Difference Between Gorilla Glass and Panda Glass

“The difference between Gorilla Glass and Panda Glass is that Gorilla Glass is comparatively lighter weight. The material used in Gorilla Glass is very scratch resistant. Panda Glass, on the other hand, provides scratch-proof covers to smart phones and tablets. It is an economical alternative.


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Gorilla Glass :- Nowadays Gorilla Glass is widely used in touch screen devices. This glass is scratch-proof and is highly suited for the needs of smart-phones and tablets.

Gorilla Glass is tough enough to serve as a screen resistor. Its light weighted property makes it useful for mobile covers to prove thin surfaces.

Panda Glass :- Panda Glass is an economically affordable option that still offers screen resistant properties.

Many well-known electronics manufacturing companies use Panda Glass as a cover glass. It is cheaper than its competitors and still serves its purpose.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGorilla GlassPanda Glass
DurabilityThis glass is designed to be heat resistant / water proof & scratch resistant.Hence its more durable.This glass is made to serve its purpose but it is not able to survive scratches for long. Hence it is less durable.
PricingIt is expensive because of its resistance property.It requires more time to manufacture such products.
It is a cheaper alternative to Gorilla Glass
Lab testLab testing shows it to be highly damage resistant than its competitors.Lab testing shows it to be less breakage proof than its competitors.
PopularityIt is used by well-known manufacturing companies because of their immunity.Although process of manufacturing of both the glasses are same.This glass is prone to scratches after some time. Well known brands do not prefer to use this glass.
FeaturesGorilla glass is Drop resistant,Breakage- free & having Long life span.It is 3 times more scratch proof than its competitors.Panda glass is having Short life span.It is Less resistant to scratches. You can’t expect it to fall from a height and it won’t break.

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla glass is an allumino silicate glass well known for its scratch proof properties. It can easily be recycled although this glass is strong. This glass is environmental friendly & doesn’t harm the environment.

Now a days this glass is used by most of the well known smart –phones & tablets brands for the manufacturing of its screens. Not only smart phone companies, this glass has been used by many other electronic companies as it is highly transparent. Due to its light weight and strength, its use is increasing day by day.

This glass is manufactured using Ion-exchange process to achieve its strength.

If we talk about the properties of Gorilla Glass, it is unbreakable and the long life span makes it a priority for the manufacturing of electronic devices.

By now Gorilla Glass has evolved into the sixth generation and become more versatile.

Latest generation of gorilla glass is thin,Light-weighted and Unbreakable. Due to its versatile properties this glass can be used in most portable electronic devices.

This strong and thin glass is what most companies are using for their revolutionary products. Because of its strength, it is difficult to cut Gorilla Glass into the desired shape and size. It requires special tools to cut.After diamond gorilla glass is the hardest element.

What is Panda Glass?

Panda glass is another chemically strengthened glass to build strong displays for the electronic devices.It is manufactured with the same Ion –excahnge process as that of gorilla glass.This glass is manufactured by a Chinese company named Tungshu group. The manufacturer uses the latest innovations to make this glass sheet thin, tough, transparent, flexible and yet economical.

It is designed to provide durable display to electronic components with reasonable prices. These are pocket friendly glass covers that provide resistance to scratches and breakage.Primarily used in the displays of smart phones and tablets. Motorola and Nokia are well-known brands using Panda Glass displays for their electronics.

These glass sheets are not limited to screen displays of smart–phones & tablets Panda Glass has found its use in many other things as well.

Panda Glass is flexible, rigid and transparent glass sheet used for residential buildings, doors, windows, LCD and many other purposes.

This glass has less bending strength hence makes it less durable. Industry specific testing has been done on these glasses to ascertain its durability for the specific purpose.

Main Differences Between Gorilla Glass and Panda Glass

  1. Both these glasses are used by major companies for their electronics. Gorilla Glass is more flexible and having greater bending strength makes it more durable. Weather Panda Glass offers similar scratch resistant property but is not as durable.
  2. Panda Glass is a cheaper alternative to Gorilla Glass.
  3. These Gorilla glass sheets are thin and transparent which makes it useful for the latest touch screen LCDs. Whereas Panda Glass is not being used much in LCD.
  4. According to reports, Gorilla  glass provides unique thinnes ,better visual quality.Gorilla glasses are quite expensive as manufacturing these high quality glasses requires lots of time & money.
  5. If one wants to make affordable products, then Panda Glass is a better option for that.
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