Nvidia Geforce GTX vs MX: Difference and Comparison

Nvidia is a graphics card company providing one of the best graphics cards for mobile, laptops, and desktops in the market. A Graphics card enables a user to process and run games, perform editing, and other apps and functions.


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The cards in consideration are discrete graphics cards that enhance the gaming or operating performance of compatible devices.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nvidia GeForce GTX is a high-performance graphics card designed for gaming, while Nvidia GeForce MX is an entry-level graphics card designed for basic use.
  2. Nvidia GeForce GTX has a higher clock speed and more memory than Nvidia GeForce MX.
  3. Nvidia GeForce GTX can handle more demanding games and applications than Nvidia GeForce MX.

Nvidia Geforce GTX vs MX

The Nvidia GeForce GTX is a highly-rated graphics card series that is mainly used on laptops, desktops, and personal computers, and it has a clock speed of 1392 MHz. MX is a graphic card series that is made for small programs and low-level applications, and it has a clock speed of about 1227 MHz.

Nvidia Geforce GTX vs MX

Nvidia Geforce GTX is a graphics card intended for desktops and laptops; however, the series does have models which are compatible with mobile devices as well. With a powerful GPU, the GTX card is useful for running almost all games smoothly.

It also has a high pixel rate giving better clarity to pictures and videos on the screen.

The MX series of Nvidia graphics cards are made with fewer specifications and are used only for low-level apps ad programs. It also has a fairly powerful GPU; however, it does not fall in the category of the GTX series.

Both series of graphics cards have the same semiconductors and memory, which is 4096 Mb.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNvidia Geforce GTXNvidia Geforce MX
GPU clock SpeedThe GTX series of graphics cards in considerations (1050) had a GPU clock speed of 1392 MHzThe MX series (M150) graphics card has a GPU clock speed of 1227 MHz
Pixel RateIt has a higher pixel rate of 36.43  G Pixels/ s.It has a lower pixel rate of 23.49 G pixels/ s.
Model and VariantsThe GTX series of graphics cards have up to more models.The MX series of graphics cards have fewer models.
Memory BandwidthIts memory bandwidth is 192.1 Gb/s.Its memory bandwidth is up to 48.06 Gb/s.
PriceIt is costlier than the latter.It is cheaper than the former.
HDMI OutputIt has an HDMI output.It lacks an HDMI output.

What is Nvidia Geforce GTX?

The GTX series of graphics cards from Nvidia is a powerful set of graphics cards meant for multiple devices such as Android, iPhones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Primarily meant for desktops, there are models in the market compatible with other devices as well. With a core speed of 1354- 1493 MHz, the GTX graphics card is a stealer.

It has a powerful GPU with an incredible clock speed of 1392 MHz. It has a high pixel rate, as specified above, giving more clarity to the running media of a device. It also has 1.73 TFLOPS of raw processing power, giving amazing performance altogether.

It has a RAM of 3 GB that provides virtual storage for working data and codes.

It has a high bandwidth of memory access however takes much longer to cool. Being a superior-level of the graphics card, it is evident it is packed with more features than its counterpart, which was intended for low-level usage and programs.

Its other features include a double-precision floating port, HDMI output, high clock memory speed,d and cheaper rates than the MX series of the graphics card.

This, at its price range, the Nvidia Geforce GTX series of graphics cards provides its users satisfactory performance compared to the MX series.

nvidia geforce

What is Nvidia Geforce MX?

The MX series of graphics cards were released by Nvidia before the GTX series and was then issued only for low-level graphics processing of games and apps on desktops.

Today there are a few varieties of the MX series, but they fail to match the standard of the GTX series of Graphics cards.

They have a GPU clock speed of 1227 MHz, 23.49 G Pixels/ s of pixel rate, which is both lower than the GTX card in consideration hence clearly stunting its performance.

However, it has a higher core speed of about 1468-1532 MHz compared to the lower GTX values of 1354-1493 MHz, both at functioning and refreshing.

It has a bandwidth much lower than the GTX card and also a lower RAM space of only 2 GB compared to the 3 GB of Nvidia Geforce GTX card.

It must be noted that all the cards of the GTX series have slightly different specifications, and a generalized comparison is made here between two comparable products in a similar price range.

It includes specifications such as Multi-Monitor, Vulcan, and such, which are also present in the former. This, although very similar to the other and possessing all the features does lack in the number and performance.

It lacks the HDMI output and floating ports of the GTX card.

nvidia geforce

Main Differences Between Nvidia Geforce GTX and MX

  1. The Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics card has a memory clock speed of 7008 MHz, whereas the MX series has the same, almost 1000 MHz lower than 6008 MHz.
  2. The Nvidia Geforce GTX is a better-performing graphics card with a better pixel rate than the MX series graphics card.
  3. The Nvidia Geforce GTX has better memory access than the MX series of graphics cards by Nvidia.
  4. The Nvidia Geforce GTX has a lower core speed than the faster MX graphics card of Nvidia.
  5. The Nvidia Geforce GTX series has more models than the MX series of graphics cards by Nvidia.
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