Difference Between Asus Zenbook and Dell XPS

The laptop has become a thing of daily necessity. We need it for work as well as entertaining.


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Some laptops are built to fit the requirements of work. And some are designed for gaming and entertainment purposes predominantly.

Whatever is the primary purpose, we need it to get our work done. Asus Zenbook and Dell XPS both are finely designed laptops with the best features and ready to make our work easy.

Asus Zenbook vs Dell XPS

The difference between Asus Zenbook and Dell XPS is that Asus Zenbook retains a larger screen than Dell XPS. In addition to that, Asus Zenbook is a bit heavier however not heavy enough to be a burden to carry. Dell XPS, on the other hand, possesses a battery that will last longer. Both are almost similar in features with few minor differences in between.

Asus Zenbook vs Dell XPS

Zenbook models are presented to us and manufactured by Asus. The design of the Zenbook models is very popular with reviewers as well as customers.

This series of models compete with the top brands of laptops. It offers the same features and that too at a lower price.

XPS is the premium line of laptops that are manufactured and brought to us by Dell. These are portable laptops and computers that have next-level displays to offer you.

The design and materials are without compromise premium in quality. However, the all in all premium quality comes with a premium price as well.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAsus ZenbookDell XPS
Display width Asus Zenbook acquires a 13.9-inch long screen.Dell XPS acquires a bit smaller screen that is 13.4 inches.
WeightComparatively, Asus ZenBook is heavier, it weighs 2.76 pounds.Dell XPS is lighter that weighs 2.64 pounds.
PortabilityAsus Zenbook is comparatively a bit heavier but it is easily portable.The Dell XPS is lighter and smaller and easily portable.
Battery life Asus Zenbook attains a 67 WHr battery. The Dell XPS attains a 52 WHr battery.
ExpenseAsus Zenbook is less expensive.Dell XPS costs more.

What is Asus Zenbook?

ZenBook is a host of laptop computers that was developed and manufactured by Asus. Primarily, it competes against top branded laptops such as Dell XPS.

It offers its customers top-class features that are similar to the top popular laptop brands. The latest models of Asus ZenBook has high-quality screens.

Usually, plastic gets used to construct laptops, but Asus uses brushed aluminium to make its ZenBooks. It is strong but at the same time light in weight due to the use of aluminium.

The material also provides the facility of vibration dampening. The review sing in praise of its superior rigidity.

This model series of laptops gets its name from the chairman of Asus, Jonney Shih. The reason behind the name is its design following the integrates of “zen philosophy”.

What is Dell XPS?

XPS or eXtreme Performance System is a line of laptop and desktop computers developed by Dell. It fills the area of Home purpose.

It was released by Dell in 2008, and it uses the operating system of Windows and Linux. These laptops are light in weight.

The materials that get used in these laptops are high in quality, and the design is of premium class. Machined aluminium and carbon fibre get used in making these laptop models.

The premium materials give it a classic look with diamond-cut edges. At the same time, makes it durable. Its display will offer you a next-level experience as the screen offers you a 4-sided.

Dell XPS is built with 11th Generation Intel Core that makes its performance remarkable. Its portable size and weight will not cause any extra burden to you.

The connectivity and interactivity also will not get you a chance to complain.

Main Differences Between Asus Zenbook and Dell XPS

  1. Asus Zenbook is comparatively a bit heavier than Dell XPS. However, it is slick as well and easy to port anywhere.
  2. Whereas on the other hand, Dell XPS, being lighter and smaller, is easy to carry in a backpack.
  3. Asus Zenbook acquires a bigger screen that is 13.9-inch long. While Dell XPS acquires a bit smaller screen that is 13.4 inches.
  4. Asus Zenbook retains a 67 WHr battery, but Dell XPS retains a 52 WHr battery. This may seem that battery of the Asus Zenbook will last longer,
  5. But as it has a bigger screen, the battery lasting time cuts shorter, and Dell XPS turns up to have longer battery life in general.
  6. Asus ZenBook is heavier when it is compared to the Dell XPS model. Asus ZenBook weighs 2.76 pounds, and Dell XPS weighs 2.64 pounds. It is a little lighter.
  7. If you want good features in your laptop without making a huge hole in your pocket. Then Asus Zenbook is the option for you to choose.
  8. However, if you do not have a restricted budget and are a bit partial towards Dell as a manufacturer, then you can simply go for Dell XPS. The features will not let you down.


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