Difference Between Dell Gaming Laptop and Alienware

The company Dell has built a good name for itself in terms of performance, durability, and sturdiness of its systems. They manufacture a wide range of gaming laptops, on a reasonable budget. The best knowing gaming laptop of Dell is the G series of Dell. Alienware, which is a subsidiary of the company of Dell is a range solely making Specialized Gaming systems.

Dell Gaming Laptop vs Alienware

The main difference between Dell Gaming Laptop and Alienware is the Dell is the parent company of Alienware that produces only gaming laptops, where Dell has its other ranges of gaming systems as well. The Alienware is built with a higher processor and it is much more expensive than the normal Dell’s gaming series.

Dell gaming Laptop vs Alienware

Dell Gaming Laptop is built with graphics processing power. The weight of the Dell Gaming laptops ranges above 2 kg, and one of the dell gaming laptops come equipped with a touchscreen. Dell’s XPS range can be credited as the first Dell gaming range, which was launched in the year 1993.

Alienware is a subsidiary of the Company Dell. The company was found in the year 1996 and was acquired by Dell in the year 2009, to increase Dell’s market value and reach out to Alienware to a wider number of people. Alienware manufacture stylish and slim fast processing systems

Comparison Table Between Dell Gaming Laptop And Alienware Laptop

Parameters of ComparisonDell Gaming LaptopAlienware Laptop
Screen ResolutionThe Dell G- series is equipped with a 15.60-inch and a resolution of 1920*1080.Alienware’s basic models have a 17.30-inch and resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
ROMDell Gaming Laptops have a ROM of 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe driveAlienware Laptops have ROM of 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD
SSDThe SSD is not expandable in the Dell Gaming Laptops.Alienware laptops have optional SSD Raid configurations with the option for expansion.
ProcessorDell Gaming Laptops come with the latest Gen of Intel Core i7-9750H processor.Alienware comes with the Fastest generations of Intel Core i7 and i9 processors.
TouchscreenTouchscreen One of the models of the Dell Gaming Laptops comes with a touchscreen.None of Alienware’s models comes with a touchscreen.

What is the Dell Gaming Laptop?

One of the most successful gaming series from Dell is the Dell G-Series. The G-series is the official successor of the Dell Inspiron Gaming Series. The G-series was first launched in the year 2018, in the month of April. The Dell G series provides RGB lights under the keyboard, which is the standard choice for gaming systems. Additionally, it has a better heat dissipation and has a sturdy and durable structure. The G-series is light in weight and has a multiple number of ports on the sides along with a thunderbolt port, and the series is also backed up with better battery life.

The display of the Dell G-series starts with a display of about 39cm, with a weight of about 2.44 kgs. The best feature about the G-series is that the screen has been updated and bettered to a 144Hz screen.

 Dell has improvised with Intel Core i7-10750H processors which are known for excellent speed and powerful turbo-boosting powers. It is also to be mentioned that it is the only chip available in the G5 line at this time. The GPU of the G-series is limited to gtx 1060 and is equipped with SSD NVMe technology which gives faster storage of data.

What is Alienware?

Alienware is a subsidiary company of Dell. The range provides High processing gaming systems. Dell is the parent company of Alienware and the subsidiary was founded in the year 1996.

Since the year 2006, Dell has wanted to purchase Alienware but it could not happen before 2009. On June 2, 2009, Alienware released its The M17x which was the first launch of Alienware as a Dell subsidiary company. The purchase of Alienware by Dell increased Dell’s market value and expanded  Alienware to 40 different countries. It is no doubt the when it comes to gaming, Alienware builds the best systems.

Alienware comes with the Fastest generations of Intel Core i7 and i9 processors. This powerful processor helps Alienware in multi-tasking. The systems have a sleek and stylish appearance, overall giving a modern look. Alienware was many striking features like the G-sync display, higher refresh rate display. All of Alienware’s even the most basic systems perform faster than the best of Dell’s gaming range. Alienware laptops have optional SSD Raid configurations with the option for expansion of up to 4TB SSD. This is a very good feature, as buying the laptop will not only give the best performance but also gives room for investing in Alienware more. The ease in the up-gradation is very attractive for a consumer.

Main Differences Between Dell Gaming Laptop and Alienware

  1. Dell gaming laptops are from the Dell company, meaning they are just a  particular range of laptops in the Company. As for Alienware, it is a subsidiary of Dell.
  2. The Dell G- series is equipped with a 15.60-inch and a resolution of 1920*1080. Alienware’s basic models have a 17.30-inch and resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
  3. The dell Gaming Laptops do not come with an expandable SSD, but the Alienware comes with an expandable SSD.
  4. The ROM of the Dell Gaming Laptop is of 256GB M.2 PCIe NVMe drive, whereas Alienware’s ROM is of 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD.
  5. Dell gaming laptops are equipped with a fast processor, but the process of the Dell gaming laptops isn’t faster than the Alienware’s processor. Not only that, but Alienware is also best for multitasking.


Overall both Dell Gaming Laptops and Alienware are great having performance. Alienware will enable a person to multitask, which the normal Dell gaming laptop may lack. When compared with each other, even Dell’s best gaming laptop cannot compete with the average Alienware’s performance. Since Alienware’s parent company is Dell, it might often be a question why Alienware is not a range and a different subsidiary. It is because Alienware is built with much more specialization and for a consumer, it might be hard to mention so much specialization, but when it is a separate subsidiary it is much easier in marketing.

Although Alienware is very expensive, it is an investment for gamers and IT professionals. On the other hand, Dell Gaming laptops are budget-friendly purchases for gamers.


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