Dell XPS vs HP Spectre: Difference and Comparison

Dell and Hp are one of the leading technology companies in the world and both these companies are the first choice among most people when they want to purchase a new laptop.

But, laptops that are available in the market are of various types like some have got the high processor and some have less processor depending upon your needs and requirements you purchase.

Similarly, Dell and HP are two of the most trusted companies in the world and they promise their customers better and fast technology so that people can meet their desires and requirements.

Dell laptops are one of the top-selling ones in the market but Hp is also no less. Both of them have got a tight competition between them in the market and this is why many times it becomes difficult for people to choose between the two.


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Dell XPS and HP Spectre are two laptop models created by their company respectively. Of course, there will be certain differences between the two laptops.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Dell XPS has better hardware specifications and is more customizable, while the HP Spectre has a more stylish and lightweight design.
  2. The Dell XPS offers better overall performance, particularly in gaming and video editing, while the HP Spectre has longer battery life.
  3. The Dell XPS runs on Windows, while the HP Spectre can run on either Windows or the Linux operating system.

Dell XPS vs HP Spectre

The difference between Dell XPS and HP Spectre is that HP Spectre has proved itself to be much better than Dell XPS because HP has provided quite impressive technology in Spectre at a very budgeted price. Dell XPS, on the other hand, comes a bit pricey but the laptop is one of a kind.

Dell XPS vs HP Spectre

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell XPSHP Spectre
SeriesExtreme Performance System(XPS) laptopsSpectre series have a lot of laptop models
Dell XPS 13 and Spectre x360 (Display Size)13.4- inches13.3-inches
Ram (Dell XPS 13 and Spectre x360)16GB8GB
Storage512 GB512 GB
Weight2.8 pounds2.7 pounds

What is Dell XPS?

Dell XPS is nothing but it is a line of consumer-oriented high-end laptops. Dell is known for its amazing and fast technology in the market today. it is also one of the trusted brands in India.

The technology offered by Dell is quite impressive and is one of the best in the market today.

Dell XPS (Extreme Performance System) has got many models of laptops in the series and each one is unique in its way. Some can be powerful and meet your needs and requirements and some might not impress you.

However, if you are a Dell user you might know the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Dell laptops have got an excellent review and rating in the market. Almost every laptop of Dell has proved to be very good quality than other laptops in the market. The XPS models are one of Dell’s best creations ever.

The XPS 13 2-in-1 (9310) is a laptop that has amazing features that will make you lust for it. The overall look is one of the things to look at. Other than that, its display is 16:10 that proves to be a fine display with a beautiful design, and also it offers an excellent battery life.

The XPS series models were created so that to impress the gamers because its processors and other features in it was created that way. Dell aimed to support heavy gaming in these laptops.

Dell XPS series motherboard was Dell 0KWVT8 with LGA-1150 socket. The processor used is Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GTX 660.

Now, the main question is whether it is worth buying or not? Well, the best person to answer that would be you because it depends on your needs and requirements.

No doubt that Dell’s XPS laptops are of high quality and also one of the best for gaming purposes but there are more laptops available in the market to look at.

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What is HP Spectre?

Hp, on the other hand, is a huge brand that is also known for its amazing laptops. HP’s Spectre is one of a kind. Soon after HP released their Spectre model they started marketing their model in the market and it was really impressive.

The design, looks, features were just amazing for many people out there. The laptop became a dream for many people to purchase. HP made sure that they would provide jaw-dropping battery life and they did that giving a 13-hour long battery life.

Other than that if you are a user of HP then you can understand how comfortable their laptops are. HP promised fast performance that was proven in their Spectre x360.

If you are on a budget then definitely HP’s laptops are the best in the market because Dell’s laptops might give you amazing technology but they are not cheap at all.

The Spectre x360 might not be a gaming laptop but it can run almost AAA games. Only, in this case, HP lacks a bit when compared with Dell’s XPS. But, overall HP’s Spectre is very good for working purposes and also for other official purposes.

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hp spectre

Main Differences Between Dell XPS and HP Spectre

  1. Dell XPS laptops are one of the best for gaming whereas HP Spectre will allow most games on your laptop but the computer might struggle if you play with high resolution and with high settings.
  2. Dell’s laptops are quite powerful in terms of their processor but they are quite pricey whereas HP’s Spectre is overall a pretty decent laptop with quite a budgeted price.
  3. Both laptops offer a decent battery life and can last a long time on a single charge.
  4. Dell’s laptops are a bit heavier than HP’s laptops.
  5. HP is a combination of both gaming and other purposes whereas Dell’s laptops aim to give the best gaming technology.
Difference Between Dell XPS and HP Spectre
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