Amber vs Lager: Difference and Comparison

Beverages are of many types and go way back in the history of mankind. They were consumed for recreational purposes whenever there was a party, any occasional day, or a family gathering.

Similarly, beer is one of the most famous and most consumed beverages in the world, and surprisingly, beer is not limited to itself because there are several other types of beer.

Similarly, Amber and Lager are two types of beer but are not the same because they have different tastes, and their making process differs.

It is the beer that is divided into these two that is lager and ale, and amber is just a type of ale.

Key Takeaways

  1. Amber is a type of beer that has a reddish-brown color and a maltier flavor profile, while Lager is a type of beer that has a lighter color and a crisper, cleaner taste.
  2. Amber is brewed with top-fermenting yeast at warmer temperatures, while Lager is brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast at cooler temperatures.
  3. Amber has a higher alcohol content and a stronger flavor than Lager, which makes it a better choice for pairing with hearty dishes.

Amber vs Lager

Amber beer is made with caramel or roasted malts, giving it a reddish or amber hue. It has a malty and sweet flavour with a slight bitterness and a higher alcohol content than lagers. Lager is brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast at cooler temperatures, creating a crisper, cleaner taste.

Amber vs Lager

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Since their making processes are different, they taste and come to the people’s preferences. Naturally, not all people will like amber or not like lager.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmberLager
Brewing TimeAmber requires short brewing time.Lager beers require a longer brewing time during processing.
Alcohol ContentAmber has more content with alcohol.Lager has less content of alcohol in them.
ColourAmber has a transparent liquidLager can have colours either pale or dark.
Fermenting ProcessTop Fermenting processBottom fermenting process
Taste, Flavour, AromaDo not have anyHave a strong taste, flavour, and aroma.

What is Amber?

Amber is just a beverage that falls under the category of beer. Amber is also called ale, and ale is one of the oldest beverages in the world.

The process for making amber is different from the making process of lager, which is why this beverage has a different taste.

The fermenting process is what makes the huge difference between these two beverages. Amber is made by fermenting from the top of Yeast.

However, there are other differences between them, like the content of alcohol in these beverages.

Amber beer has got more alcohol content in them as compared to lager. Amber beer has no distinct colour in them, which is also one reason one can easily identify it. Amber beers are transparent when compared with lager beer.

Now, coming to the taste of the beer, then, yes, there is a huge difference. As the content of alcohol is more, then there is more chance of getting drunk.

Amber beers are light because they do not have a strong flavour, aroma, or taste. Amber beer, on the other hand, has some extra ingredients in them, like coloured malt, that help in getting a different kind of tone in them.

The amber beer or the ale goes way back in the history of mankind, and the term ‘pale ale’ appeared back in 1703. During that time, beer was made using malts and high-carbon coke.

The colour formed would be lighter than the other beers during that time.


What is Lager

On the other hand, lager beer is another type of beer with a different making process and tastes different. The larger beer is conditioned at a lower temperature.

These drinks can be of many colours, as some can be pale or dark. The lager beers are made by bottom-fermenting of Yeasts.

Manufacturing industries or people who are into manufacturing larger beers must remember that the temperature should be kept low during the process.

A longer time is required for processing lager because more and more brewing time is required.

Lager beers have got less content of alcohol in them, and there is less chance that you will get drunk after having lager beers. Now, talking about the taste of lager beers, yes, they are very distinct from amber beers.

Unlike amber beers, Lager beers have a strong flavour, taste, and aroma. However, if you like drinking beers of a different kind, then I am sure you will not dislike the taste of giant beers.


Main Differences Between Amber and Lager Beer

  1. Both amber and lager beer is made differently because of their fermenting processes.
  2. Amber beer is made from the top-fermenting process of Yeast, whereas the bottom-fermenting process makes Lager beers of Yeast.
  3. Lager beer takes a longer time to brew and requires low temperatures, whereas amber beer does not require such requirements.
  4. Lager beers come in pale and dark colours, whereas amber beers are transparent.
  5. The alcohol content in lager is much low than the alcohol content in amber beers.
  6. Lager beer has got strong taste and flavour than amber beers.
Difference Between Amber and Lager

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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