Difference Between Blue Light Glasses and Night Mode

The era of digitalization has led to the excess use of mobile phones, laptops, PC, some other digital devices. Thus the excessive use of these digital devices has made almost everyone exposed to the tremendous amount of blue light.

The blue light exposure has caused eye strains, migraines, sleeplessness, stress, and many other things.  

Blue Light Glasses vs Night Mode

The main difference between Blue Light Glasses and Night Mode is that Blue light glasses were focused and the studies done over it were related to the effects of blue light exposure and the effect on the circadian rhythm cycles while on the other hand Night mode is a display setting which changes the light or white background of the digital device to the dark or black screen.

Blue Light Glasses vs Night Mode

Blue Light Glasses are meant for the blocking of blue light emitted by digital devices. The glasses claim to protect eyes from the blue light or the glare and reduce the eye strain caused by it. It is recommended to use blue light glasses 2 to 3 hours before sleep.

Night mode is a setting available in the newly launched digital devices like PC, laptops, mobile phones, and many others which changes the white background or the light mode into the dark or black mode. The other names used for referring to night mode are – black mode, dark theme, dark mode, light on dark mode.

Comparison Table Between Blue Light Glasses and Night Mode

Parameters of ComparisonBlue Light GlassesNight Mode
What it is?Glasses which are specially designed for blocking blue lights emitted by the digital devicesIt is a type of display setting that changes the light screen mode to the dark or black screen
Filter It filters almost 100% of the blue and green light ranging between 400 nm to 550nmThere is no such study about the amount of light filtered
Time of Use 2 to 3 hours before useIt can be used manually
Color Red or OrangeIt changed the color to a warmer contrast
PurposeIt helps in improving sleepHelps in reducing the eye strain
Recommended ForThe individuals who are exposed to LED lightsTo every individual using PC, laptop, mobile phones, etc.

What is Blue Light Glasses?

Blue Light Glasses are specially designed glasses for blocking the blue light coming out of all the digital devices such as – laptops, PC, desktops, mobile phones, and others. These glasses claim to filter the harmful light almost about 100% into blue and green light which ranges between 400 nm to 550 nm.

The main purpose of launching these blue light glasses was to reduce the effect of blue-violet light on the eyes. As the increasing exposure of the screen has caused many eye problems which is why the blue light glasses are used to protect the eyes as they get dry up because of the prolonged use of digital devices.

Doctors have recommended that the blue light glasses must be used before 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. The color of the blue light glasses is orange or red. Also, they are recommended for individuals who worked majorly on digital devices.

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What is Night Mode?

Night mode is a feature provided by many companies in their software, products, and in-built apps. It is a kind of display setting for user interfaces. In the light mode, the usual text is shown against the white background while in the night mode the text is shown against the white or grey background.

The other names for the night mode are – dark mode, light on dark mode, dark theme, dark theme, and black mode. The basic or simple idea behind the night mode is to reduce the emission of blue light from digital devices. It maintains the minimum contrast of the color of the screen.

Using the night mode feature in the digital devices reduces the exposure of blue light on the eyes, helps in reducing the strain on the eyes and helps in extending the battery percentage.   

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Main Differences Between Blue Light Glasses and Night Mode

  1. Blue light glasses are the new technology glasses specially made or designed for blocking the blue light coming from the digital devices while on the other hand night mode is a setting provided by the company or in-app to change the light or white background to the dark or in black mode. 
  2. The studies have claimed that the blue light glasses filter almost about 100% of the blue light into blue and green light in the range between 400 nm to 550 nm while there is no such study done on the filtration amount of the blue light after using night mode.
  3. The study performed on the use of blue light glasses has recommended using it before 2 to 3 hours before going to bed while on the other hand, the night mode is a setting in a digital device that can be operated manually at any time. 
  4. The color of the blue light glasses is red or orange while the color of the screen after activating the night mode becomes warmer towards the yellow color tint.
  5. The purpose of using blue light glasses is to help in sleeping better while comparatively the might mode in the digital devices is used to protect strain on eyes. 
  6. Blue light glasses are recommended for the individuals working hours on the digital devices and have much exposure to blue light while night mode can be used by anyone using digital devices and somewhat helps in protecting strains on eyes. 
Difference Between Blue Light Glasses and Night Mode


Experiencing continuous eye strain, discomfort, watery eyes, headache due to eyes, all these symptoms or problems caused by the excessive use of the digital devices causing tremendous exposure to blue light.

Many studies have been performed on the effects of excessive blue light which broadly concise into the disturbance in the circadian rhythm which is in common called the sleep cycle.

Doctors and specialists have put under the above symptoms in one broader term called CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain.

Many individuals must have tried to lower the screen time usage limit but failed to do so because of the most work completed on the desktops and other digital devices which is also necessary for its way.

That is why some precautions for comforting eyes have always suggested by the doctors such are – always take a break in every 20 minutes and look at a far distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds, use eye drops for the lubrication of the eyes – the cornea which gets dry with the excessive blue light exposure, and the most important always sit away about 25 feet from your digital device.


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