Difference Between Corsair RM750 and RM750x

With the growing E-Sports industry and increase in high-end gaming, power supply unit has become the beating heart of one’s gaming PC, providing vital power to the expensive processer, graphics card and motherboard. Corsair’s RM series, which includes the RM750 and RM750x, has been dominating the market since 2013.


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Corsair RM750 vs RM750x

The difference between Corsair’s RM750 and RM 750x is the Quieter operation range. The low noise operation of RM750x is more efficient than RM750. The fan size of RM750x is 140mm, and its specially set fan curves ensure that even at full load, the noise is kept minimum which provides an edge to the 135mm fan size of RM750.

Corsair RM750 vs RM750x 1

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The Corsair’s RM750 is one of the best options for an amplified experience in terms of great power capability. It provides a very perfect and enhanced performance standard.

With its operating temperature from 0 to 50°C, it is effective under heavy loads. It has 10 SATA connectors,4 PATA connectors and 6 PCle connectors. Corsair’s RM750x is one of the advanced power supply units that surpasses RM750.

It provides access to a better power supply. Low noise operation adds to its enhanced efficiency. Two EPS connector along with highly durable build quality gives it a leading edge. It has 9 SATA connectors, 7 PATA connectors and 4 PCIe connectors.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCorsair RM750Corsair RM750x
WeightCorsair RM750 weighs 1.7kg.Corsair RM750x weighs 1.659kg.
Physical DimensionsIt has a dimension of 152 x 87 x 162mmIt has a dimension of 150 x 86 x 162mm
PriceCorsair RM750 is less expensive.Corsair RM750x  is comparatively mostly costly.
Fan SizeIt has a fan size of 135mm. It has a fan size of 140mm.
ATX12V VersionCorsair Rm750 has a version of v2.52 of ATX.Corsair 750x has a version of v2.4 of ATX.
SATA connectorIt has 10 SATA Connectors.It has 9 SATA connectors.
Floppy connectorCorsair RM750 lacks floppy connectors.Corsair RM750x has one floppy connector.

What is Corsair RM750?

The Corsair’s RM750 weighing 1.7Kg is one of the top products when it comes to a great power supply. Using best grade capacitors, it supplies unwavering power, and it too comes with long term reliability. The 135mm bearing fan is designed with highly efficient curves which keep the fan noise to a minimum.

When it comes to price, it’s less expensive as compared to its other model. With a casing of 160mm, it is almost easy to fit for all enthusiastic modern PCs. It provides more space for cable management.

The ATX12V version is v2.52. It got no floppy connectors. It is extremely durable and reliable in its appearance and performance characteristics. It comes with a feature, Modern Standby, that vastly improves the PC’s sleep and wake functionality.

It allows the system the wake up twice as fast as usual. It delivers power up to 90% efficiency, which lowers the energy consumption, temperature, noise and most importantly, your power bill.

It comes with multiple connectors, which include the 10 SATA, 4 PATA, and 6 PCle connectors. The PCle connectors power the dual or triple GPU meant for high-end gaming PCs.

It also has 4 PSU cables available in seven different colours and cool patterns. Corsair provides a ten-year warranty that will last across several systems builds.

corsair rm750

What is Corsair RM750x?

The Corsair’s RM750x weighing 1.659 kg, is nearly a beast when it comes to the power supply. It is designed to power plenty of parts also fulfilling various specifications.

The RM750x is nearly ideal for anyone who is looking for efficiency in their Rig. It includes the ZERO RPM mode, which ensures the fan spins only in need. When it comes to cost, it is a bit expensive but as it says good things comes at a great price.

This ideal beast delivers power up to 93% efficiency, which reduces energy consumption, reduces temperature and your power bill. The 140mm fan size is efficiently designed, which keeps the noise low.

The RM750x delivers long term reliability with 100% all Japanese 105*C capacitors, which give the durability to withstand power fluctuations and ensures the overall stability of the system. It includes modular independently sleeved cables and cable ties, which make wire management easier.

The availability of two EPS connectors helps to achieve a better performance when it comes to high-end gaming PCs. The sleek beast also comes with a perfect ripple protection feature.

It comes with multiple connectors, which include the 9 SATA, 7 PATA and 4 PCLe connectors. Corsair provides a perfect ten-year warranty that will last across several systems builds.


Main Differences Between Corsair RM750 and RM750x

  1. Corsair’s RM750 is has a form factor of ATX12V v2.52, EPS 2.92, whereas the RM750x has a form factor of ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92.
  2. When it comes to money, the RM750 is less expensive, whereas the RM750x is costly.
  3. RM750 comes with a fan size of 135mm, whereas RM750 comes with a fan size of 140mm.
  4. The RM750 has 10 SATA connectors, 4 PATA and 6 PCLe connectors, whereas the RM750x has 9 SATA connectors, 7 PATA and 4 PCLe connectors.
  5. RM750 weighs 1.7kg, whereas the RM750x weighs 1.659Kg.
  6. The RM750 comes with no Floppy connectors, whereas the RM750x comes with 1 Floppy connector.
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