Difference Between Lager and Pilsner

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world. It is a drink made by fermentation and is widely consumed all around the world. Beer is a major part of British Culture. When beer is mentioned, one of the most popular types of beer is Lager. Pilsner is one of the sub-categories of the Lager segment of beer.

Lager Vs Pilsner

The main difference between lager and pilsner is that lager is a type of Beer and, Pilsner is a type of Lager. In short, Pilsner is just a variety of Lager. So that makes all Pilsner Lager, But all Lager is not Pilsner. The spiciness and pale color of Pilsner is the feature that sets apart Pilsner from the other kinds of Lager

lager vs Pilsner

Lager is a type of cold brew beer. The color of the lager may be pale, or dark. Lager is generally conditioned at low temperatures and that is why it is known as a cold brew beer. The fermentation that takes place in lager is known as bottom fermentation as the yeast ferment at the bottom of the storage container.

Pilsner is a type of pale lager. Pilsner has its origin in Germany in the Czech Republic. Pilsner is just a variety of lager so, it also has bottom fermentation of yeast. Pilsner beer was first made in the year 1842 by an individual named Josef Groll who was a Bavarian brewer.

Comparison Table Between Lager And Pilsner

Parameters Of ComparisonLagerPilsner
Year of inventionLager was invented in the year 1835.Pilsner was invented in the year 1842.
ColorLager is pale or dark in color.Pilsner is pale in color.
TasteLager doesn’t have a spicy kick to it. .Pilsner gives a spicy kick as it contains Saaz Hop.
Place of OriginLager originated in Germany. Pilsner originated in the Czech Republic
Alternative nameThe word “Lager” means storehouse in German.Pilsner is alternatively known as Pils or Pale Lager.

What is Lager?

Lager is differentiated from different types of beers via the process in which the yeast ferments , in addition to its mild sedation and what is frequently defined as the “crisp” flavor of a lager. This form of beer became first invented in 15th-century Bavaria. The word “lager” comes from its German source, Lagerbier, or “beer brewed for keeping,” a connection with the exercise of storing lager in bloodless locations at the same time as it matures. The yeast that does the procedure of fermentation is called Saccharomyces pastorianus.

This yeast desires low temperatures for fermentation and the fermentation occurs on the lowest part of the container. Lager beers want cooler temperatures for it to be fermented whilst in comparison to Ale beer which doesn’t require cooler tempertaure. Besides that, Lager yeast does not provide the fruity taste and aroma to the beer. For this reason, Lager beers generally tend to have a purifier and crisp taste which has been observed via way of means of maturation in bloodless storage. The intensity of sedation comes from the unique grain invoice used within side the beers; pale lagers use unroasted barley and can even switch to different grains which includes rice or corn to lighten the sedation and offer a crisp, vivid end to the taste. Darker lagers use roasted grains and malts to supply a greater roasted, even barely burnt, taste profile

What is Pilsner?

Pilsner is the most famous variety of Lager Beer. Originating in the Czech Republic, it is alternatively known as Czech Pilsner. Pilsner is a golden color beer. Pilsner is known to have a balance of malt and hop characters in it. The alcohol level is very minor, about only 4 to 5 % of alcohol.

The taste of Pilsner is very clean. Pilsner is a bit different from all the varieties of beer which are dark in color and murky drinks. Pilsner contains an excellent balance of bitterness, sweetness, and spiciness. All the flavors co-ordinate together and the taste is enjoyable and refreshing. A perfect pilsner is hard to brew. Pilsner has its origination in Germany in the Czech Republic. Pilsner is just a variety of lager so, it also has bottom fermentation of yeast. Pilsner beer was first made in the year 1842 by an individual named Josef Groll who was a Bavarian brewer. Pilsner was the first-ever beer to have a crisp and clear flavor. The addition of Saaz hop is what gives Pilsners its own identity and made it spread around the globe like a wildfire. Saaz Hop just adds the correct amount of spiciness which gives a kick to the beer.

Main Differences Between Lager And Pilsner

  1. Lager is type of beer whereas Pilsner is a type of Lager. Therefore, all Pilsners are lagers but all Lagers are not Pilsner.
  2. Pilsner has an additional flavor of Saaz Hop which adds a kick to it and thus distinguishes it from other types of Lager.
  3. The color or lager may vary from yellow, golden, or dark brown, but Pilsner is pale golden in color.
  4. Lager was invented in the year 1835, Pilsner originated in the year 1842.
  5. Lager was invented in Europe, while Pilsner was invented in the Czech Republic as a result of the mass dumping of beer as a sign of protest.


It is no wonder that Beer is a timeless drink, originating in European and American countries, it is traveled all around the world and evolved its taste. There are two different types of beer- one of them is lager. The 2 types are beer are differentiated on the basis of the fermentation process- Lager and Ales. Pilsner is the most commercially consumed lager in the world due to its exquisite taste, it got around the world quickly and became a favorite. Pilsner, which was created as an act of mass protest in the Czech Republic by dumping almost 30L of beer in the streets.


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