Difference Between Dell G Series and Precision

Dell G series and Precision are two models from the Dell computer line. The Dell G series has a plastic body whilst the Dell Precision boasts a premium build. Users can get a better experience with Precision due to its many features.


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Dell G series vs Precision

The difference between the Dell G series and Precision is that the Dell G series is more of a budget-friendly gaming laptop. On the other hand, Precision is a good mobile workstation and is powerful enough to take on demanding workloads such as video editing as well as 3D modeling.

The Dell G series is generally a gaming laptop that is not very expensive. The series includes models that are fine for those who want a laptop that can complete office work and even play the latest games.

The laptops are slim and light even though the plastic body does not feel sturdy. The battery life is not too good.

The Precision is not made for gaming but still can run games rather well. This is when one gets a configuration that has an NVIDIA discreet GPU. The performance of games can vary.

It is a good laptop that is thin and is popular for its premium build. Users will enjoy its bright display and comfortable keyboard.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell G seriesPrecision
GamingPrimarily a gaming laptopNot made to be a gaming laptop
Body StrengthMade of plasticHas a premium build body
PriceVery budget-friendlyMore expensive
Best for which usersBetter for those users looking for a gaming laptop that is not very expensive to buyBetter for engineers who are running CAD application or for finance professionals who use massive sets of data
PortabilityThe laptop and its power adapter are tough to carry around because they are bulkyThe laptop is thin and even relatively light having a discreet GPU with the power adapter being slightly bulky yet lightweight

 What is Dell G series?

The Dell G series includes laptops that are budget-friendly gaming. You can get the G3, G5 as well as G7 ones. The models are rather similar.

The laptops in this series can play current games. One can also complete their office work on them. The laptops are popular due to their attractive price and so they are fine for the money.

The body is a plastic one that may not be strong. However, the G7’s body is a metal chassis that is an upgrade from a plastic body. The battery life is also on the short side despite the laptops being gaming ones. The G7 model is better than the other two when it comes to performance and durability.

The laptops have features that make gaming better. This includes good visuals. The laptops do not get hot and do not get loud when there is much load present.

The models provide users with a good display however the build quality may not be one that people are looking for.

The display quality is fine to use in indoor settings but not very good for an environment that is brightly lit. You may find it tough to use it outdoors also.

What is Dell Precision?

Precision is also a Dell model laptop that has a strong body made of good–quality material. Users can get a good experience using the Precision models due to their bright display, comfortable keyboard, plus large touchpad.

It is not good to use for gaming purposes and can only run some games. The response time will be slow and motion will appear blurry.

The Dell Precision claims to be a good mobile workstation. It can handle high workloads. The memory, as well as storage, tend to be user-replaceable so you can upgrade this later on.

The keyboard may feel comfortable to use but can get hot when under load.

The build of the Precision is sturdy and it is simple to carry around as well. It is a good laptop to use for business use. The display can get bright enough so that one can use it outdoors. The keyboard is comfortable to employ.

The laptop however has a short battery life. This is why you will have to plug it in after using it for a certain amount of time. Precision laptops are even on the more costly side due to the features that they have.

Main Differences Between Dell G series and Dell Precision

  1. The Dell G Series is for gamers whilst Precision is for office work.
  2. The Dell G series has a body made of plastic which is not as strong as the Precision laptops which have a premium build.
  3. The Dell G Series includes laptops that are heavy to carry around while the Precision ones are lightweight and simple to carry.
  4. The design of the Dell G series is a simple one that appears thick and chunky from the back whilst looking thinner from the front of the lid is closed but the Precision ones have a sleek and premium design and are more attractive looking.
  5. The price of Dell G series is not very expensive but the Precision ones are more costly to get.



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