Difference Between RHA MA650 and MA750

One of the most underrated headphones in the market brought out by an underrated company RHA has truly done wonder by bringing out their MA series like MA650 and MA750.


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Earphones, with high sound quality and that too wireless one have never been better. So if you are looking yourself an earphone RHA might offer you with the best features in their earphones.

After all, preferences and customer satisfaction is one of the most important things before choosing a product. But, if the technology is great then you will not care what the company is and you will want to go for that product instead.

RHA MA650 vs RHA MA750

The difference between MA650 and MA750 is that the MA650 is an enclosure with solid aircraft-grade aluminum, whereas the MA750 is an enclosure with a steel enclosure. Although there are several other differences between the two earphones.

RHA MA650 vs RHA MA750

With top-quality sound and light-weighted earphones, these two should be on your wish-list before you opt for a product.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMA650MA750
Stereo SpeakersThe MA650 has got the stereo speakers on them and it is one of the plus points of the earphones.The MA750, on the other hand, do not have them.
Detachable CableNoNo
Weather Sealed (Splashproof)NoNo
In-Ear FormYesYes
Passive Noise ReductionYesYes

What is MA650?

RHA is a technology manufacturing company based in Scotland. The company has given a wonder like MA650 that has been loved by the critics as well as by the people too. With an overall rating of about 4.3, the earphones have been the number one choice for most people.

The company has focussed on building innovative and comfortable earphones, headphones for the people. It is their aim to give the best out of their products to their customers. The MA650 is just the perfect example of that with extraordinary specs and features in it.

The MA650 is a noise-cancelling earphone that has got the highest level of performance and gives an audio experience that you never had before. The light-weighted pieces have got stereo speakers in them with a frequency of 18000Hz and are also designed for use as a headset.

The sound quality, on the other hand, is something to speak about because everything just falls into their place right from the bass to the treble. People have reviewed it to be the best earphone and have given it a full rating of 5 stars.

The sound quality has been great but talking about the durability of the headphones then I say the MA650 might disappoint you in this area. But, the noise-cancellation feature has been designed in an innovative way and that will not disappoint you.

rha ma650

What is MA750?

The MA750, on the other hand, is another masterpiece introduced by RHA. Though the product does not have some feature like stereo speakers it has not failed to satisfy what the customers wanted.

The earphone has got an excellent rating from the people on amazon.com and people are saying it to be a premium quality earphone with good specs. The sound quality is quite great and offers powerful performance with a comfortable fit in your ear.

The MA750 is machined with stainless steel and a copper cable that will not be any hindrance to the sound quality. There is an inline remote present in it that will allow its users to switch between songs playing and calls.

The MA750 unlike MA650 is designed to be more durable and gives a three-year warranty. The earphone keeps the sound quality’s standard high. The durability is something that you cannot complain about because of the 3-year warranty they are offering.

Main Differences Between MA650 and MA750

  1. The RHA MA650 earphones have stereo speakers in them whereas the MA750 does not have that feature.
  2. MA650 is light-weighted than MA750.
  3. Both the earphones are noise-cancelling earphones.
  4. Talking about their sound quality then both earphones are pretty much equal and do not have much difference in their sound quality.
  5. The MA650 and MA750 earphones cannot be used wirelessly but both of them have a 3.5mm male connector.
  6. The RHA MA650 can be used as a headset whereas MA750 cannot be used as a headset.
  7. MA650 has got in-line control panel whereas MA750 does not have that feature.
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