Dell Alienware vs Precision: Difference and Comparison

Gaming laptops have changed dramatically in recent years: the bulky designs of the past are now being replaced by refined gems with ever-improving power and features. With so many options available to the modern gamer, and gaming laptops are not cheap, which ones do you really want to consider? 

Don’t know which one to choose between Dell Alienware and Precision? Let’s find out the characteristic of each one as it will help you to make the right decision.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dell Alienware targets gamers with high-performance gaming laptops, while Precision caters to professionals requiring powerful workstations.
  2. Alienware laptops prioritize graphics and processing power for gaming, while Precision laptops focus on stability and reliability for professional applications.
  3. Precision laptops, not found in Alienware laptops, come with professional-grade components, such as NVIDIA Quadro GPUs.
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Dell Alienware vs Precision

Advanced Alienware Cryo-Tech is an engineering approach that uses electrical and mechanical methods to keep the system running steadily in peak performance states. These techniques include custom heat dissipation modules, advanced thermal management and system controls, special fan and motor designs, and even inlet and outlet layout that determines overall airflow resistance. 

On the other hand, the Precision line model is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i9-11950H processor, a 15.6-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 3840×2400 pixels, and 32 GB of RAM. Precision uses cases from the XPS 15 9500/9510 with 16:10 screens, the same set of ports, the same look, and the same size.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAlienware Precision
Weight3.12kg 2.04 kg
Dimensions1920×1080 pixels3840×2400 pixels 
ProcessorIntel Core i7-11800HIntel Core i7-11850H
MotherboardIntel HM570Intel HM570
Storage size32GB32GB

What is Dell Alienware?

Introducing Alienware unique laptop. Dell replaces its popular gaming laptop with a completely new model with a different design. The design of the case, which Dell itself called legendary (Legend design concept), involves soft-touch plastiс. Each fan is intelligently controlled and uniquely programmed to operate individually to provide the desired stable cooling. 

The laptop has 32 GB of RAM. The laptop’s storage consists of a fast SSD drive with 1024 GB. With such a solid SSD capacity, you can store your operating system, many programs, and games on it.

The Dell Alienware gaming laptop has a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a quality matrix that produces a clear picture. It has a high screen refresh rate of 165Hz, so you get a smoother picture. The pre-installed Windows 10 operating system allows you to start using the laptop from the first power on.

The intelligent cooling system matches your game type and its thermal management requirements, so you can play confidently. Each of the four fans works independently of the others to regulate and control the temperature of the system surface, CPU, and GPU. The speed of each fan can also vary or remain constant depending on your system’s needs. 

dell alienware

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What is Dell Precision?

The manufacturer used carbon fibre and a hard magnesium-aluminium alloy to make the Precision laptop. Each of the materials has good durability, so Precision can withstand frequent travel and daily use. In terms of design, the designers decided on Titan Grey on the outside and black on the interior. 

The exterior panels are smooth, matte, and without any patterns. Traditionally, the lid of the device was outfitted with the manufacturer’s logo. Taking into account the above dimensions and weight of 2.04 kg will not have problems with the transportation of the device. 

The laptop will please you with intelligently located ports, the reliability of the hinge mechanism, as well as narrow display frames, visually expanding the viewing area.

The 16:10 InfinityEdge glossy display is smaller than the 15.6″ diagonal but still supports touch input. The panel is sensitive and responds well to touch. You can use it to view presentations, create sketches, correct projects on the go, and so on. A high 4K resolution (3840×2400 pixels) is also a successful addition. With it, the detail will be excellent, allowing you to see everything in detail.

Other features include display brightness of up to 500 cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 1600:1, an IPS matrix with wide visibility, and an excellent color gamut of about 100% in Adobe RGB. As a result, the display can be used for routine work in text editors and complex graphic applications.

dell precision

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Main Differences Between Dell Alienware and Precision

Dell Alienware 

  1. The new Alienware laptop is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics adapters.
  2. Among the incredible performance-enhancing benefits of the new NVIDIA series are Dynamic Boost 2.0 and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).
  3. With processors up to the eight-core 11th generation Intel Core, you can enjoy high performance in your favourite games and applications.
  4. The incredibly responsive keyboard features RGB LED backlighting for each key, 1.7mm key travel, anti-flick protection, and individual key tracking.
  5. With its exclusive ultra-low profile and a mechanical keyboard, the Alienware Notebook takes your experience to the next level. 

Dell Precision

  1. The touchpad of the workstation is designed as a click pad. Its entire large area, even at the edges, responds instantly to touch.
  2. With the built-in touchpad, you can perform multi-touch gestures (scrolling, zooming) and the simplest commands. For the touchpad to recognize a three-finger touch, additional settings are required.
  3. Dell Precision is preloaded with Windows 10 Pro.
  4. Depending on the modification, the workstation may come with a three-section or six-section battery.
  5. In terms of ports, the owner of the fresh Precision will have several USB-C and no USB-A.

Last Updated : 28 July, 2023

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