Difference Between Evga Supernova and Corsair Rmx

A Power supply unit should never be overlooked when it comes to choosing components of the computer. Without it, the computer will not run. Also, a good power supply determines the other components you choose for your computer. Like with a low-end power supply, it is not good to choose a high-end graphics card.

There are many PSUs in the market, and such two are Evga supernova and Corsair Rmx. They both have some pros and cons. Going through their features and differences will be better to know more about them.

Evga Supernova vs Corsair Corsair Rmx

The main difference between Evga supernova and Corsair Rmx is that they both have different fan noises. Corsair Rmx is one of the quietest PSUs available, even after being given a heavy load. On the other hand, Corsair Rmx makes much more noise than Corsair. Evga is suitable for small computer cases. The corsair is more efficient at cooling than a supernova.

Evga Supernova vs Corsair Corsair

Evga supernova is a Power supply unit that comes with 80+ Gold certification and is for long-term usage. It has Japanese Capacitors, which make it reliable and long durable. It has a fan size of 130mm and comes with an Eco mode. These are slightly more noisy than Corsair in case of heavy loading. 

Corsair Rmx is a Power supply unit that comes with very silent noise operation and 105 °C Japanese capacitors. There are build for long-term durability and reliability. They have 135 mm of Rifle bearing fan and which gives efficient cooling. It also has 80+ Gold certifications and comes with a fully modular design.

Comparison Table Between Evga Supernova and Corsair Rmx

Parameters of ComparisonEvga SupernovaCorsair Rmx
FeaturesEvga supernova is of size 150 mm and it is quiet for only low loads.Corsair comes in a size of 160mm and it is the quietest power supply at heavy or low load.
EfficiencyWith a power of 650 watts, they are not much efficient for cooling because of their smaller size.With a power of 750 watts, they give a very efficient cooling without having noise.
Type of CablingThey are fully modular and the ATX cable is separable and can be chosen.They are also fully modular power supply units. 
ValueSince Eco mode and better cabling are there, it has more price value.Eco mode and better cabling are not there, so they are of less price value.
Fan sizeThe fan size is 130 mm.The fan size is 135mm.

What is Evga Supernova?

Evga Supernova is a Power supply unit that is sold by the brand Evga. It is long durability, fully modular power supply which comes with 80 plus gold certifications. It has a double-ball, durable fan and is built for long-term usage. The fully modular design lets you use a cable that is only needed. There is no more hassle of cable clutters, and it improves case airflow. With the Japanese capacitors, it gives the best performance and is very reliable.

It has an inbuilt feature of Eco mode which means there is a complete silence of power supply during low to medium loads. It comes with a 10-year warranty and gives 90% plus efficiency in case of the typical loads.

It gives heavy-duty protections such as Over-Voltage Protection, Over current protection, Over temperature protection, Under voltage protection, Short circuit protection, etc. It weighs 7 lbs and comes in the size of 86mm (H)* 150mm (W)* 150mm(L).

What is Corsair Rmx?

Corsair Rmx is also a Power supply unit that is sold by the brand Corsair. It also has 80 plus gold certifications, and it is the quietest power supply of all. Even at heavy loads, they make minimum noise. They are fully modular, and thus you need only the cables you want, which helps in making tidy build easier.

It has dimensions of 150mm*86mm*160mm with a fan size of 135 mm. It is 75- watts, which is very efficient at cooling also. It has 105 °C rated Japanese capacitors and ensures power and long-term reliability. It also comes with a 10 year warranty period. It is also less pricy than that of Evga supernova.

Main Differences Between Evga Supernova and Corsair Rmx

  1. Evga supernova makes much more noise than Corsair even in the more loading whereas, in Inspite of giving heavy loading, corsair is the quietest PSU in the market.
  2. Corsair is cheaper and has less value than Evga supernova, whereas Evga has slightly more price value.
  3. The fan size of supernova is 130 mm and is of small size, whereas Corsair has a fan size of 135 mm, bigger than a supernova
  4. Supernova is less efficient at cooling because of its small size fan, whereas Corsair is efficient at cooling.
  5. Supernova is suitable for smaller computer cases, whereas Corsair is suitable for any type of computer case, whether it is small or large.


When it comes to choosing Power supplies, it is often not taken much into account. But knowing the importance of power supply is very necessary. The priority should be choosing the best among them by looking at their detailed features, quality, and, most importantly, their efficiency and power. The more the power, the more efficient it will be. The fan size also plays a crucial role. Who will want the PSU to make noise? The Corsair Rmx is very quiet and doesn’t make noise even at heaving loads. Evga supernova is less quiet, and the fan size is also smaller than that of the corsair. The prices also vary, and Corsair is comparatively less than Evga supernova. 

Also, the warranty period matters. Since both belong to different brands, they can have different warranty periods. So, either of them is good, it depends on how much is the need, and thus it can be chosen to go with the requirements. 


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