results.

It may conserve precious internal space and enhance system airflow by using just the power connections you require. Internal components of the highest quality guarantee consistent power supply and long-term dependability.

At low to medium loads, the fan does not need to spin since the SF Series power supplies are so efficient.

corsair sf

Main Differences Between Evga Supernova and Corsair SF

  1. The brand name of Evga Supernova is Evga, and the brand name of Corsair SF is Corsair.
  2. The wattage of Evga Supernova is 650 watts, whereas the wattage of Corsair SF is 600 watts.
  3. The Evga Supernova is fully modulated. Likewise, Corsair SF is also fully modulated.
  4. Evga Supernova has a higher price value since it features Eco mode and superior wiring, whereas in Corsair SF, because there is no eco mode or improved cabling, they are less expensive.
  5. The fan size of Evga Supernova is 130mm, whereas the fan size of Corsair SF is 92mm.
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