Difference Between Dell XPS and Precision

There’s a wide range of Dell laptops out there for us to look over, with them having different scopes of PCs. Two of the most well-known ranges of laptops the brand has delivered are the Dell XPS series and the Dell Precision series laptops.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Dell XPS and Precision are both high-end laptops, but Dell XPS is a consumer-grade laptop, while Precision is designed for professionals.
  2. Dell XPS is slim, lightweight, and stylish, while Precision is bulky and more durable for handling heavy workloads.
  3. Precision has better processing power, graphics card, and expandability options, making it suitable for 3D modelling, animation, and video editing tasks. Dell XPS is recommended for everyday use and casual gaming.

Dell XPS vs Precision

Dell XPS is a top-rated and advanced series of laptops made by Dell, and is known as a contender to the MacBook. It offers 4k resolution on every model. Dell Precision is a business laptop manufactured by Dell Technologies, and every model comes with 8GB of RAM and a type C port.

Dell XPS vs Precision

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The Dell XPS line is one of the top-rated laptops out there today. It’s probably the greatest contender to the Macbook and focuses on the normal shopper purchaser.

The XPS is notable for its top-notch assembly, yet it is also very high, besides the nature of the parts that Dell uses. You can get XPS PCs with 4k resolutions on every model.

Dell Precision series is one of the business laptops – an immediate rival to the Lenovo Thinkpad.

There is not even a single Precision model without 8GB of RAM, which ensures a huge capacity load and proves costly, as well as good quality models that Dell offers.

It is mainly for a business range of options compared to any other, which has repeatedly proven its worth.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Dell XPSDell Precision
USB Ports3 USB Ports4 USB Ports
ProcessorDell XPS ranges models with the latest processor, Core i7.Carries on with an older Core processor.
Type C PortDoes not have a Type C port.It does have a Type C port.
RAMAlmost all models are available with 8GB RAM.Most of the models are provided with 4GB RAM.
Portability Lighter in weight and easy to carry.Much heavier due to the heavy hardware inside.

What is Dell XPS?

When looking at the two first-in-class XPS laptops, there’s not an awful decision to make. The greatest obstruction to picking both is the asking cost, as XPS laptops consistently order at a superior cost. 

However, if the spending plan permits, the XPS range is the spot to be. The XPS 13 is perhaps the evenest ultrabook, with execution and a stunning showcase pressed into a truly little body. 

In case you’re searching for pen support, the XPS 13 likewise has a 2-in-1 convertible variation that has been, as of late, refreshed. It’s an alternate sort of involvement to the ordinary model. However, it’s an ideal fit for contact and writing fans.


What is Dell Precision?

The Precision 7750 must be in the running for the most impressive laptop at any point made. There are unending design alternatives for the Precision 7750.

On the CPU front, the Precision 7750 can be equipped with up to an Intel Xeon W-10885M, an 8-centre, 16-string chip with a maximum recurrence of 5.3Ghz, or a tenth Gen Intel Core i9-10885H with similar specs. 

Here’s the place where things get truly insane. The Precision 7750 can be arranged with up to 128GB of RAM accomplished using four 32GB DDR4 memory at 2933 MHz.  

The Precision 7550 is almost indistinguishable from the Precision 7750; however, it has a 15.6-inch show in 1080p or 4K renditions. The 15-inch model likewise has three SSD openings rather than four, and there is one less USB-A port (two rather than three).

dell precision 1

Main Differences Between Dell XPS and Precision 

  1. Dell XPS has the newly built and most advanced processor of Core i7, which ensures smooth gaming and fast processing on hardware, whereas Dell Precision has the old Core processor.
  2. Dell XPS has no single model without 8GB RAM and thus comes with 8GB of immense space on every model. On the other hand, Dell Precision does have models with 4GB RAM, which is a setback compared to the 8GB RAM.
  3. Dell XPS 9570 model has 3 USB ports, while the Dell Precision 3560 model has 4 USB ports available, which is an advantage.
  4. Dell XPS tends to have much lighter models than the Dell Precision model, which comes quite heavy in portability and not so portable due to the heavy hardware inside.
  5. The Dell XPS model does not have a Type C port, which is very handy for multi-purpose. On the contrary, Dell Precision does have a Type C port available.
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