Nvidia GT vs GTX: Difference and Comparison

Graphics cards have been a valuable addition to the gaming industry. Graphics cards were invented because the needs of the video game industry for great details and extra performance were increasing. In the current day scenario, we have thousands of different graphics cards.

Some graphics cards are for entry-level work like office work, light video editing, and playing older games like GTA Vice City, NFS Underground, etc.

Some series of graphics cards are more advanced, high-performance ones. They can handle heavy video editing tasks and play graphic-demanding games like GTA 5, The Witcher 3, etc. 

Key Takeaways

  1. GTX graphics cards are designed for high-performance gaming and computing applications. In contrast, GT graphics cards are intended for basic computing tasks such as browsing the web or streaming videos.
  2. GTX graphics cards have a more robust architecture, including more CUDA cores, higher clock speeds, and faster memory. In comparison, GT graphics cards have fewer cores, slower clock speeds, and slower memory.
  3. While GTX graphics cards are more expensive than GT graphics cards, they offer better performance, making them a popular choice for serious gamers, content creators, and professionals in fields such as engineering and design.

Nvidia GT vs GTX

The difference between Nvidia GT and Nvidia GTX is that the GT series can only handle entry-level tasks like office work, playing older games, and light video editing. On the other hand, Nvidia GTX can easily handle advanced, graphics-demanding tasks and is also used for playing modern games like GTA 5 and The Witcher 3 at medium-ultra settings. 

Nvidia GT vs GTX

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Nvidia GT is an entry-level series by Nvidia that is made for entry-level performance. On the other hand, Nvidia GTX is a more advanced, high-performance level series by Nvidia.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonNvidia GT Nvidia GTX
CostLower in comparisonHigher in comparison
CUDA cores384 (1030 GT GDDR5 model)684-784 (1050 GTX model)
MemoryThe memory of the card depends on the manufacturer. They mention the memory available.The memory of the card depends on the manufacturer. They mention the memory available.
Memory clock3 Gbps (1030 GT model) (Gigabytes per second)7 Gbps (1050 GTX model) (Gigabytes per second)
Boost clock1468 Mhz (Megahertz)1392 Mhz (Megahertz)
Used forEntry-level tasks High-performance tasks

What is Nvidia GT?

Nvidia GT is a series of affordable, entry-level graphics cards by Nvidia. Nvidia is a graphics card company in itself. The GT stands for gran turismo, which means big car. The GT series targets customers who don’t want to spend too much money on their PC.

Offices choose the GT series because it is affordable and does the job. Homeowners, parents and the like are also favoured towards the GT if they are on a tight budget.

The GT series is unpopular among live streamers, heavy-video gamers, and others. It is because the GT series does not provide extra performance, which is what heavy gamers need. The GT series is more for casual gamers.

It is a budget series. Anyone looking to play video games but not care about the graphics settings can go for a GT series. 

Those who want to live the nostalgia of older days also buy the GT series because the GT series can easily run older games without any hiccups. 

The GT series is entry-level, so the performance gets locked at a certain level. The performance is mainly limited by the available number of Cuda cores and the speed of the memory clock.

The frame-per-second rate of video games is limited. The architecture of the GT series also limits performance.

nvidia gt

What is Nvidia GTX?

Nvidia GTX is a series of moderately high-cost, high-performance graphics cards by Nvidia. The GTX stands for gran turismo plus extra speed. You can think of GTX as a race car. The GTX series targets customers who have enough money and want high performance. 

Live streamers, heavy gamers, professional video editors, and data analysts choose the GTX series because their work depends on high performance. People who have money go for GTX. 

The GTX series is again popular among offices and homeowners, but there is no hype around buying a GTX. If your job costs less, why pay more for performance that you won’t even use? 

People serious about gaming or gamers who live stream go with the GTX because high-level performance and playing in medium-ultra settings are important for them.

The GTX series is high-performance. The performance mainly comes from the extra number of available Cuda cores. Also, the memory clock is the higher speed in the GTX series, thus improving the frame-per-second rate in video games.


Main Differences Between Nvidia GT and GTX

  1. Nvidia GT is an entry-level series of graphics cards. On the other hand, Nvidia GTX is a high-performance-level series graphics card.
  2. The Nvidia GT series has fewer Cuda cores and a lower memory clock speed. On the other hand, the Nvidia GTX series has a higher number of Cuda cores and a higher memory clock speed.
  3. The Nvidia GT series is mainly for office work, light gaming, and video editing. On the other hand, the Nvidia GTX series is meant mainly for heavy gaming, live streaming, and heavy-video editing.
  4. In the Nvidia GT series, if we take the 1030 GT – It has 384 Cuda cores and a memory clock speed of 3 Gbps. On the other hand, in the Nvidia GTX series, if we take the Nvidia 1050 GTX Ti – has 784 Cuda cores and a memory clock speed of 7 Gbps.
    As Nvidia GT has a lower number of Cuda cores and lower memory clock speed, it will be slower and give less performance compared to Nvidia GTX.
  5. The GT series can be thought of as a big car. It runs smoothly, but not always. It is not fast. On the other hand, the GTX series can be thought of as a racing car. It runs fast and smooth.
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